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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day-1 Rectifying my Blog- Part-1

So guys here's the deal 1 week 3 goals to join those affiliates i talked about earlier . I want to show you how effective blogging is done and how to set your goals and achiving them effectively .

Lets get started folks firstly i would like to discuss a problem that i have been facing while posting pictures on to my blog ! look at it yourself . I think blogger doesn't upload the link pictures instead it makes a code and displays it there which is ridiculous the ip's of servers today keep on changing and to keep track of them would be impossible . Although i will be fixing it up soon . SO lets get to work

Well firstly you need to find all the blog post that need fixing . For example broken links , Broken image link. etc. I found a few of them in my blog too there aren't many posts so its easy people who have much more than i do are bound to o crazy. Its a lengthy process and requires patience.


Well i am going to fix my blog posts in 3 ways
  • Removing content completely
  • Editing and fixing the blog post and adding recent facts written by me only
  • Removing picture posts ( Although i am not sure about this one).
Well i won't be removing my sponsored review posts as i have already been paid for them . And i regret it i just saw my blog was under priced. The suggested price was around $10 - $40 . And i did the job in $5 plus the commission they will charge from me .

3. Referring to the Emails I GOT:
Well yes i have to check weather or not i have complied to their needs and if they will be satisfied with the changes that i am doing. So i am going to refer to project wonderful's email review you can check the subsequent post for it . So lets start i will be posting the problems i face while changing and editing the blog. If your guys have any questions just let me know .

I was able to delete all the copied content . It was really tough on me because i think those posts were generating traffic from google take a look at this picture. Well apart from the fact that my SEO tricks are really working i really need to pace up a little.

I got all the photos i lost in the broken links now i am just trying to get them up and fixing those holes in my blog.

By SiD nOw a TeChiE

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