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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stumble Upon Tool Making It Easier

Some of my fellow blogger asked me about stumble upon and well i pretty much came up with this post.

What exactly is stumble upon?
StumbleUpon find out your favorite type of websites for you web sites based on your interests be it gaming , blog resources. Even i was a bit shocked whenever i press the stumble button i was getting really good results . It deals with web page, photo or video, our personalized recommendation engine it actually learns and saves it on its engine well i didn't exactly learn how it works but yeah each time you hit the favorite button. It know something new about you . So it slowly gains experience and it would become a perfect blog hunter for you in the blogging arena. There are just countless blogs out there you just don't want to be sitting at south pole thinking about north stumble brings you one step closer to your destination.

And what more you can download its tool bar and i think it comes in really handy . I didn't even know that my website was stumbled upon until i installed the tool bar . So you know everything about your website think again . The variety of options stumble offers on its tool bar :
Stumble Button: Takes you to a variety of pages from which you can choose what you like or dislike.
By pressing I like it or thumbs down

Send to : You can send the link of this page to your friends and share it with others
Review Button: You can stumble upon a page write a review about it and leave a comment.

Stumble of friends Favorites: Well if you like your friends blog you might wanna visit the sites they like so just digg in .

Stumble images and video's : Well here also you can stumble the same way you are when your noticing a blog site .

Other buttons: They include a whole directory of categories marking them as your favorites checking your friends and fans . There loads of other tools too so keep stumbling. And check out the options it has to offer.

b/w The site i stumbled upon was a flash toy check it out . I enjoyed it for some time before posting it up here. So you can really find something unique for yourself while stumbling

Well i stumbled across this neat tool on stumble which could tell you if the site is down or not ? This tool is quite helpful . Luckily, there’s one tool you should always have in your bookmarks for a time like that - and it’s called Down For Everyone Or Just Me. Upon visiting that site, I was pretty impressed. It was as simple as any site can be made, with a white page and only one line of text. Basically, it says “Is ____ down for everyone or just me?” All you have to do is enter in the site you want to check, and then click on “or just me?” and it’ll tell you.

down for everyone or just meSo next time you’re wondering if the site you’re trying to access is unavailable for just you or also for the rest of the world, try Down For Everyone Or Just Me. Have you ever used this tool before? Do you know any others similar to it, or any better alternatives? Let us know what you think!

The StumbleUpon Toolbar

By Asim

I found a few neat things while stumbling

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