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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wall - E Movie & PSP Game Review

Wall - E- Meet Wall - E a robot designed to compress waste garbage in to small cubes . When the whole Earth gets deserted and life on earth seems to have vanished wall-e continues his daily work in routine for 700 years after this event had occurred . His life is about to change when an alien space ship lands on earth and he find the true purpose of his life . The robot falls in love with EVA . She came from a mother space ship where all humans are living in a sanctuary of a ship that is controlled by a robot wheel. That's according to the game.

The game contains many exciting puzzles and some really new concepts added to make gaming a fruitful experience . Well it took me around 3 days to finish this one yes it was quite a challenge specially the round where you have to follow EVA when she is being taken away by a robot carrier its really hard doesn't even have any check points . And trust me if you analog isn't working properly just forget it . You'll never complete the game ...! . Well the mission take you over a wide range of other exile robots . A small dog that has light in his eyes follows you when you turn on wall'e music . And then there is an umbrella you can bounce on it and trust me you never fall it keeps following you . A block breaker robot which breaks blocks blocking your path music on! .

Apart from the robot's wall e is designed to do a lot more it can compiled garbabge which you can use to shoot at things such as crates to get more life boost or you can use it to shoot at police robots that just keep saying halt . Well there are different types of block as you explore the world around you . You will find magnetic blocks , explosions blocks and some other's as well. You practically never die in the game unless you fall from a cliff or in a water . On game it unlocks may different small interesting clips of wall ' e if you liked the movie you will like them as well. And yea when you find artifacts they have some humor instore for you . So people check out this amazing game i will add my save file here of the completed game .

Do watch this official movie traler of wall - e the game isn't that different so you better of watching the trailer .

While browsing through wall-e's wallpapers i wanted to get a poster of my blog . I found this amazing post on

Enough Already With The Wall-E / Short Circuit Comparisons

I think yeah the comparisons are quite odd wall-e is short and cute where as Jonny's robot is much shell . I would vote for wall-e on this one even though he won the acadamey award.

Wall-E is still on the top 10 list and the critiques have given it a A- Rating which means . It must be a sensational movie i have seen it . And i think Pixar has really hit a jackpot with this one.

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