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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Widget Box a Cool Site to get amazing Add Ons

1)Firstly Where did i find it?
A few days back i was out browsing and i found this interesting site has virtually everything you ever want. It has got something to give t . The first time you go there you might even not know what to get from the site. But after browsing a little am sure you'll find something for your liking . This siteo every blogger on blogosphere and even much much more.......

2)Secondly What sites does it support?
Well its format is html based so its supported mostly on every site . But these widgets are small additions to the blogging community websites such as blogger, typepad, wordpress etc.

3)Thirdly What are the requirements for running these on your site? Well the first requirement would be for your visitor to have an Internet connection . And now that's taken care off he should have an Adobe flash player installed which practically is needed on most of the websites on the Internet today. Without it the Internet would be a lifeless collection of pictures and typos. Well for the new ones who haven't got a flash player installed GOHERE.

4)Fourthly The menu and content of the site consists of?
Well it consists a wide range of widgets from all topics and meeting our requirements. It has lots of stuff you can choose from such as live weather update, virtual pets, games like mario, cookbooks, celebrities info's, count down timers, itunes, adsense toolbar and a lot more.......

Lets go in deeper on what all you can expect from this great site category wise. Blidgets these are RSS feeds of really famous sites . Well of course the ones on the first few pages others just have some catching up to do. Blogosphere well its mainly widgets for spicing up your blog but mainly it consists of games in their widgets. Well there are few things more that may catch your interests like google translator, bookmarking button which i already have told how to add in the previous post, ount downs, and o ther feeds widgets. Mixits are popular customized itunes compiler and player of all the latest hits. There a news widget where you have a different variety of stuff like weather updates , famous newpapers headlines from around the world, world map from google and a lot more so just browse and find out what this site has instore for you!! Today!

5th) Fifth How do i install them on my page?
  • First select the widget you want . (Here i am selecting mario well to be honest i was playing it while i was posting up here).
  • Now click on get widget the green little button.
  • The page goes translucent now wait for a bit and choose the site on which you would like to display it up in there is a wide range of selection includes all the major sites and community based sites.
  • Or if your not in any of those just choose the html code for the widget.
  • For eg: If you have clicked on blogger you'll be asked to confirm then you click on add widget button again.
  • It will open up a new window of the site you opted to put up the widget in. If your not logged in you'll be asked to login. Then what just click on the Add widget button and your now done!!

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