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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Changing Your BloG theme On BLOGGER!


One of my newly acquainted friend Sherry blogger of a contest blog is looking for a 3 column Blogger theme . This post will only be for blogger reference only if your a word Press user please visit here Asuka she has many WP themes on her site and i know you guys will love it . Ok coming back well there are three types of themes currently popular on the webspace which are :
  1. Adsense or ad themes
  2. 2 columnar themes
  3. 3 colounm themes
Few other are also available but they are upon you to choose the best for your blog.


Well firstly you need to choose a good theme for your website before installing it . The graphics should be aligned and the ads should be in a specific position . So your site should look well and compiled . What should you look for ?

  • A 125 x 125 Ad spot with a good position (On the right hand side).
  • Theme must suite your blog's topic and should be relative
  • Taking up more column themes might shorten your space for your blog entries so pick carefully
  • Trial and Error method choose a few themes and look for the one that best suites your site.
Here a few websites i am providing you from where you can choose a theme for your self :

Jack Book : The page will open up to his themes just browse and pick a theme you like . You will find 3 column and 2 column themes as well.

There's always an option to do a little searching on google just type keywords blogger theme or blogger templates . You'll find millions of sites hosting some really good templates.

Thanks to Sherry she reminded me of this i almost forgot about it . Its a really crucial step towards changing your blog theme . If your widgets get removed and you hae no way to get them back then it might be a hassle. So i recommend to make another test blog first before you upload it finally . And if you specifically want the same widgets on your blog . Do the following:

  1. Firstly download the XML file of your Blog this is the ORIGINAL COPY so KEEP IT SAFE(As shown in the picture).
  2. Now Open a note pad .
  3. Click on Layout .
  4. Open each widget get their code and position and keep saving them in an organized manner in the notepad.
  5. Install new blog theme copy and paste buy adding new widgets each time you do so !


Well after you have selected your favorite template you just have to download the template on your desktop unzip the XML file and then do as i say :

  1. Login To your blogger account Goto Your Dash Board.
  2. Now Click on Layout .
  3. When the Layout loads up click on edit html (AS SHOWN IN THE PICTURE).
  4. The html template opens up where your blog's skeleton lies.
  5. Now click on BROWSE and select the XML file you want to upload and then press UPLOAD.
  6. It will ask you to remove a few widgets accept that you can always get back the codes later on .
  7. Check it if your blog looks any better .
  8. Install widgets Back on Your Blog

There are loads of sites that come up with blogger themes tell me the sites And the blogger theme you like . If you have problems installing it just let me know.

The Blogger theme of Kukote In A Jar ...
400 x 300 - 71k - jpg
[ More from ]
Excellent Blogger Themes
320 x 228 - 18k - jpg
Free Blogger Templates from Gecko ...
500 x 300 - 71k - jpg
DF Theme Based on the classic ...
480 x 299 - 9k - gif
... theme converted into Blogger.
450 x 300 - 167k - png

By Your Sloth Sid


Sherry said...

here a question I like to know.. do you save your template first before install new one? as I have many widget on rambling blog I didn't back them up at all. I did myself change on nameSherry blog that's new blog with 3 column template but without any widget as its new. I just add the entrecard in few hours ago.

I worry is the widgets.. will be missing after install new template on rambling blog.

I will checking out the templates :) thanks

Roshill said...

Installing a theme is really easy if you just do it once you can change it like a 100 times and am sure you willl have no problems in near future . B/w i added up how to create a back up file .

Well its not creating its downloading . Download it and try not to loose it ok . Just let me know if you face any problems installing . B/w This is my contest blog if your wondering where all my contests are

Sherry said...

is it 3 column template? its not written but looks like one.

Roshill said...

Well yes its would look perfect for your blog ! Since yours a contest one it has the latest and popular posts up there . YES , It is a three column blog theme I was going to mention blogger buster in my post i got a few themes form there as well.

Sherry said...

oh yeah I still thinking which to put for Rambling, Shopping (prefer pink), contest . Still not sure which template to put up.

Sherry said...

I want to ask also do I need to deactivate the projectwonder as still got ads running.. though..

Roshill said...

Well , I think that's re3ally appropriate you have chosen the right one in your first go itself !
b/w you don't need to turn off your project wonderfull you will be applying them back on soon right?. Well still to on the safe side you can deactivate them . And reactivate later on! When you have installed them back!

Sherry said...

well I think it will take a long time for me.. as I got so many html code.. in blogs...l

Roshill said...

Well if yo have a messenger i can teach you how you can do it properly . Well you can make only one notepad file and paste it in it. Would be easier . Let me know where yo hae reached ok!

Sherry said...

sherrygo at rocketmail dot com

Roshill said...

Ummm....... wow i never knew rocket mail ever existed ! Do you have a gmail or yahoo! its quite convenient with a messenger.

nikhil bhandari said...

well Roshill rocket mail is a mail provided by yahoo, so the id would work on yahoo messenger

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