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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

HavinG a Domain WEBASITA {dot} COM | .com

Its a straight way to money heaven people . If you own your own website that supports php and other gizmo's your on for a really good run not only you get loads of traffic pouring down on your from search engines but you also get accepted in many affiliate programs . Well this is the reason i am writing up this post.

I was browsing a few affiliate sites well most of them don't require you to have a .com domain you can just party all you want with the one you have already . But there comes a point when your the coyote ugly standing on the verge of blogs who have their own domain name and those who don't well honestly there are a billions of websites and i know you guys are just too darn wretched scared to buy up a domain . As for me i want to but the fund in my pocket says and displays a different story sure i want a domain of my own . But yeah it comes at a price . I do indeed have it in cash but when it comes to online transaction ..... well truth is i am broke what do you expect from a college student the most i could earn is 10$ or 20 $ but i think its high time i had my own domain name and a website . There are a billions of available name just waiting for you to grab the best one . So here are a few pointers on Grabbing a good domain name:

Number 1: Always make sure your domain name is short and easy to remember few websites with really large domain names get less hits cause Google and people have problem typing them up in their browser window which makes a pretty good mess . They would be stuck in trial and error to the end of their days you don't want that to happen don't you!

Number 2: Try to get a more relative name to your blog or website . Make it a point when you get a domain name don't try to hurry on names cause you will be stuck with it for a whole year round and that would be a disaster you would have to start from base one again aka buy a new domain ! It not only helps in recognizing what the site is about but also helps in SEO development i say a good SEO is the base and heart of every website or blog .

Number 3 : Well this is the last thing you must be worrying about is the payment . Well there are many ways to do them and pay em up but you should always find the way that suites you best . For EG: ME i am trying to earn some cash up here and then i will go on buying blog and probably a website for myself if i make enough . Well that's my story but it doesn't have to be that hard . But its best you it my way this way you can really learn how to blog effectively and efficiently and you may even make a big hit on your number meaning getting up like more friends before you even start a website so do try and stick up with it . If you can't well KEEP TRYING there a million in one chance you won't get up there . Well few exceptions are always there but if your determined you never know you might end up a big entrepreneur like John Chow or Shoe money . Personally i think they are big showoffs lol but i like it ! You got the dough so why not waste it on publicity !

So that take cares of buying a domain but what should you look for when buying a blog package plan or a space for yourself:

Well i will keep this one short . There not much to tell here just have to use your common le sense here.

You should look for :

  1. A Good Hosting plan which meets your requirements
  2. A good space which could hold an elephant in ! Thats what i would look for.
  3. A good bandwidth and yeah you should keep this in mind always if your receiving many visitors a day your site many go down make it a precaution .
  4. Payment mode . I would prefer paypal its easy to handle and does not even take up any processing charges .
  5. Should include basic requirements like PHP , APX, ASP, Flash support etc most affiliates require this in order to gives a more user friendly add environment .
Well so now to the affiliates that i was referring to and they are.
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Sherry said...

hey, congrats on being 2nd on Dental Blogging, I thought you are the 1st :)

Sherry said...

oh yeah Roshill, need your advice on how you change template to 3 column? Do you widgets all stay the same area after changing?

pls advice.

Roshill said...

Hi Sherry ,

Actually its a theme i will teach you how to do it . How you can install it on your own blog in my next post ! If you still need help just let me know ok..!

Sherry said...

ok let me know where you post it.. I wanting to change my Rambling blog first.. but scare.. I mess up myself..

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