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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Extreme Ezine Blog review

I was going through this blog earlier and i thought i might write something about it .

Lets start with the layouts. The blog has a really functional layout with small list of categories and a menu on top featured ads on right. Subscribe to his blog on the right. Over an all a cavalier look gives it a more appealing feel. Tagging small stories on the first page linking to full posts.

What is it about Content:
Well the blogs main stream is blogging resources . I think he has done a good job at each and every posts of his following a neat clean pattern. His categories include the following:
The content includes many useful tips on blogging and other directives to increase effectiveness of his readers. He has a unique way of attracting people so they would leave a comment and i am sure it is because he has learn t and is sharing it out of his own experience. He has some really nice ebooks they are totally free so do download them. I think i will be learning a lot out of this blog hope you guys dig in too you might find something really useful...!

He has made some really good audience blogging in such a short time . But yes the limits to blogging is limit less. He has some timely contest's do sign up to the recently on going contest up on his blog.

I have taken a testimonial from his blog written by Yan

I’m new here but I like what I see so far. You have tons of awesome articles I’d probably wouldn’t find it elsewhere.

So let this be a short & fair testimonial that might stroke your ego a little bit..:-)


I will be adding more soon as people come by its his new post so takes time to build up. I really liked his logo on his website . I would like to wish him the best on his blogging charisma and hope he gets more out of it . And fulfills what ever he desires!.

Rank i Give It:
Well in my opinion it gets
*** and 1/2 stars ... Keep up the good work!!

Don't forget to visit!

By Asim


Brian D. Hawkins said...

Those are very kind words. Thank you for the review, it means a lot to me and I'm glad you like it. Thanks, Brian

Roshill said...

@ Brain I'm glad you liked it thanks for stopping by . I hope you visit again soon . I know i am still at the starting line from where i stand i can't even see you..! You really have done a good job..! Asim

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