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Friday, July 18, 2008

2DaY - Is what happened!

Today was most of those unusual days when you get things right and do them orderly . I had an amazing experience browsing over many different sites and commenting on some of my usual blogs which i visit often ! Since morning till now its 11:47 Pm . I will be writing the neat stuff that hit me on the head and landed on my forsaken blog! I had a very colorful day so will be adding a few pics on the side hope you like em.

7:15 - wOke up as any usual bloke would went out to take a walk to breath in the fresh and hear birds chirp took a wrong turn and landed up with a close friend of mine we started talking about my BLOG well i didn't really want to as he has a really growing and successful blog. But yes he kept on insisting that i was too lazy to even sign up at good affiliates or social communities he really annoyed me with all the pep talk i really get an idea of where i am and where he is when ever i visit his blog. He's making loads of green $$$ well in short! Its every dude's dream . I wasn't getting nowwhere with my kind of blogging . A few days back i had my blog make over well now atleast i stand tall in its look but the fact still remain and taunts me i am the same lazy blogger that i was before . But hey don't be judging soo soon!. I was planning to start my own bloggerish club but yeah that probably will take time. So we ended up our converstation on a happy note that i would go back home and make something 10 by 10 inch blog of mine .

9:00- I came back home switched my PC on and went for a drink off water . Took a shower since my pc has a slow boot time i usually do this . Though i don't have a ups when there is voltage fulctuation my pc crashes you can imagine what a hard shell i am living in .

9:38- I login in to my hotmail account and guess what treasure struck LAND HOO! Arrr... I made my 1st earnings through which is probably a big thing for every newbie and i really am happy about it infact i was starting to loose faith in online money making but here it was $3,25 in my paypal account already delivered to my surprise it came out from a review i did a few days back well don't want to disclose that here ..!

10:05- So much for acting cavalier like my hands were itching for a few frags turned on my Counter Strike game and started gaming made an even score 30 for 20 not bad! But hey guess what that was me being lazy again lol.

11:sumwhr- I closed the game i already had finished wall - e on my PSP it was fun exciting couldn't wait to unlock the bonus clip so i said to my self bloke you need to get some life into this darn blog!. Well i had been browsing many sites in the past most of them had signed up to many affiliates and displayed a 125 x 125 ads they were all over the place so i decided to get some of them up on my blog thats when my spree started . I visited loads and loads of sites through entrecard and fellow blogger . I got quite an insight on what widgets the mostly like to display up on thier respective blogs. I was like OMG . When i started clicking on them it lead me into a point of no return .

12:30- I couldn't stop my self from signing up in those programs. I cannot list them by time as they were soo many . The sites i visited where
  • Technorati- Got a seniority badge
  • BlogReviews- Its like sponsored reviews got a chicklet too.
  • Bidavertiser- I made 3$ in this actually its been a long time since i used it so i got it back on my site .
  • GeoGlobe- Its a widget that tells who is currently on your site and who is online from which part of the world etc.
  • BlogCatalog-Its a social networking site !
  • Marketing Leverage- Joined its referal program!
  • Posts-Adding up my favorite posts so that every one could read em ! In my widget area
14:20-I added a paypal donation post on my blog how to get a beer from our fellow bloggers hope they are kind enough to drop me a pint or 2 ! . I have even posted on how you can put it up on your own blog .

18:20- I got a call from marketing publisher manager and guess what they asked a ew question and i was approved for the program a big yay! Really want to thank them ! I add thier ads up below on my page i think it looks good . But yea i think i probably am overhauling my pages with all the chicklets and widgets.

19:30-Oh guys i can't really write the stuff i was doing in b/w that time don't want to slack boredom on you !! So i am going straight for the point . Probably by this time i got tired and started slacking so i visited a few sites>Forums>Promotion & Competition. I found this great new competition by Pat King where he will help fellow blogger Lara Kulp Slimdown (More detail in my next post). I really admire her courage and efforts . I am hoping to learn somthing for myself i am a bit overwieght too!. I commented on thier blog they turned out to be really sweet guys!

20:15- I visited a really interesting blog . Well you can guess i was searching for some competitions so i found simple rivalries I really like the way she write up on her blog . Well she kind of inspired me to write this post! Actually its a bit complicated ! I will explain her competition in my coming posts . In short she is giving away a .info Domain so guys hurry up there aren't many competents up there chances of you being teh winner is more! Well i am more like sid a slot when it comes down to blogging this is for you Elizte Lim

20:49-I was checking my feedijit for where i was getting traffic from mostly it was from the states . And the were coming from google image searches hmmm...... i thought that was peculiar now even naming images plays an important part in getting up a good SEO ranks you higer up on google!. Well and there were the usual entre card user . And few came from thier gmail account which would mean ummmmmm..........? well i guess the more the better ! i don't really know who has been sending my site to email account or probably admins reviewing my site before they approve it!

21:33-I learned that my Technorati senority is on a good link up position around 78 backlinks to my site hmm... well i belive that i will be making more for sure in this week to come !

22:47-Thats when i started writing this post . Hope it was worth my while and i will be adding a ew sites that i probably will join today!!

23:18- I got too tired and hit the hay woke up freash and continued from where i left off. Slept like a baby lol.!

8:12-Thats when i completed this post and said good riddence hehe.. although my experience was quite enlightening hope it helps you guys out too!

Link i will sign up today! Well i know its a lot off work but some has to do it !

Blog Directory Pagerank Alexa 5 1 6 316 7 4821 7 5350 6 7501 5 13431 7 23826 7 29593 7 33807 6 46602 7 54862 6 58187 5 12610 6 46840 6 62276 7 70000 6 72172 6 74926 6 77798 6 80012 6 83121 7 84667 6 92205 6 96308 7 100052 6 118010 6 104394 7 118470 5 119470 5 122972 6 134736 5 136386 5 165293 5 174240 6 181274 5 200304 5 216210 6 231052 5 231244 6 240401 5 243187 5 245137 5 246817 5 253731 0 260041 5 270163 5 270449 5 304010 5 313468 6 314116 4 314157 5 314160 5 319197 5 325343 4 361618 6 381223 5 419847 5 497951 5 504610 5 515636 5 548901 5 559462 4 622062 5 629832 5 632138 4 715258 5 735127 5 751608 4 768196 4 814706 5 817622 4 883904 4 1039483 4 1078346 4 1098680 4 2113555




WeblogLearner said...

You hit me there when I read 'foresaken blog'. Actually I felt the same for my blogs. That is why, I deleted seven of my themed blogs last night and let two main blogs (aside from my tag board) be left. I want my blogs updated too, better if I can do it daily.

WebbieStuffs said...

Cool image down there. Great to hear you have time to update your blog. It is always cool to see refreshed or newly updated blogs for new contents, right?

Roshill said...

@WebBlog Learner - You betcha if you have many blogs you can't concentrate on one of them at a time i have soon many blogs i am not even giving time to them. Can't take out time for them! I am just secluded wit this one!

@webbiestuff - Yea i know i just try now i have to post more than 1 post a day its from my bidders and the contests i enter !

Asuka said...

I was reading your comments on my blog and I see some interesting things here. First, How the hell did you get a Technorati authority of 176? I'm a bit stuck on that one. It's very good, congrtats.

Second, when I check your backlinks with it sais you have 533 backlinks, not 72!

Tell your Technorati secrets dude! You rock...

Roshill said...

@ Asuka tell me if i know.

I didn't even sign up on many sites today just did my duty of blogging . I was focusing on making some EC credits today through the contest blog i am sure i would make something out of it .

And like right now i come back and just my authority i was shocked at first then puzzled! I did a little researching about how did this go up soo ... fast ! next post coming up tomorrow but i will let you know today !

And miraculously i started getiing comments too ..!

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