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Friday, July 24, 2009

Call of duty|| COD 4 || COD Mordern Warfare 2 || COD 6 || Mordern Warfare 2 || Cheats Cod4 || Hacks Cod4

All you gamerz out there get ready as the new Mordern warfare 2 comes out this fall 11.10.09 and its bigger than ever . After seeing the lastest review of the game online on youtube (Links will be provided at the end of this post) . As it is call of duty 4 mordern warfare was a big hit but yes it had alot of flaw and surely all these flaws have been resolved in this upcoming game. As the story line goes it is the continuation of the storyline where the 1st mordern warfare ended in which Zaekauf was killed as the gun was provided by Captian Gary Price and it continues to unfold as the resistance to one of the Lead terrorist fall a new rival who was being kept in check by Zarkauf rises as soon as he dies .

The sequel contain way better graphics which uses graph flows which provides bigger and better maps and has a more user friendly environment with more interactive objects such as the snow mobile, ropes, trucks etc . Not only that it has the usual UAV recon installed on the gun which is now known as a heart beat sensor. Mostly used incase of very low visabilty and oh yes as down to earth and unreal UAV recon looked this is way better and practical way of spotting an enemy. Well not only this it has some new neat guns. Expect the unexpected gamer this game will totally get sold out as soon as it hits the shevles so order your copy today itself and experience it first hand here are some really cool snaps of the new game.

Check this new trailer out its the new Multiplayer trailer of COD Modern warfare 2

Cod4 Has been Hacked on the Ps3:
Well people a really sad news its causing me more pain writing this than it was experiencing it the whole PSN network is now using fly hacks and really destroying the whole point of gaming. Realsed recently around 29th july it spread like a virus and now everyone has it on the Playstation Network i worked really hard to reach a pretty significant level on that game but now i am regretting all the work i put into it since all my hard work has gone to waste after this i Hate hackers and well now i cant help it they are on every single server soo if you are a wanna be hacker well the most i could say is watch this video if it helps but don't blame me if you get banned or anything use at your own risk
its called


So i would recommend not getting it up its pretty simple though follow these steps. And for me well if you cant beat em join em :D Tonights Gonna be a Good Good night wooohoooo.... lol

Please use it in PRIVATE ONLY.
**You will also lose your radar**

To turn it ON/OFF, go into a game - press START - OPTIONS, then back out of the start menu. To deactivate it do the same thing.

***To fly hold R1 and L1!***


1) Download HCHOOLIGAN3's save game
2) Open the folder that you downloaded, you will see a folder called PS3.
3) Copy the whole PS3 folder to a USB flash drive
4) Put your USB in your PS3
5) Go to saved data utility
6) Click USB, go to COD4 save game data
7) Copy the save game, it should overwrite!
8) Start up COD4

If it's not working for you you're not doing it correctly, try again :)
for questions you can message HCHOOLIGAN3 on youtube or PSN
All credit goes to him, so sub to him and myself for more!

The Hack Has Now Been Blocked By PSN !! Yahooo...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Canadian Independance Day|| July 1||4th of July||American independance Day|| Fireworks|| Halifax

Canadian Independance Day or more commonly known as Canada Day is celebrated just 3 days before the American Independance Day which hopefully will be celebrated tommorow in the U.S.. Was an eventful day for me out here had alot of things that i did through out going to the airport droping a friend off seeing him off. But the thing is it wasn't as plain or as simple as that I had a whole week full of events and such. its of a day back we celebrated Canada Day saw a huge helicopter a few days back couldn't take a picture though but yeah it was definately military bought for the sole purpose of entertainment. In the morning I was just strolling out on the road people were dressed up in white & red well if not white but they all were in red i felt I was the only one left outstanding from the crowd Na just kidding they all were just jealous that i had a red icesickle in my hand :D. Walking down further saw a whole lot of people gather up for a party as it looked and sounded tempting one of my friends invited me to it but yeah i always have something better to do no matter what heard he had a great time told me that they had all kinds of eatables out there
Anyways In the evening we went out at the water front and checked out and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about seems to me they were all there for the fireworks and guess what it only lasted for like 10 minutes but yeah ("The whole crowd was Pumped :P(you wish)") the only one who was cheering was our group. And the reason for this was that they don't allow you to use firecrackers at most of the places around halifax concerned about the people's safety. I have seen better in India on Diwali even kids are professionals firing up a cracker and the session lasts through out the day and in the evening the whole cloud is soo polluted that the only thing you can smell is burnt matches and gun powder. But yeah i am happy that they atleast don't waste soo much money here even though this isn't a poverty stricken nation. I mean for God sakes there are people dying in your country they could give that money away as donation maybe it will do someone some good. Its like blowing your money off in smoke for no reason.

Content From Wiki nXt:
"In the United States, Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, picnics, concerts, baseball games, political speeches and ceremonies, and various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States. Independence Day is the national day of the United States."

Check out the Fireworks that took place in Halifax

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back from the past!!

Oi hey summer just started and well i am back to blogging and will try to be consistent and punctual with the updates going on around the blogging community and will surely update my movies blog section too incase you may not know of i have a movies blog named as The movies blog the links will be provided at the bottom of this post and well its time for me to freshen up my knowledge of what going on around the blogging space. And well i have bin away for like month posting only once a month not even that so will pace up ASAP. B/w i have loads of information i want to share with you of whats happening the new Transformer movie is out and guess what i just saw it yesterday reviews on the later post but yeah will say thing those of you who are movie buffs who like story incarcirated movies will have a real big problem with this one. I have bin playing a game called Call of Duty 4 bought a ps3 like a few months back that was one of the reason that had contributed me not blogging here but yeah i am trying to get this site back on track and back in the game. So people of the world do support me for the time being since i am going to need it. I just got a job at the call center called Call Us Info (LOL ! Call us when we are calling every one else out there) and well its going on pretty well from the looks of it i haven't got any shifts recently but yeah the working environment is good people over there are from all sorts of different places few of them i cant even spell off. Mainly job includes me to call and take 40 minutes of survey which is quite impossible seriously who has such time on his hands to answer soo many questions and even if we reach the last question and it isn't answered the survey gets cancelled and then its back to base one. We need atleast 2 per hour which is pretty for some since they have bin working there for like months so i am technically out of work but yeah i am learning alot staying back home which also implies the rent ain't gonna pay by itself oh yeah my dad isn't sending in any money and well I am left hopelessly in need of money which led me to go apply for other jobs and got called in by oh yeah the clown with the yellow dress and a complimenting red nose yeah you guessed it right Mc. Donald . The most sensational junk food joint ever and same implies the easiest way to get fat and fast ever well coming out of me makes me sound like a hypocritic since i am one of the biggest fans too so unintentionally i may gain a few more pound but yeah i will restrict myself to a burger a week. Anyways Hope you all are having a lovely summer do expect my next few post to be totally professional and acclaimed by me trust me you will love reading them as much as i love writing it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Barack Obama || 44th President || United States || Bringing Change

I am soo excited as well as happy too see the 44th American President of America Inaugurated last Tuesday on the 20th of January 2009. He is the first African-American President and i think he will be the most loved president of all time well atleast in my life-time. His name you ask Barack Obama. I think he'll be the one who will bring about the change America need and be the new face of America.

After the conduct of our last President in whose accordance many disastors took place like falling of twin towers , war on Afghanistan , war on Iraq and many other Arabian countries and delivering unsatisfying speeches i was begining to think that America had lost its integrty completely. But only a ray of light had stood between me that there is hope for the future after all this war & violence i hope Barack Obama is our silver lining to the whole world and influences everyone by his administration while his time in the white house.

I heard his speech the other day and boy did i love it. By the end of the speech i was satisfied America has finally found his Jewel and him being the 44th President will make America shine with this Jewel's work toward's the better ment of the country and the world. His words on how the American economy is in recession and how medical expenditure, schooling educational promotion , standard of living is going down due to many factor of misjudged and misleading officers of the nations. This does bring out hope that our new President knowes what he is up against and he is prepared to what is coming and i do see the future of America to be promising and once again to be a land of oppertunity.

Although his words are promising i do wish that he isn't bluffing and that he makes good use of his power and hands and play his cards towards the Royal Flush!! .... Do watch this Youtube video on his Inaugartion divided into two part. Thank you . Do check out this spoof too a little humor on our president's smoking habits.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snowing Heaven || Snow || Snowman || frozen

Today was the first time we played in the snow for the first time Halifax Canada Nova Scotia. At point pleasant park we had loads of fun and yea trust me its nothing like what i had imagined it was even better. The actual exprence is much better than watching it on T.V. or reading in the books. We took of around 12 pm well it was totally cloudy and snowing a flurry all over the place. It was my first time seeing such a scenery. The perfectly shaped snow pallets fell from the sky. I actually used to imagine that is a snow flake actually the same shape they snow on cartoons or in movies. Well i proved the fact yes they actually are they are so perfectly shaped as though God had himself given them shape. We had to haul over the ice our feet kept sinking inside the snow cuz it was too deep. And after a short trek we reached the bridge near point pleasent park we made snow angels the snow was fresh soft and untouched . I have a video but i am sorry i am not going to show it here. Cuz i look like a gummy bear flapping his wings. Although i got a few photos enjoy.

I was going through a few articles on snow and well i really wanted to know what is snow really made up off well ofcourse i know whats it made up of water . But how does it become soo soft like cotton. You can actually squesh it and keep doing it its really really soft just like hot knife through butter. Me and my friend Adi actually fought in it lol he got me i was all covered in snow. Oh we made a snow man toooo .... His name is Snowy the snowman .... here are a few facts of snow i found on wiki pedia . Its quite interesting hope you enjoy reading it as much as i did. Have a lovely weekend peepz...!

"Snowfall" redirects here. For other uses, see Snow (disambiguation) or Snowfall (disambiguation).

Snow is a type of precipitation in the form of crystalline water ice, consisting of a multitude of snowflakes that fall from clouds. The process of precipitation is called snowfall.

Since snow is composed of small ice particles, it is a granular material. It has an open and therefore soft structure, unless packed by external pressure. The METAR code for snow is SN.

Falling snow

A long-lasting snow storm with intense snowfall and usually high winds. Particularly severe storms can create whiteout conditions where visibility is reduced to less than 1 m.
A class of snow flakes that is shaped like a six sided column. One of the 4 classes of snow flakes.
A class of snow flakes that has 6 points, making it somewhat star shaped. The classic snow flake shape. One of the 4 classes of snow flakes.
A period of light snow with usually little accumulation with occasional moderate snowfall.
Freezing rain
Supercooled rain that freezes on impact with a sufficiently cold surface. This can cover trees in a uniform layer of very clear, shiny ice – a beautiful phenomenon, though excessive accumulation can break tree limbs and utility lines, causing utility failures and possible property damage.
Precipitation formed when freezing fog condenses on a snowflake, forming a ball of rime ice. Also known as snow pellets.
Ground blizzard
Occurs when a strong wind drives already fallen snow to create drifts and whiteouts.
Many-layered ice balls, ranging from "pea" sized (0.25 in, 6 mm) to "golf ball" sized (1.75 in, 43 mm), to, in rare cases, "softball" sized or greater (­>4.25 in, 108 mm). Hail is associated with severe thunderstorms instead of winter weather.
A storm of hail. If the hail is sufficiently large, it can cause damage to cars or even people.
Lake effect snow
Produced when cold winds move across long expanses of warmer lake water, picking up water vapor which freezes and is deposited on the lake's shores.
A class of snow flakes that are acicular in shape (their length is much longer than their diameter, like a needle). One of the 4 classes of snow flakes.
Rain and snow mixed
Precipitation consisting of both snow and rain; also called "wintry mix" or "wintry shower".
Rimed snow
Snow flakes that are partially or completely coated in tiny frozen water droplets called rime. Rime forms on a snow flake when it passes through a super-cooled cloud. One of the 4 classes of snow flakes.
In Canada and Britain, rain mixed with snow; Some Americans also refer to this as sleet, while others refer to sleet as ice pellets formed when snowflakes pass through a layer of warm air, partially or completely thaw, then refreeze upon passing through sufficiently cold air during further descent.
Snow on trees in DuBois, Pennsylvania.
Snow pellets
See graupel.
Snow squall
A brief, very intense snowstorm.
Snow storm
A long storm of relatively heavy snow.
Soft hail
See graupel.
A thunderstorm which produces snow as the primary form of precipitation.

Snow on the ground

Snow covering a leaf
Snow blowing from a roof in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
January snowfall in San Bernardino, California, United States
Artificial snow
Snow can be also manufactured using snow cannons, which actually create tiny granules more like soft hail (this is sometimes called "grits" by those in the southern U.S. for its likeness to the texture of the food). In recent years, snow cannons have been produced that create more natural-looking snow, but these machines are prohibitively expensive.
Blowing snow
Snow on ground that is being moved around by wind. See ground blizzard.
Chopped powder
Powder snow that has been cut up by previous skiers.
Coarse, granular wet snow. Most commonly used by skiers describing good spring snow. Corn is the result of diurnal cycle of melting and refreezing.
An overhanging formation of windblown snow. Important in skiing and alpine climbing because the overhang can be unstable and hard to see from the leeward side.
This covers varieties of snow that all but advanced skiers find impassable. Subtypes are (a) windblown powder with irregularly shaped crust patches and ridges, (b) heavy tracked spring snow re-frozen to leave a deeply rutted surface strewn with loose blocks, (c) a deep layer of heavy snow saturated by rain (although this may go by another term). Crud is negotiated with a even weighting along the length of the skis, and smooth radius turns started, if necessary, with a pop or jump. When an advanced skier falls over on crud, it is probably because it is 'heavy crud', q.v.
A layer of snow on the surface of the snowpack that is stronger than the snow below, which may be powder snow. Depending on their thickness and resulting strength, crusts can be termed "supportable," meaning that they will support the weight of a human, "breakable," meaning that they will not, or "zipper," meaning that a skier can break and ski through the crust. Crusts often result from partial melting of the snow surface by direct sunlight or warm air followed by re-freezing.
Depth Hoar
Faceted snow crystals, usually poorly or completely unbonded (unsintered) to adjacent crystals, creating a weak zone in the snowpack. Depth hoar forms from metamorphism of the snowpack in response to a large temperature gradient between the warmer ground beneath the snowpack and the surface. The relatively high porosity (percentage of air space), relatively warm temperature (usually near freezing point), and unbonded weak snow in this layer can allow various organisms to live in it.
Finger Drift
A narrow snow drift(1-3 feet in width) crossing a roadway. Several finger drifts in succession resemble the fingers of a hand.
Heavy crud
See 'Crud'.
Densely packed material formed from snow that doesn't contain air bubbles. Depending on the snow accumulation rate, the air temperature, and the weight of the snow in the upper layers, it can take snow a few hours or a few decades to form into ice.
Snow which has been lying for at least a year but which has not yet consolidated into glacier ice. It is granular.
Packed Powder
The most common snow cover on ski slopes, consisting of powder snow that has lain on the ground long enough to become compressed, but is still loose.
Packing snow
Snow that is at or near the melting point, so that it can easily be packed into snowballs and hurled at other people or objects. This is perfect for snow fights and other winter fun, such as making a snowman, or a snow fort.
Tall blades of snow found at high altitudes.
Pillow Drift
A snow drift crossing a roadway and usually 10-15 feet in width and 1-3 three feet in depth.
Freshly fallen, uncompacted snow. The density and moisture content of powder snow can vary widely; snowfall in coastal regions and areas with higher humidity is usually heavier than a similar depth of snowfall in an arid or continental region. Light, dry (low moisture content, typically 4 - 7% water content) powder snow is prized by skiers and snowboarders. It is often found in the Rocky Mountains of North America and in Niseko, Japan.
The textures of a snowdrift on the Long Mynd, Shropshire
Snow which partially melts upon reaching the ground, to the point that it accumulates in puddles of partially-frozen water.
Snow covered with dirt, which occurs most often in Spring, in Prairie States like North Dakota, where strong winds pick up black topsoil from uncovered farm fields and blow it into nearby towns where the melt rate is slower. The phenomenon is almost magical; one goes to sleep with white snow outside and awakens to black snow. Also, snow that is dirty, often seen by the side of roads and parking lots near areas that have been plowed.
Large piles of snow which occur near walls and curbs, as the wind tends to push the snow up toward the vertical surfaces.
Surface Hoar
Faceted, corn-flake shaped snow crystals that are a type of frost that forms on the surface of the snow pack on cold, clear, calm nights. Subsequent snow fall can bury layers of surface hoar encorporating them into the snowpack where they can form a weak layer. Sometimes referred to as hoar frost.
Watermelon snow
A reddish/pink colored snow that smells like watermelons, and is caused by a red colored green algae called Chlamydomonas nivalis.
Wind slab
A layer of relatively stiff, hard snow formed by deposition of wind blown snow on the leeward side of a ridge or other sheltered area. Wind slabs can form over weaker, softer freshly fallen powder snow creating an avalanche hazard on steep slopes.
This Picture is A magnified version of a Snow flake...
Image:LT-SEM snow crystal magnification series-3 frame.jpg

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