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Monday, July 21, 2008

WaazzAApp!! Wid me!

b/W guys watch this clip its hilarious!

Well now-a-days i am just waiting for visa interview . Actually i am going to apply for it soon! .

Dude liek where are you going?
Well i am hitting on from the suburbs and trying to land up in Canada . Oi, Mate did you know they called a single dollar coin a LOONEY and a 2 dollar coin a ROONIE. I am pretty inspired by the native culture and the wide and vast expanse of ethnicity of people living there . And i love the fact its a cold country i like winter alott! I really don't like summer the heat stings and makes you restless . But there even in summers you don't need an A/C to cool you down. Your always chilled. Well free from this means you get a lot of time thinking and doing other leisurely activities . I know a few friends of mine studying there they are also transfer students well actually an alumni has become a quite a good friend i do associate with him although i don't like online socializing much like on my space , orkut and all but yeah its a living . So being a little more specific i am shifting to Helifax, Novascotia Canada To Saint Mary University.

Y is I going?
Well to complete my studies off course . I applied for BSCIS A.ka bachelor of computer information systems and got accepted a few months back . I am currently trying to file my visa application Oh yeah its a lenghty process ! You need a whole lot of documentation required . Just trying to get my tax returns in one place well not exactly mine but my dads if this blows of i will apply for teh loan and after that me visa is ASSURED @ i can't help thinking i am already late in doing so ! So it will take about a month to get the whole thing done. I am going like wackO! each day is passing is no serious conclusions . But yeah apart from that just chilling and trying to keep my cool I think its going to be an enriching experience and hope i land in boons ville heard they got some neat books up there.

What are teh prospects for me future?!
Well i am not a planner but yeah you gotta plan when your submitting your visa Questioner . The word sounds so hard makes my tummy wobble hmm... where did i keep my chokobar oh back to teh topic . I will have to do 2years in Saint Mary University and then hopefully if i do graduate will get a 3 year work permit for free ! Which means i can hang out 3years long if i make my carrier breakthrough i can stay there ..! Darn i am thinking too much am still in my own home glued to meh pc ! - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes

Well thats that for Saint mary's . Thats was my major WaZZaaP!! . Bloggerish!

You won't belive my net connection and my PC's configuration! Its like a Hollow Deep Deep Hole. And i think its going to cough up dying posting lol..! I even have to get my self a new laptop! That i will buy for once! . Well the ruddy config is :
256 MB Ram Tell me about it The slowness is immense dude! like opening my conputer takes 6 second! Comeon gimme a break well i am getting a lot thanks to my PC.

20 GB harddrive Yea i know what your think how can i live with this artifact a blast from the past but yeah its a living don't ask how! Its only filled up with software and new movies i keep downloading one every day .

DVD rom /RW Well that's a relief at least something is good in this junk . Well i write most of my Cd's and store them up like collecting nuts for winter Like ALvin would say AWESOME! STUPENDOUS COOL! I am running out of word here ... oh oh .. my Monitor

Its a LG monitor i can't really write ups its config i don't know it myself but yeah its CRT and is really good making a living on it ! - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes

Mouse It isn't a Gaming Mouse but yeah works for me . Gaming or not if you know how to play the game the mouse doesn't make the difference. Besides i rather play on my PSP

Oh fogot to mention its a DESKTOP PC how lame can it get !. I have to practically keep the monitor on my pc . Well actually its quite easy when it comes to modifying it but as you can see i haven't done any recently !and acessing your dvd rom and usb drive is much easier . OopS! i forgot i was trying to make my PC look bad but eh !

Hardware Iz Over melord time for some soft things in it . Its has windows XP has all my nessesary programs and has vista moded ! on it . you can get it too just follow the link HERE
I have made my clan Flash animatied sites here check it out PLEASE DO CHECK IT OUT ITS WORTH IT AND COMMENT BACK .. I THINK IT ROCKs means my demo intro movie hehe.. well i can't really rate it myself!

Internet Connection a slow 64kpbs dinosaur age connection in the digital world . You could a file in a million years probably billion . Its so slow that even after a whole month my files never get dloaded and still i am at the starting line waiting for it to come!

Over and all I give it a 5 ***** Rating Cause i love it and its friendly to me and knows what i like and dislike ! I LOVE YOU PZE . cough cough!! that was a diastor !! I know this will hurt in the morning . Well i am stool pigeion cant get my behind of this chair until i complete a post or a review.

Well if you guys wanna know what i have been doing on the web Go here !
Recently i paid $2 in to Arein collecton contest . I am really hoping the best comes out of it ! And i must say she is reallyy very helpful we have been communicating through entre card i wishes we could do it by commenting on teh blog i.e. my blog and her blog ! will get more EC by sezWHO. SheZwho ? seWhO sezwhO .... Oh wait i was getting a little mixed up there .

And i did join Simple's competition to which is around here . Do join you stand to win a .info domain ! and there are few people who have joined so get up and get going fast ! its not going to wait for you.

Right now i am just linking up the post and putting some relative pixes on my blog! There are just soo many sites for affiliates you get choosing the right one for you. Its just likes those perfume bottles you don't know how they smell unless you try it On !

Thanks for reading your Online SLoth Sid aka Asim!

I haven't been able to get time for my Haunted blogger blog ! its just sculling around i am not getting much time for anything ! Just soo sloww!

By Your Loving Sloth SId

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