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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Santa's For the July Blogging Contest By THOU Shall Blog| ROCK STAR | ROCKING BLOGS


People of the scared web and all those who are webmasters and bloggers . A contest is being hosted by Blogging Tips for Beginners . I going to write a little something something for the generous sponsor and will be reviewing their sites in short . 20 WORDS ON WHY THEY SOO ROCK.

Let me start with Yan
A totally new concept and idea on a short quick contest . Promoting it before it even started . I am really learning a lot out his blog and yes a really quick Commenter and responder . A REALLY ROCKING FRIEND!! 5/5 ROCK STAR Rating for hosting and gathering all the Santas

Well now with Extreme Ezine.
He has been a really good hoster and promoter to others contests being hosted . In one line " You inspire Blogger who are coming up the chance to Learn and respect other blogs and promote them". Give is a 4/5 Rock Star Rating.

NeXt Up Aaron from
Giving a really generous gift and i think its the most any blogger could do . RESPECT!! . Took a look at his blog is on some really effective money making tips for all you blogger out there Taunting up to make up some dough just grab up and have a read I picked up this cute little pic from his blog . A 4/5 RoCK StarS Rating!!

NeXt UP PB from Piss Biscuit.
I am reviewing his BLOG OMGG!! i just Got no word spilling out . But Just two ROCK STAR ! .
He will write up a review and make up the best role playing Santa ! Not just bringing a gift of traffic but also some LOve written by him about your blog . Apart from being a sponsor he's got a really healthy blog with lively folk and subscriber waiting for him to make his move . He being a wiser and mentor for a few of them with some humor on the house. Giving him a 4.5/5 Rock Star RatinG.

neXt O n teh list IZZZZZ Nadz from
He's offering some of his time to get your blog on a awesome ravers spot ,I Was like what will he consult about But as Soon as i opened his website i was like WOOOOOOOOOOHOOO
WOOOHOOOWOOOOW I know i am still practically drooling . He's got some real ROCKS UP THERE . Wouldn't you want some tips from him! I WOULD Definately!
If i had that rock i would have Awarded the ROCK to HIM. Made a big impression on me. Hows About you!! A WHOLE ROCK RATING LESS A FUSE !

Whoo hoo ,Jay from
He's hosting some really good comp's up on his site and yes i would really like to learn about his secrets to sucess! He's Giving up a some free consultation try to grab his number people he's making it large ! A rating of 3/5 ROCK star RAtinG!!

Tecnically the neXt one: Prem from Tech Suave
He's give a bag bag of goodies like a traffic flowing from his to your own blog . A 125 x 125 banner its a small loely gift for promoting new blogger for this you get a 3/5 Rockstar Rating !

Next on is Michael Aulia’s Tech Blog:
Hosting some hard earned EC's on a contest takes some real patience and giving them away with full heart is a bigger deal . You rock on the technial wave raves of the ocean!!!

And here ComeS Jim from The Net Fool
I was like browsing his website he's got some works up there and i think he's a really experienced and his word of gold will be given out for free in this contest thank you for help us bloggers with sharing on your part! Rocking 4/5 ROck Star Rating!

Brain Gives a big bag full Brian Gardner
Oh yes he soo roCkS he's not only giving out a huge amount of EC's But also A really beautiful word press theme i was planning to test out WP But now i think its going to be an amazing experience! His Goodie bag is full of it . And i know Stanta would give you a
4.5/5 Rock star Rating!

Last but not the least! Etienne Teo
He is giving out some ad spots and think you are really doing a good job On giving us a head start on our blogging arena ! And bring some quality traffic ! On his neatly written up blog he gives out some beautiful space for our blog!! Giving you a 3.5/5 Rock star Rating!

By your loing Sloth Sid


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