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Monday, July 21, 2008

I Got Rejected - Pointer To new And Upcoming Blogger

Well ya its true i got rejected on Smorty and Project WonderFull ! Well i did get rejected on quite a few other Affiliates as well due to my Negligence and my ignorance towards my blog content . Like we all learn from our experiences and now i am going to share mine with you!. And this may help you get into quality blogging and get a good status among advertisers and visitors too.

Well i am blaming nobody but myself and i promise to reform my ways and to blog with unique content only written by me, edited by me and posted by me . I have been maliciously cheating trying get copied content onto my blog . From sources like Wikipedia and some other sites but yeah i am going to delete or change the content of my blog soon and yes i will prove to you guys effective blogging is vital to maintain your reputation.

Although i never got any idea to why my blog was being rejected so i never took a step . I was even rejected from Pay Per Post . They just gave the following message when ever i used to re-submit my application.
Thanks for your blog submission! Blogs must primarily contain posts that are both original, and unique to the blog. This blog seems to have content that is primarily copied from other online sources. Though your blog was not able to be approved into the Marketplace, we encourage you to check out, create a profile, submit your blog, have some fun! Once your blog does meet all of our Terms of Service, please feel free to resubmit it, and it shall be reviewed again. Thanks!
never understood what it meant i didn't know even though i always used to read it incorrectly. Means i had quite some posts that where my own but yeah i never realized copying from a non-copyrighted site would be a problem i.e. wiki. Yea i know it was lame move on my part but yes i never thought it would be it. Well what do you expect i was new and i really didn't get it in one go but then i received an email.

It was from Project Wonderfull
even though i was a bit disappointing that i hadn't been accepted into their respective program. I just closed the mail . I never did read it full. Then i got a mail from smorty which was:

Dear Asim Khan,

Unfortunately your blog was declined due to the following reason(s).

Some of the content is not original

Once you fix these errors you can re-enter your blog(s)
from your admin panel under the My Account section.

My day couldn't have gone worse then today morning while i was check my mail i really
thought about why i was getting rejected . I just turned over to my second page as
my first one full of digg support. And i spotted Project Wonderfull's Mail and opened
it this time i read it even though it was a negative review towards my blog i took it
in a positive way. And i must say it had answered all my question. Well its answer was
a bit too specific i felt a bit embarrassed and yes i learnt of my mistakes and i am
REALLY THANKFUL to their team that they wrote me a good review. This was the email i got from them.

Hi Asim  Khan ,

Thanks for submitting your site to become a publisher with Project Wonderful! Our website review process forms an assessment of a website using a variety of criteria. These criteria include, but are not limited to, suitable content, ease of site navigation, and the website's potential value to Project Wonderful and the experience of its members.

Unfortunately your website, at, does not currently fulfill these requirements. The specific issue identified was:

- Content issues
We look for posts with original content and audience participation. When examining your site, we found that it appears to have one or more of the following issues: an overabundance of sponsored "review" posts, posts with content taken from third parties such as other web sites or Wikipedia, posts with little original material, and so on. While we respect your ability to build your site as you wish, we also reserve our right to exercise discretion when considering sites for Project Wonderful.

If you are able to resolve this issue, we encourage you to reapply when you have made the changes! Further, if you would like to submit another website, you can do so at any time. Just log in to your account and fill out the application available under "My Ad Boxes". and we'll be happy to review and consider your new application without prejudice!

Thanks for using Project Wonderful!

-Website Evaluation Team

This is the first time i got all my answers in one place and now i am out to rectify them and make
some good and justice towards my blog.

  1. Project Wonderfull
  2. Pay Per Post
  3. Smorty

So for all you new blogger hope you gain some knowledge and learn how to get into such programs
without being rejected over and over again! Even i had a feeling that will never
be able to earn anything from blogging but no i was wrong Sponsored Reviews accepted
me and yes i have been making quite a few bucks!

Its not only this i will be helping you with i have been facing some blogger problems
as well a few twix in error management post should do the trick.

Copying is just like committing blog suicide ! So keep it real!

By Friendly neighbour hood Sloth SID!

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