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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Its been a Month !!

Well people its bin a month since i have started blogging seriously ! I have thought of providing you with my income report but yeah its quite low for this month only $280 to be exact . But yes i intend to earn a lot more than this in future . I am setting my goal to $1000 within the next two months . Although i will try to get this amount before the end of this month but yeah i have a lot of packing and shifting involved so like i have made it around two lowsy months to achive that target . If i get around that much i will be explaining how i did it and giving you guys out free tips as well .

Note:- I am a new blogger aspiring to become a good and responsible blogger . I have to face many hurdles but yeah when i am through with it i assure you i will provide you with my secrets to success its small talk for the time being . Lets get to it then !.

Well a few 2 week back i wrote this post up on my blog i actually didn't get time to actually reply about it

1stly lets start with Project Wonderful:
Well as i promised i got in . You can see the ads on the side bar .

Hi Asim Khan ,

Thanks for your interest in Project Wonderful! We've received your application to put ad boxes on your site at, and have just set up your account to allow this. Simply log in, click on "My Ad Boxes", and follow the link at the bottom to create your new ad box. Enter in the information above, and you'll be good to go!

Secondly Smorty I Got accepted in this program too :
Dear Asim Khan,

Your blog "Morphed" has been approved.

Please log in to your admin panel to see available campaigns.

Campaign offers are active for a limited time. Instructions will be included in the campaign details.

You can login to your admin panel from:

Thank you for your support

Well actually now i am a bit on the verge of going crazy my blog now contains my own content
i don't understand why payperpost keeps on rejecting me. They can't even find my archives
i mean come on!!

Thank you for your blog submission!

Unfortunately, your blog cannot be accepted at this time.

In order to be accepted to the PPP Marketplace, your blog must be at least 30 days old with 10 pre-existing posts written throughout the past month.

In addition, your posts must be dated and your blog must be written in clear, understandable English with a readily available and easily navigated chronological archives.

Blogs must be made up primarily of posts that are at least 3-5 sentences of original content. We do not accept blogs with non-original content, blogs that have content primarily reposted from other sources such as recipes, jokes, articles, or product reviews , videologs, listing directories, blogs kept solely for pay, or blogs with mature content or excessive foul language.

Please take a look at our>Terms of Service Section 3 for more specifics and check out our>Best Practices to make sure that you are starting on the right foot.

Although your blog isn’t eligible for the Marketplace opportunities, you can still receive offers directly from advertisers by installing the PPP Tools and PPP Direct badge on your blog. Please also keep an eye out for>Social Spark, which may bring further opportunities to your qualifying blogs.

Once your blog meets the requirements of the Marketplace, please resubmit it to us and we would be happy to review it again.

In the meantime, keep on blogging and remember that if you have any questions,
we are always here to help!
Well guys as you can see i really need to shape up my blog i really don't know what's
left to fix . I think they aren't checking up and looking into my blog properly ! Well
Since i promised yo guys that i would get accepted into its program i will keep trying
yeah its a pain in the behind but some one's gotta do it !


Sherry said...

$280 not bad.. what you do?

Roshill said...

Well i can't really break it down there are many sites that i earned from specially from sponsored reviews . 1 review goes for 40 dollars i just did 2 and got 80 .
contests brought me around 50 dollars . 80 Dollars from entry rest on Adsense. Its not much but yeah its a beginning.

Sherry said...

wow.. I didn't know adsense can earn that much. I still don't know how to earn with adsense.

is there like need to add the blogs in for adsense?

Mariuca said...

Wow, that's great Roshill, keep up the good work. And have a great weekend! :)

Roshill said...

@SHerry Sorry i have been away from blogging for a couple of days . Yes you can if you know SEO good enough!

@ Mariuca Hey thanks for stopping by . And hope you also have a lovely weekend

Anonymous said...

abe wat kinda vows did u take on 3rd july?

btw nice post...i sent the link to sungeeta di...

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