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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baptisim | Jesus | Love | Life | Life LONG

Oi bin busy for a week now wasn't able to post up in here . Wow i feel like i am foreign to my own blog . Ahh... crap. So like its been an exciting week for me had my ups and downs but yeah mostly ups .

So to start with. I was at my Di's house Sangeeta di aka Sister in Christ . Well i got baptized this weekend and yea it was a really nice subtle experience . Yea i took my Vows and now i am namingly a Christian but yeah we all are aren't we . Well atleast when we are born we are more alike all our thoughts match its when we grow up things start to change . We are all children of God . I know you have heard this a lot but have you ever thought about it ?.

Its not the old books that made me jump in and take a baptisim . No its not that its what i experienced and saw with my own eyes felt and belived . Some of you are athiest and don't believe in God . Do you really think this was just a coincidence ?. That earth came up in the right position distance from the sun . And land water was formed . Don't you think its quite impossible. You know actually you are made up of dirt and sand . And when we die we go back in and mix with it .

Life is just too perfect to be a coincidence . For Eg: Humans we have got a complex way of understanding free will and ability to learn . But yes its people's choices that lead them to believe in something . Just imagine your a bunch of particles clocked up together so that all parts function properly . So who do you think made us this way?. Don't say we adapted two eyes two ears we also could have had two noses and two mouth yet in a way we are just perfect .

Well i don't think this is a coincidence and i believe some one up there made us that way . Yet we ignore to find out who he is . We deny and just contiune to waste our lives of petty earnings in surival for a living . Every man woman is built free and she can do anything and everything he/she please . For instance take a good long look at your hands . They move at your command they do what you want them to do and yeah there's a lot of science involved to build such a mechanism . What if its proud owner is God its self . A higer power who built you into what you are . We don't know how but yes as i said before its just beliving in what we stand for.

(This is my testimony on why i changed my religion or beliefs )
I was a Muslim . I was born and bought up in KSA aka Saudi Arab Riyadh . I had an abusive father he was totally into chain smoking hitting and making us suffer in all different ways but yeah that's life . I used to pray to Allah a lot . I cried a lot but in those years i never used to wait for any reply i never expected one . Its how we were taught . Don't expect anything from the all knowing just keep worshiping as you will do this only for your own benifit of going to heaven . I never did see and point in my prayers i weeped at night and prayed to him but yeah nothing did ever happen. B/w i was a regular prayer 5 times a day fasting and all read the Quran also. He even used to kick me out of the house for a whole night . I used to sleep on my stair well with a cat i loved he even scatted her out when she got a little bigger .

The problem wasn't with me only when my father got kicked out of his office he didnt really tell the reason . But yeah we came to know that he was demoted cause he abused the staff a lot well he was a senior Executive manager . That position is quite hard to get in reputed companies . Took 20 years to get him there and guess what . And when ever we used to goto Mecca the holy place for all Muslims he used to shout at us there as well . The point is my religious experience wasn't so pleasent .

So like its been three years since we moved to India . We had the same problems here . I had a hard time with him . In school here . He never let me take up tutions for my studies and always had me feel down . I graduated high school and moved on to college . I did my first two years there i faced many problems with my father . I even flunked in some subjects but yeah i always did well in the computer ones . I was always dissatisfied with my marks. So the year passed and i can't even mention there were loads of ocassions when i just thought i should commit suiside just cause of my father . He's a stero type he never listens he like Asks a stupid question when i answer it he again asks the same FREAKING question that made me mad a lot .

He just likes to abuse an abusing machine . He has stopped hitting me recently when i started to defend myself . I just felt soo sad and lonely . He never even let me call my friends this is the reason i could never have some real good friends that i liked i was more of an exile . I had the potential to become one but when i was down i never talked to any one in my class . Even if i did i tried but always would end up losing another friend . Happened to me many times if my friend called up when my father was angry with me he would abuse them and then eventually my friends would get angry .

My father should be the one feeling ashamed but he's proud and happy at his shouting . Well i am not the one to judged but yeah i wish i was never born anywhere near him .

So it was my 2nd year at college i was in a gaming clan in it i found my best friend Aditya . Well we never really did talk before this. And it was the last day when our clan was about compete with a few rivals . We weren't any official clan our teams were decided on the last day . So like it was like fluke of luck like most people would say but i say other wise God has a plan for everyone. And yes he had a plan for me too . So like after the matches were over i was going back home walking on the mile road stretch , so i found Adi too walking i kind of started talking to him then he asked would you like to come to church with me i was like ... (well i didnt have anything better to do that day ) so i said yes.

So, as we headed from his home to the church we didn't have any transportation problem which is rare because he said he never could catch a cab towards Palm Mord . Even though to took off late we got there in time for the prayer. And i talked to di for a few moments i felt the loving atmosphere in the room which i hardly see anywhere every one was soo friendly . Well practically made 10 new friends the same day but yea later on acquainted with them properly. I had many testimonies in the past few months . Well i really didnt believe in God that much at that moment . I thought all Gods were like Allah . They never answer to your prayers . But i was wrong and Jesus helped me make this believe go away .


Well i had number of testimonies during the month meeting Aditya was one of them. I had neumerous transportation testimonies as well. Before i used to this its just an infactuation that i pray when some vehicle is coming near . But one day there were a LOT of people stand out there waiting for a cab well for about half an hour . So finally a Gurgaon bus comes in . Well i had many incidents with the bus namely accident so i wasn't keen enough i had prayed for a cab and i got a bus well i didn't understand then. So like i said to myself keep waiting he will send you what you need . So guess what after every one had climbed on the bus the stop had nearly emptied . At the moment a cab came up stopped near where i was standing and guess what i got in easily with out any problem. And i thought this was God's Plan he knew i was fat and lazy well its the truth don't laugh so he did this for me . My father who was abusive stopped abusing me now he's just normal but yeah sometimes if i let him get to me then only it happens if i resent and start praying he goes away . Non of my prayers came true while i was a Muslim . Even my brother and me shared a testimony . If you guys would like to know more just leave a comment i will get back to you ASAP .

I took my VOWS 3rd july and i believe in him more than ever although i still am not perfect but yes i am striving to follow in his path . And i really want to thank Sangeeta Di If it wasn't for her we would never have been together and i would never have know Jesus the way i do now.

Here's my friends blog i am really proud of what he writes and he really inspires Loving hearts. Love is not only to your Girl friend but to your parents friends And even JESUS CHRIST

Soul this thing called Love. By Your Loving Friend Asim

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Its been a Month !!

Well people its bin a month since i have started blogging seriously ! I have thought of providing you with my income report but yeah its quite low for this month only $280 to be exact . But yes i intend to earn a lot more than this in future . I am setting my goal to $1000 within the next two months . Although i will try to get this amount before the end of this month but yeah i have a lot of packing and shifting involved so like i have made it around two lowsy months to achive that target . If i get around that much i will be explaining how i did it and giving you guys out free tips as well .

Note:- I am a new blogger aspiring to become a good and responsible blogger . I have to face many hurdles but yeah when i am through with it i assure you i will provide you with my secrets to success its small talk for the time being . Lets get to it then !.

Well a few 2 week back i wrote this post up on my blog i actually didn't get time to actually reply about it

1stly lets start with Project Wonderful:
Well as i promised i got in . You can see the ads on the side bar .

Hi Asim Khan ,

Thanks for your interest in Project Wonderful! We've received your application to put ad boxes on your site at, and have just set up your account to allow this. Simply log in, click on "My Ad Boxes", and follow the link at the bottom to create your new ad box. Enter in the information above, and you'll be good to go!

Secondly Smorty I Got accepted in this program too :
Dear Asim Khan,

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Well actually now i am a bit on the verge of going crazy my blog now contains my own content
i don't understand why payperpost keeps on rejecting me. They can't even find my archives
i mean come on!!

Thank you for your blog submission!

Unfortunately, your blog cannot be accepted at this time.

In order to be accepted to the PPP Marketplace, your blog must be at least 30 days old with 10 pre-existing posts written throughout the past month.

In addition, your posts must be dated and your blog must be written in clear, understandable English with a readily available and easily navigated chronological archives.

Blogs must be made up primarily of posts that are at least 3-5 sentences of original content. We do not accept blogs with non-original content, blogs that have content primarily reposted from other sources such as recipes, jokes, articles, or product reviews , videologs, listing directories, blogs kept solely for pay, or blogs with mature content or excessive foul language.

Please take a look at our>Terms of Service Section 3 for more specifics and check out our>Best Practices to make sure that you are starting on the right foot.

Although your blog isn’t eligible for the Marketplace opportunities, you can still receive offers directly from advertisers by installing the PPP Tools and PPP Direct badge on your blog. Please also keep an eye out for>Social Spark, which may bring further opportunities to your qualifying blogs.

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In the meantime, keep on blogging and remember that if you have any questions,
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Well guys as you can see i really need to shape up my blog i really don't know what's
left to fix . I think they aren't checking up and looking into my blog properly ! Well
Since i promised yo guys that i would get accepted into its program i will keep trying
yeah its a pain in the behind but some one's gotta do it !


Eh, GuyS bin a really busy weekend had a lot to do over it !! ... Been really exciting as well one of my best ones yet !! .... Just Hung out chilled out with my friends and watched a movie! .. I couldn't come by to blog cause i wasn't getting the time and the resources which is off course a computer . So like i went out on this friday to get my visa application filed and well it didn't actually work out so i i had to fill up more details into my file and make it more presentable . But yeah i am a bit sad that i couldn't get done that day itself .

My brother called me up and told me about a total solar eclipse will occur as the new moon moves directly between the sun and the earth. The moon’s umbral shadow will fall on parts of Canada, Greenland, the Arctic Ocean, Russia, Mongolia, and China. The Exploratorium’s eclipse expedition team (our fifth!) will Webcast the eclipse live from the remote Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwestern China near the Mongolian border. He didn't tell me in soo much detail offcourse but i searched out the news for it .

Well we crashed the malls thinking we would just catch a movie . Yea you guessed it right the movie was THE DARK KNIGHT . I am like here to write a review on it and find the possible setbacks on the movie . But yeah IT WAS SUPER AMAZING . Actually when we got there only 15 min's where left for the movie to actually commence but yeh .. I was so dumb to bring ma bag along with me . They don't allow bags now in theaters like they think it might contain a bomb or something . So like my friend Devanshu he ran off to keep it back up his home . Well he took some time there but yeah we made it on time. Oh , the mall was in Delhi City walk ! The crowd is like full of em! Namely .. .. It was my first time up there . I will be posting my pics soon and will post em pics by picaso .. AKa by me here next time i go off...! At my Church's fare the well . Yeah we are leaving for Canada what do you expect all our friends are going to show up and we are supposed to throw a party. Anyways back to the topic! . Like my friend reached back 3 min late we didn't miss much .

The point of the review is to make you eager so that you go watch the movie youself. Even after its third week its a full house Yeah people the tickets are a dead gigaway. They are selling it up like cold water to people in the desert thirsty blokes.

So let me start with the movie cast!
Like i know only the few important ones who had their main lead roles up in this movies so here they are :
Christian Bale Bruce Wayne/Batman

Heath Ledger Joker

Aaron Eckhart Harvey Dent/Two Face
Michael Caine Alfred Pennyworth
Maggie Gyllenhaal Rachel Dawes
Gary Oldman Lt. James Gordon
Morgan Freeman Lucius Fox

Have added a photos of the cast .
Now for the Review:


Well to be frank i really didn't like any of batman's prequels so i wasn't really keen on watching this one . The only reason that dragged me to the theatre was this rating from imdb . This is the lastest pic from their all time hit movies. Only 250 movies are up there just check it out . It subsided all the famous movies to reach the top position. A striking 9.2 rating . I was like paranoid how is this possible .I think each and every scence has been worked on really hard to make this the most PERFECT MOVIE to watch in a theatre . And yes i also justify that this movie is way way wayyyy... Better than any other classic's . It has the most unique scripts . All talented actors under one screen . Well majorly Joker's role is the most dominating and the best in the whole movie. Well ledger made the best joker of any batman series and really gave the meaning and lived up to the movies expectations and more. The batman role done by Bale was quite good infact the sound he makes while in his getup makes him the bestever batman . Discriminating the old Batman movies made cartoon characters out of batman's brand . They were nothing compared to this.

The action is just mind blowing . All though all of it is after an hour of pure theoratical movie . But when the action pumps in you can really feel the adrellinin while watching it . The whole movie lasts around two and a half hours but it may seem longer than that to some. I LOVED THIS INSTALLMENT OF THE DARK KNIGHT and i recommend you all to watch this on the theatre only DON'T spoil the fun ITS WORTH IT!!

About Heath Ledger :
He landed the role of a lifetime, playing The Joker in “The Dark Knight” (2008) and setting the stage for becoming a huge international star. But unfortunately and quite shockingly tragedy struck in early 2008, when Ledger was found dead in his apartment of a possible drug overdose, ending one of the most promising careers of his generation. And i really do feel sad about his expiry he could have done some really good work in future but yeah i hope the batman series is now understood by how it should be made and in future we would be expecting another big hit . But not close to this one . THIS IS DEDICATED TO HEATH THE LIVELY JOKER THANK YOU FOR THIS MOVIE BRO. IMDB AND ALL OF US WILL REMEMBER YOU ALWAYS AS THE ONE WHOLE SHOOK HOLLYWOOD FOR EVER AND OPENED OUR EYES ON WHAT ACTING REALLY IS .

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