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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snowing Heaven || Snow || Snowman || frozen

Today was the first time we played in the snow for the first time Halifax Canada Nova Scotia. At point pleasant park we had loads of fun and yea trust me its nothing like what i had imagined it was even better. The actual exprence is much better than watching it on T.V. or reading in the books. We took of around 12 pm well it was totally cloudy and snowing a flurry all over the place. It was my first time seeing such a scenery. The perfectly shaped snow pallets fell from the sky. I actually used to imagine that is a snow flake actually the same shape they snow on cartoons or in movies. Well i proved the fact yes they actually are they are so perfectly shaped as though God had himself given them shape. We had to haul over the ice our feet kept sinking inside the snow cuz it was too deep. And after a short trek we reached the bridge near point pleasent park we made snow angels the snow was fresh soft and untouched . I have a video but i am sorry i am not going to show it here. Cuz i look like a gummy bear flapping his wings. Although i got a few photos enjoy.

I was going through a few articles on snow and well i really wanted to know what is snow really made up off well ofcourse i know whats it made up of water . But how does it become soo soft like cotton. You can actually squesh it and keep doing it its really really soft just like hot knife through butter. Me and my friend Adi actually fought in it lol he got me i was all covered in snow. Oh we made a snow man toooo .... His name is Snowy the snowman .... here are a few facts of snow i found on wiki pedia . Its quite interesting hope you enjoy reading it as much as i did. Have a lovely weekend peepz...!

"Snowfall" redirects here. For other uses, see Snow (disambiguation) or Snowfall (disambiguation).

Snow is a type of precipitation in the form of crystalline water ice, consisting of a multitude of snowflakes that fall from clouds. The process of precipitation is called snowfall.

Since snow is composed of small ice particles, it is a granular material. It has an open and therefore soft structure, unless packed by external pressure. The METAR code for snow is SN.

Falling snow

A long-lasting snow storm with intense snowfall and usually high winds. Particularly severe storms can create whiteout conditions where visibility is reduced to less than 1 m.
A class of snow flakes that is shaped like a six sided column. One of the 4 classes of snow flakes.
A class of snow flakes that has 6 points, making it somewhat star shaped. The classic snow flake shape. One of the 4 classes of snow flakes.
A period of light snow with usually little accumulation with occasional moderate snowfall.
Freezing rain
Supercooled rain that freezes on impact with a sufficiently cold surface. This can cover trees in a uniform layer of very clear, shiny ice – a beautiful phenomenon, though excessive accumulation can break tree limbs and utility lines, causing utility failures and possible property damage.
Precipitation formed when freezing fog condenses on a snowflake, forming a ball of rime ice. Also known as snow pellets.
Ground blizzard
Occurs when a strong wind drives already fallen snow to create drifts and whiteouts.
Many-layered ice balls, ranging from "pea" sized (0.25 in, 6 mm) to "golf ball" sized (1.75 in, 43 mm), to, in rare cases, "softball" sized or greater (­>4.25 in, 108 mm). Hail is associated with severe thunderstorms instead of winter weather.
A storm of hail. If the hail is sufficiently large, it can cause damage to cars or even people.
Lake effect snow
Produced when cold winds move across long expanses of warmer lake water, picking up water vapor which freezes and is deposited on the lake's shores.
A class of snow flakes that are acicular in shape (their length is much longer than their diameter, like a needle). One of the 4 classes of snow flakes.
Rain and snow mixed
Precipitation consisting of both snow and rain; also called "wintry mix" or "wintry shower".
Rimed snow
Snow flakes that are partially or completely coated in tiny frozen water droplets called rime. Rime forms on a snow flake when it passes through a super-cooled cloud. One of the 4 classes of snow flakes.
In Canada and Britain, rain mixed with snow; Some Americans also refer to this as sleet, while others refer to sleet as ice pellets formed when snowflakes pass through a layer of warm air, partially or completely thaw, then refreeze upon passing through sufficiently cold air during further descent.
Snow on trees in DuBois, Pennsylvania.
Snow pellets
See graupel.
Snow squall
A brief, very intense snowstorm.
Snow storm
A long storm of relatively heavy snow.
Soft hail
See graupel.
A thunderstorm which produces snow as the primary form of precipitation.

Snow on the ground

Snow covering a leaf
Snow blowing from a roof in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
January snowfall in San Bernardino, California, United States
Artificial snow
Snow can be also manufactured using snow cannons, which actually create tiny granules more like soft hail (this is sometimes called "grits" by those in the southern U.S. for its likeness to the texture of the food). In recent years, snow cannons have been produced that create more natural-looking snow, but these machines are prohibitively expensive.
Blowing snow
Snow on ground that is being moved around by wind. See ground blizzard.
Chopped powder
Powder snow that has been cut up by previous skiers.
Coarse, granular wet snow. Most commonly used by skiers describing good spring snow. Corn is the result of diurnal cycle of melting and refreezing.
An overhanging formation of windblown snow. Important in skiing and alpine climbing because the overhang can be unstable and hard to see from the leeward side.
This covers varieties of snow that all but advanced skiers find impassable. Subtypes are (a) windblown powder with irregularly shaped crust patches and ridges, (b) heavy tracked spring snow re-frozen to leave a deeply rutted surface strewn with loose blocks, (c) a deep layer of heavy snow saturated by rain (although this may go by another term). Crud is negotiated with a even weighting along the length of the skis, and smooth radius turns started, if necessary, with a pop or jump. When an advanced skier falls over on crud, it is probably because it is 'heavy crud', q.v.
A layer of snow on the surface of the snowpack that is stronger than the snow below, which may be powder snow. Depending on their thickness and resulting strength, crusts can be termed "supportable," meaning that they will support the weight of a human, "breakable," meaning that they will not, or "zipper," meaning that a skier can break and ski through the crust. Crusts often result from partial melting of the snow surface by direct sunlight or warm air followed by re-freezing.
Depth Hoar
Faceted snow crystals, usually poorly or completely unbonded (unsintered) to adjacent crystals, creating a weak zone in the snowpack. Depth hoar forms from metamorphism of the snowpack in response to a large temperature gradient between the warmer ground beneath the snowpack and the surface. The relatively high porosity (percentage of air space), relatively warm temperature (usually near freezing point), and unbonded weak snow in this layer can allow various organisms to live in it.
Finger Drift
A narrow snow drift(1-3 feet in width) crossing a roadway. Several finger drifts in succession resemble the fingers of a hand.
Heavy crud
See 'Crud'.
Densely packed material formed from snow that doesn't contain air bubbles. Depending on the snow accumulation rate, the air temperature, and the weight of the snow in the upper layers, it can take snow a few hours or a few decades to form into ice.
Snow which has been lying for at least a year but which has not yet consolidated into glacier ice. It is granular.
Packed Powder
The most common snow cover on ski slopes, consisting of powder snow that has lain on the ground long enough to become compressed, but is still loose.
Packing snow
Snow that is at or near the melting point, so that it can easily be packed into snowballs and hurled at other people or objects. This is perfect for snow fights and other winter fun, such as making a snowman, or a snow fort.
Tall blades of snow found at high altitudes.
Pillow Drift
A snow drift crossing a roadway and usually 10-15 feet in width and 1-3 three feet in depth.
Freshly fallen, uncompacted snow. The density and moisture content of powder snow can vary widely; snowfall in coastal regions and areas with higher humidity is usually heavier than a similar depth of snowfall in an arid or continental region. Light, dry (low moisture content, typically 4 - 7% water content) powder snow is prized by skiers and snowboarders. It is often found in the Rocky Mountains of North America and in Niseko, Japan.
The textures of a snowdrift on the Long Mynd, Shropshire
Snow which partially melts upon reaching the ground, to the point that it accumulates in puddles of partially-frozen water.
Snow covered with dirt, which occurs most often in Spring, in Prairie States like North Dakota, where strong winds pick up black topsoil from uncovered farm fields and blow it into nearby towns where the melt rate is slower. The phenomenon is almost magical; one goes to sleep with white snow outside and awakens to black snow. Also, snow that is dirty, often seen by the side of roads and parking lots near areas that have been plowed.
Large piles of snow which occur near walls and curbs, as the wind tends to push the snow up toward the vertical surfaces.
Surface Hoar
Faceted, corn-flake shaped snow crystals that are a type of frost that forms on the surface of the snow pack on cold, clear, calm nights. Subsequent snow fall can bury layers of surface hoar encorporating them into the snowpack where they can form a weak layer. Sometimes referred to as hoar frost.
Watermelon snow
A reddish/pink colored snow that smells like watermelons, and is caused by a red colored green algae called Chlamydomonas nivalis.
Wind slab
A layer of relatively stiff, hard snow formed by deposition of wind blown snow on the leeward side of a ridge or other sheltered area. Wind slabs can form over weaker, softer freshly fallen powder snow creating an avalanche hazard on steep slopes.
This Picture is A magnified version of a Snow flake...
Image:LT-SEM snow crystal magnification series-3 frame.jpg

Friday, November 14, 2008

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The hardest way to get back || bummed || In Canada

Well after a long leave from the blogging community i have decided to come back and take my place back into the big roam . I had loads of problems for months now coming back and start back blogging and well mainly the reason was my lazyness.. even though i got a really comfy keyboard, chair , and well no more addiction to games i had to face other well academic problems. I had my tests, assignments and mid-terms going on and well i had found interest in other things such as movies T.V. Serials and yeah ..!! they are quite addictive. I finished a all the seasons of That's 70's show , Friends , Supernatural, Heroes and well Prision break . These were my favourite upto now but i had missed my better part here. Its not only that i had a go on many movies and attended a few parties . Well after all the i had become a half hazzard to myself. Taking that out well i left gaming . To be true i finished my PSP GAmes over 3 nights contiousnly. Don't blame me it was thanks giving and i had nothing to do so you know i had to play some hard fetched games . Watched movies with friends. Man i could get used to this college life freaking free and fun...! Its like followup of norules and a mind game between what your parents wanted and what you want . Its mainly what i wanted for a long time now and i am glad thats over with now i am totally ready for that new step in life where i can be both free and relived from my duties toward you know my parents and well now i do understand my responsiblities much much better ... Awwww.... guys you wont belive how i feel right . Its like all these words are just blurting out of me and filling in the hole that i had for blogging for months now i see.---- That this has become a small yet important part of my life . I cant be life totally off while i try to figure out stuff for myself. Well All this didn't happen overnight i am talking four months . I hope you find meaning in my words when i tell you that its been a long chase away from this world and the realy one its like to different places i wanted to be when ever i am free . All that said i am happy to be back. And yea i hope i can catch up with you guys soon enough on the things i missed when i was gone.

Things that i discoverd while i was here and yeah this was over a few months and yeah take my word for it it pure entertainment.

T.V. Serials :
  • 1. Supernatural
  • 2. That's 70 Show.
  • 3. Heroes
  • 4. Friends
PSP Games :
  • GTA Vice city Stories.
  • Silent Hill Origins
  • WWE : Raw Vs Samack Down 2008
  • NBA 2008
Movies :
Well no comment if you guys want i can surely give you a review on anyone on my movies blog for the same It still needs updating which i am going to do soon .

Well i haven't had any time for some new creation. But yeah i am planning to make some new banners logos. If you would like one made just leave me a comment and i will see what i can do about it.

Canada :
Well that's one post that was holding me back for quite some time as it was long and lenghty and it got deleted once and yeah i have a notion that once i complete a blog entry i dont feel like writing it up again and well rest is history. Well i could describe it to you that this country is amazing and well you peeps have to wait for untill i finish my blog post since its going to totally describe my experience till now 4 months is a long time and yeah i won't hold back on any detail.

Lastly it feel good to be back and blogging . Bin soo long i hope i haven't lost my touch and yeah if i have i will try to do better on my next post as soon as i get info about my lovely blogging neighbourhood. And i will surely keep this updated and there are few new things i am going to start up soon i will introduce some cool tech stuff via entertaiment every week finding you good music thats are in the now thing and well i hope you keep checking the blog out from time to time. And chritmas is coming its getting colder cause my hands are freezing while i was typing this post trust me i am looking forward to this fall. Trees have shed thier leaves roses have dies and frozen in its eternal beauty preserving itsself for spring. And oh one more thing enjoy this small clip from supernatural Curtsey of Jensen Achles
Don't forget from now on i will try to get ya'll with some new music videos too... soo enjoy

Kevin Rudolf Ft. Lil Wayne - Let It Rock [[Official Video]]

Supernatural - Jensen Ackles in "Eye of the Tiger"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Sad Side of blogging | Dark Side | The Voodoo Ritual | Curse | Spam | Another One of those days

Blogging can become a curse sometimes and i think about this but you know its better not talked upon when you are demotivated a stressed out . Offcorse blogging has loads of plus points but yes you should never undermine that it got negative effects as well. The criticism ,the pauperism , the spamming culture , the down time on my site , Keeping things in order , Lazy ness, add via widget placement , checking all your mails so you don't miss out on something and numerous things that afflict a blogs uncertain future . When you are blogging then its up to you to face all such problems and you should be prepared for this . Its a fact i will be proving some of them . Its essential that all newbie blogger learn something from this . I will be pointing out some tips and tricks . And yes i will also be asking for your help to understand a few things too .

I am like this baby . I can't seem to grab everything that i see at least for the prizes i.e. They look so pretty and yet i try but i never seem to win its like a curse all my fellow bloggers are winning a heap loads i am still stuck in a heap of junk thinking someone might come along and give me a light or a direction to follow .

Even if thats not enough i got ticketing troubles now that i have my VISA i can't go to Canada until the 6th having some real bad schedule i just wish this moment of depression passes by although i am a really happy go lucky kind of person but sometimes if you persuade something you get trapped in the middle and when the time comes your nowhere neither here nor there . Can't get enough of it . Then comes the newbie stunts i pull of . I forgot last time i spammed on PB i am really sorry for that . But thats life . You can't learn untill you make mistakes.


If you've been reading any tech news sites lately, you've probably noticed two distinct trends:

1) Lots of reporting of the storm worm, with sub-stories related to mass hijacks of publicly-owned websites for the purposes of infecting the public's PC's with the Storm worm. (With still further subsets focusing on the "Russian Business Network" (or "RBN") being behind the whole setup.)
2) Lots of arrests, convictions, and imprisonments of large-scale illegal spammers. (Including one murder-suicide of a previously incarcerated illegal spammer.)
3) More raids in Romania of online scammers, predominantly eBay scammers.
4) Lots of arrests and indictments related to the TJ Maxx identity theft incidents from last year.

As with last year, 2008 is proving to be an extremely bad year for illegal spammers.

I define an illegal spammer as the following, which is more specific than CAN-SPAM:

- They don't care who they send to, or whether they actually ever wanted to hear from them in the first place.
- Further to that point: they actively seek out email addresses of total strangers to start spamming them. They know that these email addresses are not actively seeking to be sent spam. They don't care.
- They try to get as much deliverability out of their messages whenever they know that their messages are being specifically filtered against (remember: they know these people don't want the messages in the first place.)
- They spam the same individual numerous times per day. (And in many cases: per hour.)
- They spam urls representing largely illegal or fraudulent websites, selling either fake or counterfeit products, in violation of international law.
- They never opt anyone out, ever, and never honor any inbound communication regarding spamming.
- In many cases, their sites actively filter for any words related to spamming in their email or contact forms. They are well aware that they operate in violation of the law, and the public's privacy.

Well if thats not enough there are major spam kings who are willing to spam during thier sleeps as well. Many spammer are locked up in high security prisons so if your up in here to spam think twice before you do it .


So as you can see i am not doing well with my subscribers too . If your new here and like what i write then please do subscribe to my blog . You might not know what you miss out . Its a vital part of blogging that you take this step inorder to ensure you keep yourself updated about your fellow blogger . And this not only brings quality comments but traffic too . So if not for commenting just for the sake of it do sign up .

Look Alikes- You might be thinking what are look alikes . Well they are bloggers who try to copy or make thier idols and start plagerism . Its a real good darn offence but it does take the time off your hands and saves you some hard work . But its illegal . Most of the look alikes out there don't even match up to thier conhersive . They are just these to indtimidate you with unfactual information and copied stuff from the NET . its not like you will face them everyday they are few who can achive thier own standard and look different so which clan you in .

The Flight To Canada 1 day to Go

Had a rough day yesterday i had to take out most of my junk out of the house consisting of old broken Cds, Useless papers, Broken watches and you know all that crap. But yea everything has a silver lining mine was that i will be leaving for Canada tomorrow and i feel soo excited as well as nervous . I just hope everything goes well and have a lovely journey . My friend Adi has already left last night and i will be leaving tomorrow . I have to make it in time wish i don't mess up my classes and miss them .
The Ticket Consultant
I kind of booked my ticket yesterday over the phone and got away with a sweet deal the was like begging for it so like i got it for around 38000 INR/- which is supposed to be much but as compared to the prices that they were giving out at this point of time well it flat out cheap. M just lucky to get it at this point . Or i was getting a normal ticket to halifax for 60000 bucks . That money doesn't come easy . I needed to buy a laptop . So yesterday after search a lot on google i finally stumbled upon a site . Well i had a mano-e-mano converstation with the one of the staff . Damn it took them 2 hours to find me ticket and you won't believe i almost got angry at them for taking soo much time and i had to keep telling them please don't make me land in the US or i will be bummed with whole VISA questioner it was like reapeating the whole thing over & over . Every time this help line attendant gave me ticket she said " I have found you the best deal its for 43k " But when you go into the details yea its through America . This happened 3 times finally when she gives me the right ticket it costs 75000 i was like WTF . And then like her manager i think she was on round or something so i said to her i am sorry i am not satisfied with your results .

Manager - Complimentary tickets
Then the manager comes on and says we are very sorry for the inconvenience some of our staff is new here . Then she offers me a ticket to Toronto @ 38000 well i was more than Glad to take it and since it was a change flight from London i was like Thank you and she explained me that they keep 7% of their tickets in the VIP quota and like they are always reserved for them . And these seats aren't given until the last moment . So after getting this complimentary gift i am set to depart on the 3rd of Sept. And well it hasn't been a pretty site in my home everyone is like crying . Its like i am not going to have a net connection there . Seriously the net makes the world a much smaller place . I just hope this journey is awesome and my stay there a enriching experience .
The Baggage
Getting all my packing done . The per scribed weight that i can take on to the flight is as below:
2 Bags of 157 CM each holding 23 kgs
1 handbag 8kg holding .

Like i am trying to cover up the ground here and filling the bags to the foretold weight . And weighing them . I roped one of the bags the other on i will be doing tonight . Baggage is set now for those tickets .

Now Headed to...
I have to goto CP to Collect my tickets and well yea . Its pretty far from where i am staying . So sionara to all my readers and i will get back to you as soon as i buy a lappy in Canada . Don't worry i will fill in the blind spots and give you full info on my journey . Hopefully i may get on some neat pics . What do you expect i am going there so have to drop up in there and check out the new pirated arrivals . Am a gamer so gotta keep upadates . Haven't played i new game in 2weeks now feels like boredom . Well i finish a game well atleast i try to finish it with in 24hrs . But few games like GTA aren't built for that kind of treatment . You need a dedicated player to finish that one . Its like on the verge of impossible and seeing the new release making a hit on the market i want to get a Ps3 of my own . But the console costs a lotta dough anyways see you guys in Canada.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Counter Strike | CS | Clan | Maps | Matches

The counter strike legacy Continues . And its been here for many years now . Every new comer or player becomes addicted since its an multilayer online game . So basically Counter-Strike is one of the most unusual PC game releases in months. The hugely popular mod for Valve Software's Half-Life has been available for free download for quite some time now, and you can still download it for free off the Internet now that it's been through beta testing and has reached version 1.0. And if you don't have the exceptional Half-Life, the new retail edition of Counter-Strike is a chance to get a stand-alone version of this outstanding multiplayer mod. The retail package also includes stand-alone versions of other multiplayer mods and game modes that normally require Half-Life, the best of which are also available free off the Internet: Team Fortress Classic, Opposing Force Multiplayer, Firearms, Redemption, Ricochet, and Wanted. Counter-Strike itself is a superb game that fully deserves top billing in this release.

Counter-Strike divides players into teams of terrorists and counterterrorists in four game modes: rescue/hold hostages, bomb target/defuse bomb, escape from/guard an area, and assassinate/guard a VIP. None of these ideas are particularly original, but they're well implemented, and they strike an effective balance between realistic stealth and frenzied action. The thematically varied maps maximize tactical possibilities with alternate routes, multiple levels, and abundant cover. Games are played in short rounds, and when you're killed, you sit out the round as an invisible observer; there are no deathmatch-style respawns. This creates a strong social aspect, because with "dead" players chatting, there can be an enormous sense of tension for the remaining players stalking each other. Another big impetus to stay alive is that the more successful you and your team are each round, the more money you earn for buying bigger and better weapons. Unfortunately this can lead to a huge imbalance in firepower when one team wins a few consecutive rounds.

One of Counter-Strike's biggest appeals has always been the selection of weapons. In addition to a knife and assorted grenades, there's a wide variety of accurately modeled pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. Three new weapons have been added to version 1.0: the H&K UMP .45, FN Five-Seven, and the SIG SG-550, though the retail version of the game uses invented names for all weapons.

Each weapon has unique characteristics, so mastering them all and learning which is best for different situations is a lot of fun, and it adds replay value. For instance, high-caliber weapons can penetrate thin walls and doors, which makes lugging a heavy belt-fed machine gun worthwhile when the enemy has been doing more hiding than fighting. Guns also have varied kicks, which makes full automatic fire a "spray and pray" affair - as in real life, short, controlled bursts are best for accurate fire. Effective weapon ranges are well simulated, so shotguns are brutal in close quarters and useless in large open spaces. Location-specific damage modeling means that shots to the head are more likely to get an instant kill.

Another part of the weaponry's appeal is the superlative sound effects. The guns sound remarkably realistic and powerful, which makes them viscerally fun to shoot. Equal care is given to other game sounds, like explosions, injuries from weapons or falling, glass shattering, and so on. Another good feature is the various audio messages you can send to teammates. They cover a whole range of warnings, status reports, and requests for backup. The only problem is that they all use the same voice, regardless of your team.

The Half-Life graphics engine may be dated now, but Counter-Strike has always used it to its fullest potential. The maps are visually appealing, and they have imaginative texturing and dramatic (though sometimes too dark) lighting effects. The updated character models in version 1.0 now use Valve's model-blending technology, along with even better skins than in the past, which makes for great-looking player graphics. Best of all are the firearm models and skins, which are some of the best you'll find in any shooter.

Counter-Strike is an online-only game that has experienced the mixed blessing of its immense popularity. You're guaranteed to find plenty of available game sessions online at any hour. However, cheating and even verbal abuse have long marred the gameplay in Counter-Strike. The game is not in any way newbie-friendly, despite the inclusion of a simple offline tutorial. You'll have to leave your ego at the door when you encounter the countless veteran players you'll face online. Fortunately, the abundance of experienced players means you can quickly learn the tricks of the trade through observation. It should also be noted that while Counter-Strike does require tactical thinking and teamwork, it's still a fast-paced shooter at its core. So not only are lightning-fast reflexes necessary to excel, but so are a fast connection and a low ping.

Still, despite its weaknesses, Counter-Strike is undeniably influential, and has already helped inspire countless similar mods and games. It's easy to see why: Counter-Strike has a simple yet effective design that's brought to life with superior maps and vivid graphics and sound. The end result is utterly exciting and addictive. Counter-Strike is a model of its kind and a thrilling action game.

So even i have a clan and its name Rookies Rabbit Rage . And the clan members nicks can be seen from the stills . My nick is n3o which was formerly N e O || O n || p O d . I used to listen to music back then largely rock . Well i neglected the sounds which help you co-ordinate and locate your enemy by his footsteps . I do have some good skills but when a server has a slow upload speed i cannot show my performance .

Here are some pics of the mods used on the valve .

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