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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day - 2 I Apply to my affiliates

Like i was out for a few days had some problems filin my visa . I think blogger is showing many problems each day i don't understand why?! Some pictures are getting vanished and youtube video's as well. So that's the least of my concern now . But yes the fact is the only thing that matter in your blog is its content if its good enough people will read no matter what . And then my keyboard is also getting worn out i will be buying a new one soon my G C Z V- are really hard to press .

So back to bloging . I have fixed my blog and i hope i meet upto thier expectations and yes i hope i get accepted into thier respective programs. I will be applying again to:
  • Pay Per POst
  • Smorty
  • Project Wonderfull
Oh and guess what i just got quoted that my blog was worth 10 - 40 $ per post from sponsored reviews seems like my ratings are just going up . Technorati Alexa Link pop! And to think i was doing reviews for only a nominal amount . I think one or two reviews would be enouh for a month now. I am sorry if i hae been over posting i denied the two remaining reviews when i saw this and the requirements of other affiliates . So effectiely no harm done.

Right now i just opened up Pay per post and am logining in to submit my blog again . hmmm.... is it me or my technorati is going up everyday . Well infact my Izea is comin down . I am like 2899 right now and i will try to maintain this rating . If you aren't bloging effectively each day you tend to slack and your ratings start to fall which is a bad thing i guess....!

Well Pay per Post Application is done all good to go . Lets see what the end results are! I have also finished with Smorty and Project wonderful. I will be waiting for the results eagerly lets see if it works out . Thank you for being my audience.

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