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Sunday, July 27, 2008

50 Cent - Bullet Proof Game! PSP Save !

50 Cent Bullet Proof - Well as the game title suggests yea he is almost bullet proof. 50 cent bullet proof is practically has some real fact's about 50 cent today ! The Game starts when 50 Cent cent is shot 9 times and miraculously he lives to tell the tale. This actually happened to him before he ever became a RAP star in the business .

So some game patents depicts 50 cent's former life. In game action includes loads of free style killing and yeah when i mean freestyle it has the most awesome moves the resiliency of the player just keeps on going up. There are around 40 - 50 different moves you can buy from the streets of 50's crib. Not only that you can get yourself a whole rage of G-unit collection . Cool-T's Pendents lockets . Shirts , vests. etc personally i really like the vest that 50 has at the start of the game. You can buy tons of ammunition from kevelar's to grenades and has flash bangs . Apart from the accessories you can buy up 50 cent's MP3 collection video collection etc for some cash which you will get a mount load at the end of the game After this you will never need to buy and 50 cent DVD's or mp3's Its more than enough its got some of 50's party back at his friends crib. Man do they buy jewelery a dude bought a $60,000 necklace with a dude on it all in black gold. And i think 50 has a really great reputation among his colleugues even though am not gay but he looks really great in his new beard ! Pimpin it ! Must to watch to know more about 50

Actually i played this on my PSP it gives you an overhead view but still i think it was great. As the game progresses you will find yourself defeating your rivals easily . Well if you know how to strave and shoot you can actually perform some neat combos. Sometimes you do get stuck in tight spots where you don't have any ammunition left that's the hardest part of the game. But yea yo can nail the with your own hands its really easy but your should know how to perform combos .And trust me they are the most coolest thing you will ever see! You can play your own mp3 on your PSP while in game but i prefered 50's My Buddy it was so good i never changed the song untill i had finished it. Even though its a really lengthy game i took around two days to complete it . If you guys are lazy enough to finish the game then you might wanna download my save file to directly access the video's .

I am just holding my breath for its next sequel 50 Cent BLOOD ON THE SAND. Just check out its trailer here i think its going to be better with some what more action. It is the most anticipated game next thing close to GTA -4

Check out the 50 cent bullet proof website

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