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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Extreme Ezine Blog review

I was going through this blog earlier and i thought i might write something about it .

Lets start with the layouts. The blog has a really functional layout with small list of categories and a menu on top featured ads on right. Subscribe to his blog on the right. Over an all a cavalier look gives it a more appealing feel. Tagging small stories on the first page linking to full posts.

What is it about Content:
Well the blogs main stream is blogging resources . I think he has done a good job at each and every posts of his following a neat clean pattern. His categories include the following:
The content includes many useful tips on blogging and other directives to increase effectiveness of his readers. He has a unique way of attracting people so they would leave a comment and i am sure it is because he has learn t and is sharing it out of his own experience. He has some really nice ebooks they are totally free so do download them. I think i will be learning a lot out of this blog hope you guys dig in too you might find something really useful...!

He has made some really good audience blogging in such a short time . But yes the limits to blogging is limit less. He has some timely contest's do sign up to the recently on going contest up on his blog.

I have taken a testimonial from his blog written by Yan

I’m new here but I like what I see so far. You have tons of awesome articles I’d probably wouldn’t find it elsewhere.

So let this be a short & fair testimonial that might stroke your ego a little bit..:-)


I will be adding more soon as people come by its his new post so takes time to build up. I really liked his logo on his website . I would like to wish him the best on his blogging charisma and hope he gets more out of it . And fulfills what ever he desires!.

Rank i Give It:
Well in my opinion it gets
*** and 1/2 stars ... Keep up the good work!!

Don't forget to visit!

By Asim

How To Get a better Technorati Rating!

I know i don't have much of a rating but yes but now i know the concept on how it works and yes you will see that my rating is currently 166 which means there are 166 sites linking to my blog . Actually this question was asked to me by Asuka i haven't been able to get time to actually post up here but yes now i am free and have time on my hands so let it rip.

Firstly, You should know what technorati is and how it functions.
Technorati acts like a back link detector and tells the authority on a blog and a posts appear to have on a website . So by saying back links i mean is that a link that links back to your website it can be from anywhere. For eG: You leave a comment on a site with your link that gains you one technorati back link. So the higher the better . Don't get confused with a rating. It acts totally opposite .

Secondly, Whats the fastest way to get a better rating ?

Well there are many ways but you have to choose which way your going to build it up. There a hard way which includes personally going to every site and post you link to your website which you might also refer to as spamming but sometimes its a good thing but you can't practically do it . Well another way is signing up on to many different blog communities . This not only helps spread awareness that your blog exists but also brings some easy traffic it becomes a backlink to your website. SIGN UP TO ALL THESE SITES
Blog Roll: Its a list of sites which the author of a blog likes to visit but now it has become a business . Blog rolling has mutated into link exchange . So try to get your peers to get your site on thier blog roll and exchange links.

And there's nothing in it for me so far as money is concerned . Community bloging has become a major source of creating a good authority on technorati here's an example. So try to take part in it as much as you can because its much easier to get alon with. What do they actually do is make a thread or a post and you can tell them to put up your link and forward it to other by posting on other website . So always refer your friends who would like to get thier links on such a page to ask the host website to link them up to thier website . It becomes easier to keep track of updates then. CLICK HERE .

Where does ranks help you ?
Well many afiliates get you a good rate per post or review for a high rating. So its mainly for all you money makers.

Hope that has helped you all happy back link making oh do feel free to leave links to your site here i won't mind it . B/w i have just updated my list and i must say around 200 websites are sucessfully linking to each other . WOW that's a really big number huh! . Best of luck for what you seek to accpomlish from this posts . Thanks.

Day - 2 I Apply to my affiliates

Like i was out for a few days had some problems filin my visa . I think blogger is showing many problems each day i don't understand why?! Some pictures are getting vanished and youtube video's as well. So that's the least of my concern now . But yes the fact is the only thing that matter in your blog is its content if its good enough people will read no matter what . And then my keyboard is also getting worn out i will be buying a new one soon my G C Z V- are really hard to press .

So back to bloging . I have fixed my blog and i hope i meet upto thier expectations and yes i hope i get accepted into thier respective programs. I will be applying again to:
  • Pay Per POst
  • Smorty
  • Project Wonderfull
Oh and guess what i just got quoted that my blog was worth 10 - 40 $ per post from sponsored reviews seems like my ratings are just going up . Technorati Alexa Link pop! And to think i was doing reviews for only a nominal amount . I think one or two reviews would be enouh for a month now. I am sorry if i hae been over posting i denied the two remaining reviews when i saw this and the requirements of other affiliates . So effectiely no harm done.

Right now i just opened up Pay per post and am logining in to submit my blog again . hmmm.... is it me or my technorati is going up everyday . Well infact my Izea is comin down . I am like 2899 right now and i will try to maintain this rating . If you aren't bloging effectively each day you tend to slack and your ratings start to fall which is a bad thing i guess....!

Well Pay per Post Application is done all good to go . Lets see what the end results are! I have also finished with Smorty and Project wonderful. I will be waiting for the results eagerly lets see if it works out . Thank you for being my audience.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day-1 Rectifying my Blog- Part-1

So guys here's the deal 1 week 3 goals to join those affiliates i talked about earlier . I want to show you how effective blogging is done and how to set your goals and achiving them effectively .

Lets get started folks firstly i would like to discuss a problem that i have been facing while posting pictures on to my blog ! look at it yourself . I think blogger doesn't upload the link pictures instead it makes a code and displays it there which is ridiculous the ip's of servers today keep on changing and to keep track of them would be impossible . Although i will be fixing it up soon . SO lets get to work

Well firstly you need to find all the blog post that need fixing . For example broken links , Broken image link. etc. I found a few of them in my blog too there aren't many posts so its easy people who have much more than i do are bound to o crazy. Its a lengthy process and requires patience.


Well i am going to fix my blog posts in 3 ways
  • Removing content completely
  • Editing and fixing the blog post and adding recent facts written by me only
  • Removing picture posts ( Although i am not sure about this one).
Well i won't be removing my sponsored review posts as i have already been paid for them . And i regret it i just saw my blog was under priced. The suggested price was around $10 - $40 . And i did the job in $5 plus the commission they will charge from me .

3. Referring to the Emails I GOT:
Well yes i have to check weather or not i have complied to their needs and if they will be satisfied with the changes that i am doing. So i am going to refer to project wonderful's email review you can check the subsequent post for it . So lets start i will be posting the problems i face while changing and editing the blog. If your guys have any questions just let me know .

I was able to delete all the copied content . It was really tough on me because i think those posts were generating traffic from google take a look at this picture. Well apart from the fact that my SEO tricks are really working i really need to pace up a little.

I got all the photos i lost in the broken links now i am just trying to get them up and fixing those holes in my blog.

By SiD nOw a TeChiE

Pat King In session Training Lara On Fitness Basics

Well i have been following this here site And they have this a really great program going on called fitness reality show . Last week they had announced up at and i really got hooked up for once . I am posting this post because i really think this could be your and mine big break .

I recommend you guys watching these video's. Episode one is already out and don't lose hope if you already have then step up and experience what Lara has to say about her daily regime and how hard or easy is she finding it fitting her self into this routine

Watch as Pat gives his feedback to Lara on her first session . I can't disclose it here . DO WATCH AND COMMENT!

I have tried searching for fitness programs like this although i haven't really found one on this scale because most of them are almost fit they just need a little tuning up . Well that's a bit demoralizing but hey this will surely help build up your confidence and take you to the next level. And i guess this is as real as it gets!

I do not reserve any right so i won't be showing any pictures here . Although i haven't consented the owners yet . If you would like to comment and ask anything relative to the topic feel free to do so.

And i congratulate Lara on taking this step forward . It really need some really good motivation and good support in order to gain such stability . But yes health is wealth old saying which is soo true. I will be watching their episodes and taking it up seriously when their season ends . Lets hope for the best and wish her luck .

Oh hey for all you people with a slow internet connection if your having problem watching it directly on the page download them using these sites

You can keep them for future referance also . Well it really took me long enough to download the whole movie on the site. Which is streaming actually . But yeah i did manage it ! That's one thing i certainly never do again . I will just make doanload onto my PC.
10 minutes
20 minutes

Yeah its DOne 40mintues in total for me i.e. @ 64 kbps ! lol
I was doing this side by side writing this post .

Oh Almost for got!.

He is giving out $150 for comments that have quality $50 per week .
Requirement Are:
  1. You must be an Entrecard member. This contest is for Entrecarders only!

2.Write a post about this contest linking to and to Lara's blog at

  1. Leave a comment here saying that you posted it.
  2. Start participating.

more details HERE! You should be an entrecard user to entre it .

Following link is Lara's Own Personal Blog
Yet again the fitness blog link:

By your Loing Sloth SID

Monday, July 21, 2008

I Got Rejected - Pointer To new And Upcoming Blogger

Well ya its true i got rejected on Smorty and Project WonderFull ! Well i did get rejected on quite a few other Affiliates as well due to my Negligence and my ignorance towards my blog content . Like we all learn from our experiences and now i am going to share mine with you!. And this may help you get into quality blogging and get a good status among advertisers and visitors too.

Well i am blaming nobody but myself and i promise to reform my ways and to blog with unique content only written by me, edited by me and posted by me . I have been maliciously cheating trying get copied content onto my blog . From sources like Wikipedia and some other sites but yeah i am going to delete or change the content of my blog soon and yes i will prove to you guys effective blogging is vital to maintain your reputation.

Although i never got any idea to why my blog was being rejected so i never took a step . I was even rejected from Pay Per Post . They just gave the following message when ever i used to re-submit my application.
Thanks for your blog submission! Blogs must primarily contain posts that are both original, and unique to the blog. This blog seems to have content that is primarily copied from other online sources. Though your blog was not able to be approved into the Marketplace, we encourage you to check out, create a profile, submit your blog, have some fun! Once your blog does meet all of our Terms of Service, please feel free to resubmit it, and it shall be reviewed again. Thanks!
never understood what it meant i didn't know even though i always used to read it incorrectly. Means i had quite some posts that where my own but yeah i never realized copying from a non-copyrighted site would be a problem i.e. wiki. Yea i know it was lame move on my part but yes i never thought it would be it. Well what do you expect i was new and i really didn't get it in one go but then i received an email.

It was from Project Wonderfull
even though i was a bit disappointing that i hadn't been accepted into their respective program. I just closed the mail . I never did read it full. Then i got a mail from smorty which was:

Dear Asim Khan,

Unfortunately your blog was declined due to the following reason(s).

Some of the content is not original

Once you fix these errors you can re-enter your blog(s)
from your admin panel under the My Account section.

My day couldn't have gone worse then today morning while i was check my mail i really
thought about why i was getting rejected . I just turned over to my second page as
my first one full of digg support. And i spotted Project Wonderfull's Mail and opened
it this time i read it even though it was a negative review towards my blog i took it
in a positive way. And i must say it had answered all my question. Well its answer was
a bit too specific i felt a bit embarrassed and yes i learnt of my mistakes and i am
REALLY THANKFUL to their team that they wrote me a good review. This was the email i got from them.

Hi Asim  Khan ,

Thanks for submitting your site to become a publisher with Project Wonderful! Our website review process forms an assessment of a website using a variety of criteria. These criteria include, but are not limited to, suitable content, ease of site navigation, and the website's potential value to Project Wonderful and the experience of its members.

Unfortunately your website, at, does not currently fulfill these requirements. The specific issue identified was:

- Content issues
We look for posts with original content and audience participation. When examining your site, we found that it appears to have one or more of the following issues: an overabundance of sponsored "review" posts, posts with content taken from third parties such as other web sites or Wikipedia, posts with little original material, and so on. While we respect your ability to build your site as you wish, we also reserve our right to exercise discretion when considering sites for Project Wonderful.

If you are able to resolve this issue, we encourage you to reapply when you have made the changes! Further, if you would like to submit another website, you can do so at any time. Just log in to your account and fill out the application available under "My Ad Boxes". and we'll be happy to review and consider your new application without prejudice!

Thanks for using Project Wonderful!

-Website Evaluation Team

This is the first time i got all my answers in one place and now i am out to rectify them and make
some good and justice towards my blog.

  1. Project Wonderfull
  2. Pay Per Post
  3. Smorty

So for all you new blogger hope you gain some knowledge and learn how to get into such programs
without being rejected over and over again! Even i had a feeling that will never
be able to earn anything from blogging but no i was wrong Sponsored Reviews accepted
me and yes i have been making quite a few bucks!

Its not only this i will be helping you with i have been facing some blogger problems
as well a few twix in error management post should do the trick.

Copying is just like committing blog suicide ! So keep it real!

By Friendly neighbour hood Sloth SID!

Credit Card Reviews

Credit cards today are the most functional and liquid form of payment making utilities. But yeah when you go out to search for it to fulfill your needs you never do find one. But yeah probably at the end of the day you get hooked up with a lousy card with a high interest rate . Now that's something you should avoid or else you'll end up paying more . And yea that will surely make a big hole in your pocket .

Credit card is now used in every aspect of our day to day life so you wanna garb one that's best for your expenditure + it gives you some benifits well who's door you going to knock ?. Get the best and the only credit card solutions here at Credit card reviews .

Its your only stop to get yourself best deals on cards. They have link-ups with many multi-national banks working over 24 hours to provide you thier services . Most of us don't even know these opportunities exist until we get mugged that is ! Even for all you online tech blogging wizards who like to buy domains like buying a burger at Mc'D's the way you want it little sauce, tomato, mayo to get it right and know the ingredients of each one before you go shopping for it!.
This is what they do they provides you the MENU of your favourite bank's credit cards and lets you choose the best for you .

Here's the list of the banks they Cater:

I found a citibank student's credit card suiting my requirements and once i am in the US i will probably apply for one . I mean like the benifits are endless. Oh hey i took the liberty of showing you an example of one of thier review!

"Citi® mtvU™ Platinum Select® Visa® Card for College Students

The Citi® mtvU™ Platinum Select® Visa® Card for College Students, issued by Citibank, is a credit card designed specifically for students and offers a unique reward program that awards students for using credit wisely and for receiving good grades.

Features: Various Internet account related services. Identity theft solutions. Automatic bill payments. Lost and stolen card reporting. Emergency cash replacement. Emergency card replacement. No liability for unauthorized purchases. Fraud and security protection services. Year-end financial statement (upon request). Up to $1,000,000 in travel accident insurance. Auto rental insurance. Various travel and emergency assistance services. Medical referral services. Legal referral services. Lost luggage assistance. Discounts on auto rentals. 10% discount on purchases made at the MTV online store and the MTV New York City Store. Access to credit education tips and tools. See website for additional benefits.

[Click Here for a Full Review]"


I am really excited about this one it even offer prizes you can redeem with your credit card point. You can practically use a credit card any where! And what better way to get around it and get a few advantages more

What more they this really cheeky blog where they have some really eye catching offers up in there . I was a bit tempted by the offers up there. And i think they are really doing a good job at maintaing thier website . Its user friendly and is very functinal . Short and to the point . So guys what are you waiting for get you credit card + a BIT MORE...

WaazzAApp!! Wid me!

b/W guys watch this clip its hilarious!

Well now-a-days i am just waiting for visa interview . Actually i am going to apply for it soon! .

Dude liek where are you going?
Well i am hitting on from the suburbs and trying to land up in Canada . Oi, Mate did you know they called a single dollar coin a LOONEY and a 2 dollar coin a ROONIE. I am pretty inspired by the native culture and the wide and vast expanse of ethnicity of people living there . And i love the fact its a cold country i like winter alott! I really don't like summer the heat stings and makes you restless . But there even in summers you don't need an A/C to cool you down. Your always chilled. Well free from this means you get a lot of time thinking and doing other leisurely activities . I know a few friends of mine studying there they are also transfer students well actually an alumni has become a quite a good friend i do associate with him although i don't like online socializing much like on my space , orkut and all but yeah its a living . So being a little more specific i am shifting to Helifax, Novascotia Canada To Saint Mary University.

Y is I going?
Well to complete my studies off course . I applied for BSCIS A.ka bachelor of computer information systems and got accepted a few months back . I am currently trying to file my visa application Oh yeah its a lenghty process ! You need a whole lot of documentation required . Just trying to get my tax returns in one place well not exactly mine but my dads if this blows of i will apply for teh loan and after that me visa is ASSURED @ i can't help thinking i am already late in doing so ! So it will take about a month to get the whole thing done. I am going like wackO! each day is passing is no serious conclusions . But yeah apart from that just chilling and trying to keep my cool I think its going to be an enriching experience and hope i land in boons ville heard they got some neat books up there.

What are teh prospects for me future?!
Well i am not a planner but yeah you gotta plan when your submitting your visa Questioner . The word sounds so hard makes my tummy wobble hmm... where did i keep my chokobar oh back to teh topic . I will have to do 2years in Saint Mary University and then hopefully if i do graduate will get a 3 year work permit for free ! Which means i can hang out 3years long if i make my carrier breakthrough i can stay there ..! Darn i am thinking too much am still in my own home glued to meh pc ! - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes

Well thats that for Saint mary's . Thats was my major WaZZaaP!! . Bloggerish!

You won't belive my net connection and my PC's configuration! Its like a Hollow Deep Deep Hole. And i think its going to cough up dying posting lol..! I even have to get my self a new laptop! That i will buy for once! . Well the ruddy config is :
256 MB Ram Tell me about it The slowness is immense dude! like opening my conputer takes 6 second! Comeon gimme a break well i am getting a lot thanks to my PC.

20 GB harddrive Yea i know what your think how can i live with this artifact a blast from the past but yeah its a living don't ask how! Its only filled up with software and new movies i keep downloading one every day .

DVD rom /RW Well that's a relief at least something is good in this junk . Well i write most of my Cd's and store them up like collecting nuts for winter Like ALvin would say AWESOME! STUPENDOUS COOL! I am running out of word here ... oh oh .. my Monitor

Its a LG monitor i can't really write ups its config i don't know it myself but yeah its CRT and is really good making a living on it ! - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes

Mouse It isn't a Gaming Mouse but yeah works for me . Gaming or not if you know how to play the game the mouse doesn't make the difference. Besides i rather play on my PSP

Oh fogot to mention its a DESKTOP PC how lame can it get !. I have to practically keep the monitor on my pc . Well actually its quite easy when it comes to modifying it but as you can see i haven't done any recently !and acessing your dvd rom and usb drive is much easier . OopS! i forgot i was trying to make my PC look bad but eh !

Hardware Iz Over melord time for some soft things in it . Its has windows XP has all my nessesary programs and has vista moded ! on it . you can get it too just follow the link HERE
I have made my clan Flash animatied sites here check it out PLEASE DO CHECK IT OUT ITS WORTH IT AND COMMENT BACK .. I THINK IT ROCKs means my demo intro movie hehe.. well i can't really rate it myself!

Internet Connection a slow 64kpbs dinosaur age connection in the digital world . You could a file in a million years probably billion . Its so slow that even after a whole month my files never get dloaded and still i am at the starting line waiting for it to come!

Over and all I give it a 5 ***** Rating Cause i love it and its friendly to me and knows what i like and dislike ! I LOVE YOU PZE . cough cough!! that was a diastor !! I know this will hurt in the morning . Well i am stool pigeion cant get my behind of this chair until i complete a post or a review.

Well if you guys wanna know what i have been doing on the web Go here !
Recently i paid $2 in to Arein collecton contest . I am really hoping the best comes out of it ! And i must say she is reallyy very helpful we have been communicating through entre card i wishes we could do it by commenting on teh blog i.e. my blog and her blog ! will get more EC by sezWHO. SheZwho ? seWhO sezwhO .... Oh wait i was getting a little mixed up there .

And i did join Simple's competition to which is around here . Do join you stand to win a .info domain ! and there are few people who have joined so get up and get going fast ! its not going to wait for you.

Right now i am just linking up the post and putting some relative pixes on my blog! There are just soo many sites for affiliates you get choosing the right one for you. Its just likes those perfume bottles you don't know how they smell unless you try it On !

Thanks for reading your Online SLoth Sid aka Asim!

I haven't been able to get time for my Haunted blogger blog ! its just sculling around i am not getting much time for anything ! Just soo sloww!

By Your Loving Sloth SId

Debt Consolidation

No Debt Today - Helping you get back to a debt-free lifestyle.
Being in debt is a problem and not able to pay it off is a bigger one . What if some one could pay it off for you! And you be out of this tight spot and take a breath of relief . And regain composure on your yet again . Yes this is also for all you hard nerdies here on the blogging stream . I know that for a fact as people tend to buy domains and other junk from ebay and are left off with a heavy credit card that feels heavy in your pocket . Its a solution for everyone.

Some Debts they handle on about:
  1. Phone bills
  2. Electricity bills
  3. Credit Purchase debts
  4. Unsecured loans
All these debts have clear interest rates stated on them . And most of us have more than one debt to handle at a time just consider the interest rate on 2 of them only may shake up your stable financial situation . So clear out your debts today and receive good credit points on your credit card as this would be a vital factor for receiving more credit in future. And this way you will be paying a small amount of interest only to on catering company . These enterprenurs
help build up your financial stability and give you the best service .

  • Taking care of your debts for you with out even taking any service fee
  • Securing a budget consulting you.
  • flexibility
  • Retaining your credit scores
So my advice to everyone don't get charged too much for which you can negotiate a good deal here and clear all of your debts today so why not apply TODAY!
Visit the site today!
Get a free debt consultation today!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Easy Online PayDay Loans

Easy Online PayDay Loans:

Although, getting fast cash is a rare possibility in times of urgent needs, it’s not impossible. With the fast going world, possibility of getting fast cash during emergency has become rather an easy formula these days. Earlier there were only cash needs arising far before your payday. Now the situation has changed and there are fast cash payday loans to get you hooked off the emergency currency needs. These loans can be repaid back when you get your next paycheck. The best part is you get the loan within hours of applying since the money is wired directly in your account.

To get an easy online payday loan these are the typical requirements from many payday lenders:

- Maintain a job or a regular source of income
- Have a monthly income is at least $1000.
(If employed, you must make at least $1000 per month or $800 if you receive income through - a governmental program).
- Have an active checking or savings account
- Beat least 18 years old as well as a United States Citizen

Please note that additional requirements may apply depending on which lender you choose.

The best way to apply for a quick cash payday loan is to go and apply on the site. Click on payday loan and get easy online solution to all your money problems before your payday!!!

Insurance Rate

Getting an insurance policy is quite a hassle . There are soo many companies providing variety of options . This is where you and I get confused . Comparing the policies on their rates is almost impossible . Each company would require you to fill up forms it becomes a lengthy and a tedious process!. But now is here to complete your requirements and find you the best suited policy for you at a reasonable rate available . And what more you can get 5 free quotes for their rates with out seeding them money from your pocket . This dedicated team is determined to find you a best and reliable policy for you . By just filling out a simple form providing your contact details and your requirements you can avail this service at any point of time!

How Does it work?

Well these pioneers are the caterers between top-noch insurance companies and the customers . So they have a wider range of prospective and experience to bring you low cost & high value insurance rates .
Their aim is to satisfy your needs . You can do your shopping at one place makes your work easier and in this was you get better yet quality results.

Their Blog-
I was going through their site i found their blog and i must say it contains exceptionally good and interesting content on their creative and really innovative ideas i couldn't stop myself from reading each one of them and i am sure you will get addicted too. B/W If you have troubles finding a policy you can refer to their blog for new and up-to-date schemes .

I am listing some Basic types of insurance policies they deal in. The subdivisions are quite vast so i will just give an idea what you can expect when you land on thier site. Are as follows:

1. Auto Insurance - Get your vehicle insured and be on a safer side. And get more out of your driving experience.

2. Condo Insurance - Make living at your condos an enriching experience . Provide the best services .

3. Health Insurance- A healthy mind is in a healthy body. And health is your only wealth.

4. Home Insurance- Home sweet home get the extra benifit of calling it that forever!

5. Life insurance- Secure your loved ones with some money so that thier future is set . And be prepared for the worst!

6. Renters Insurance- Its a policy for all landlords who care about their customers and the property they own!


1. You receive 5 free quotes.
2. Numerous options to select from
3. Get low cost and high value insurance rates
4. Easy navigation on site
%. Instant services
6. And finally Make your life more secure

So what are you waiting for get your free quotes you might find yourself a brilliant offer that you can't refuse . The companies they sponsor are given below.
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