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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pat King In session Training Lara On Fitness Basics

Well i have been following this here site And they have this a really great program going on called fitness reality show . Last week they had announced up at and i really got hooked up for once . I am posting this post because i really think this could be your and mine big break .

I recommend you guys watching these video's. Episode one is already out and don't lose hope if you already have then step up and experience what Lara has to say about her daily regime and how hard or easy is she finding it fitting her self into this routine

Watch as Pat gives his feedback to Lara on her first session . I can't disclose it here . DO WATCH AND COMMENT!

I have tried searching for fitness programs like this although i haven't really found one on this scale because most of them are almost fit they just need a little tuning up . Well that's a bit demoralizing but hey this will surely help build up your confidence and take you to the next level. And i guess this is as real as it gets!

I do not reserve any right so i won't be showing any pictures here . Although i haven't consented the owners yet . If you would like to comment and ask anything relative to the topic feel free to do so.

And i congratulate Lara on taking this step forward . It really need some really good motivation and good support in order to gain such stability . But yes health is wealth old saying which is soo true. I will be watching their episodes and taking it up seriously when their season ends . Lets hope for the best and wish her luck .

Oh hey for all you people with a slow internet connection if your having problem watching it directly on the page download them using these sites

You can keep them for future referance also . Well it really took me long enough to download the whole movie on the site. Which is streaming actually . But yeah i did manage it ! That's one thing i certainly never do again . I will just make doanload onto my PC.
10 minutes
20 minutes

Yeah its DOne 40mintues in total for me i.e. @ 64 kbps ! lol
I was doing this side by side writing this post .

Oh Almost for got!.

He is giving out $150 for comments that have quality $50 per week .
Requirement Are:
  1. You must be an Entrecard member. This contest is for Entrecarders only!

2.Write a post about this contest linking to and to Lara's blog at

  1. Leave a comment here saying that you posted it.
  2. Start participating.

more details HERE! You should be an entrecard user to entre it .

Following link is Lara's Own Personal Blog
Yet again the fitness blog link:

By your Loing Sloth SID

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