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Friday, July 24, 2009

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All you gamerz out there get ready as the new Mordern warfare 2 comes out this fall 11.10.09 and its bigger than ever . After seeing the lastest review of the game online on youtube (Links will be provided at the end of this post) . As it is call of duty 4 mordern warfare was a big hit but yes it had alot of flaw and surely all these flaws have been resolved in this upcoming game. As the story line goes it is the continuation of the storyline where the 1st mordern warfare ended in which Zaekauf was killed as the gun was provided by Captian Gary Price and it continues to unfold as the resistance to one of the Lead terrorist fall a new rival who was being kept in check by Zarkauf rises as soon as he dies .

The sequel contain way better graphics which uses graph flows which provides bigger and better maps and has a more user friendly environment with more interactive objects such as the snow mobile, ropes, trucks etc . Not only that it has the usual UAV recon installed on the gun which is now known as a heart beat sensor. Mostly used incase of very low visabilty and oh yes as down to earth and unreal UAV recon looked this is way better and practical way of spotting an enemy. Well not only this it has some new neat guns. Expect the unexpected gamer this game will totally get sold out as soon as it hits the shevles so order your copy today itself and experience it first hand here are some really cool snaps of the new game.

Check this new trailer out its the new Multiplayer trailer of COD Modern warfare 2

Cod4 Has been Hacked on the Ps3:
Well people a really sad news its causing me more pain writing this than it was experiencing it the whole PSN network is now using fly hacks and really destroying the whole point of gaming. Realsed recently around 29th july it spread like a virus and now everyone has it on the Playstation Network i worked really hard to reach a pretty significant level on that game but now i am regretting all the work i put into it since all my hard work has gone to waste after this i Hate hackers and well now i cant help it they are on every single server soo if you are a wanna be hacker well the most i could say is watch this video if it helps but don't blame me if you get banned or anything use at your own risk
its called


So i would recommend not getting it up its pretty simple though follow these steps. And for me well if you cant beat em join em :D Tonights Gonna be a Good Good night wooohoooo.... lol

Please use it in PRIVATE ONLY.
**You will also lose your radar**

To turn it ON/OFF, go into a game - press START - OPTIONS, then back out of the start menu. To deactivate it do the same thing.

***To fly hold R1 and L1!***


1) Download HCHOOLIGAN3's save game
2) Open the folder that you downloaded, you will see a folder called PS3.
3) Copy the whole PS3 folder to a USB flash drive
4) Put your USB in your PS3
5) Go to saved data utility
6) Click USB, go to COD4 save game data
7) Copy the save game, it should overwrite!
8) Start up COD4

If it's not working for you you're not doing it correctly, try again :)
for questions you can message HCHOOLIGAN3 on youtube or PSN
All credit goes to him, so sub to him and myself for more!

The Hack Has Now Been Blocked By PSN !! Yahooo...

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