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Sunday, July 15, 2007

blink-182 was a pop punk band originally formed in 1992 by Tom DeLonge (vocals and guitar) who quickly recruited Mark Hoppus (vocals and bass) and Scott Raynor (drums) in Poway, California, a northern suburb of San Diego. Originally, the band's official name was "Blink", however, the numerical three digit suffix was appended early in their career following an objection from an Irish band with the same name. Travis Barker replaced Raynor on drums in 1998, midway through a U.S. tour. The group effectively broke up in early 2005, portraying it as an "indefinite hiatus". DeLonge went on to form Angels and Airwaves while Hoppus and Barker spawned +44.

The band is known for its catchy, simple melodies and lyrical toilet humor. Songwriters Hoppus and DeLonge cite punk rock bands such as The Descendents and Screeching as their early influences, however, the band's songwriting and production was driven by a pop sensibility. Their last album featured more musical experimentation and lyrical sophistication than previous releases.

Left to right: Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker before a 2003 performance for troops.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


The Virginia Opossum (Didelphis virginiana) is the only marsupial found in North America. A solitary and nocturnal animal about the size of a domestic cat, it is a successful opportunist and is found throughout North America from coast to coast (introduced to California in 1910), and from Central America and Mexico to southern Canada.

Love This Picture ......
Lol Its a Cute Depict Of Nature hehe lol though i guess manupilated my Humans .
Cute Little Squrrel hangs from the branch to present a flower to her lover . Good enough he doesn't fall down...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lonely One Winter Night On the Tree

The Lonely Cat Sat On the tree thinking whet is that hanging in the air POOR thing was soo mesmerized that it forgot he was sitting on a branch and fell into the box now he sits there alone thinking ....... after a few days he becomes smart and finds a way Out


Arts Expressions

<------- This is art wouldn't You say . Looks Seemingly A Man Showing His Private parts to a hooker who's an on looker She is showing her body too ..... So the Quote Goes "EXPOSE YOURSELF TO ART"

People Are Killers!!

People are animals they are no better than them. Most of them don't even thing before they do it the consequences that are undermined . The stress and tension i seriously think such people should be punished. I mean killing thier wifes asking for money from their family member threatening to kill them it is utterly barbaric and in humane How can man stoop so low ?

Do you know when their wives used to be pregnant and if their baby came out to be a girl they used to brutally murder their own child .............

ell Its mainly the Male aggression that takes them to this limits....... A person is what he becomes into according to his surrounding and the events in life he/she has encountered .

Every one is born equal its just the world the thinking that divides them. People die of CANCER People die of ACCIDENTS So why be the cause of some one's death when we already know . RAPES KILLINGS SMUGGLING KIDNAPS ETC. Tools to shorten your life also include SMOKING, INTOXICATIONS , DRINKING, DRUGS..........


This dog has Some genetic problem Its For real ....... Looks like some thing out of the movies .............
I would say even resident Evil didn't have as dangereous as this. Its Muscle build has arched and given it a dominant look.

Do You ever wonder what It would be like to have a Cat as a friend . Ever feel lonely soo much so that it can come upto you and play with you . You can pet it take it on a long drive .......... S areal
Most of the time it doesn't make sense why do such animals can read emotion .
Wonders are left on the ceiling of your head to think off.....

Don't You wish it existed? Would look really beautiful If it did . The concept is seemingly surprising Just to say that ......

It doesn't Exist!!!!

Well talking About Whales....

Like all mammals, whales breathe air into lungs, are warm-blooded, feed their young milk from mammary glands, and have some (although very little) hair.

The body is fusiform, resembling the streamlined form of a fish. The forelimbs, also called flippers, are paddle-shaped. The end of the tail holds the fluke, or tail fins, which provide propulsion by vertical movement. Although whales generally do not possess hind limbs, some whales (such as sperm whales and baleen whales) sometimes have rudimentary hind limbs; some even with feet and digits. Most species of whale bear a fin on their backs known as a dorsal fin.

Beneath the skin lies a layer of fat, the blubber. It serves as an energy reservoir and also as insulation. Whales have a four-chambered heart. The neck vertebrae are fused in most whales, which provides stability during swimming at the expense of flexibility.

Whales breathe through blowholes, located on the top of the head so the animal can remain submerged. Baleen whales have two; toothed whales have one. The shapes of whales' spouts when exhaling after a dive, when seen from the right angle, differ between species. Whales have a unique respiratory system that lets them stay underwater for long periods of time without taking in oxygen. Some whales, such as the Sperm Whale, can stay underwater for up to two hours holding a single breath. The Blue Whale is the largest known mammal that has ever lived, and the largest living animal, at up to 35 m (105ft) long and 150 tons.

Whales generally live for 40-200 years, depending on their species, but it is rare to find one that lives over a century. Recently a fragment of a lance used by commercial whalers in the 1800s has been found in a huge bowhead whale caught off Alaska. The fragment showed the whale is estimated between 115 and 130 years old. "No other finding has been this precise," said John Bockstoce, an adjunct curator of the New Bedford Whaling Museum.

Their skin has evolved hydrophilic properties. Its surface is covered with microscopic pores surrounded by nanoridges Between these ridges there is a rubber-like gel which is excreted from the gaps between the skin cells. This gel contains enzymes that attack microbes, and the edge of the ridges makes it hard for smaller organisms to get attached.

Whale flukes often can be used as identifying markings, as is the case for humpback whales. This is the method by which the publicized errant Humphrey the whale was identified in three separate sightings.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Sophie Ellis BeXtor

Sophie Michelle Ellis-Bextor (born 10 April 1979) is a multi-platinum selling English pop singer and songwriter. Her music is a mixture of mainstream pop, disco and 1980s electronic influences.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor was born in West Middlesex, England to Janet Ellis, then an actress, but later better known as a presenter on the TV series Blue Peter (on which Sophie appeared with her mother at the age of six, modelling snoods), and Robin Bextor, an award-winning film director.

Ellis and Bextor divorced when Sophie was four years old. She has three sisters and two brothers. She has often spoken about being very close to her family growing up and she often takes her brothers and sisters to work with her. Her official website hyphenates her surname, which is the joining of her parents' surnames; some other sources separate the names with a space.

She went to school at Godolphin and Latymer School in Hammersmith. Among her earliest public performances were with the W11 Opera childrens' opera from the age of thirteen.

Ellis-Bextor began her career in 1997, with an indie band called theaudience.

She My All time Favourite SinGer . Her SinGinG HaS a GrapinG effeCt like You can FlOw Into Her SonGs . She has Come a LonG way In her proffessiOn. One Of Her Favourite SongS that I lOve Is 'I wont ChanGe You' . Either Include 'Music Gets The Best Of me' 'Mixed Up World' 'Murder On Dance Floor'

evanescence (ev'e-nes'ens ): a dissipation or disappearance like vapor

Although the band's name may suggest a sudden vanishing, the music of Evanescence is poised for longevity. Fallen, the Wind-up Records debut of this talented quartet from Little Rock, Arkansas, is an emotional, ethereal work of undeniable potency guided by the heavenly vocals of Amy Lee. "We're definitely a rock band," says the 20-year-old Lee. "But the twist is that the band's music is epic, dramatic, dark rock."

Co-founders Lee and guitarist/songwriter Ben Moody met while in their early teens. "We were at a youth camp," Moody recalls. "During some sort of recreational period held in a gymnasium, I heard Amy playing Meat Loaf's 'I'd Do Anything for Love' at the piano. So I went over to meet her, and she started singing for me. I was pretty much blown away, so I suckered her into joining a band with me." Since that day, the musical relationship has remained dependably loyal. "We have the same exact vision regarding what we love about music," Moody says. "When it comes to songwriting, we finish each other's thoughts."

Evanescence first took shape in Little Rock at the end of the '90s. Predictably, the band didn't quite fit the mold of most others lingering around the Midwestern state. "It's typically death metal or really soft, older-people music there," says Lee. "I don't even know of any local bands that have female singers."

Influenced by a wide-ranging collection of artists such as Bjork, Danny Elfman and Tori Amos, the band started releasing EPs of its material. Even without the benefit of live performances, Evanescence began to establish a reputation.

"A lot of it developed by being elusive," Moody remembers. "The second song we ever wrote was this seven-minute, ridiculous Goth anthem called 'Understanding.' And for some reason, the local rock station decided to play it a lot. We gained this popularity around town, even though no one knew who we were or where to find us. It was because we could never afford to play a show -- it was just Amy and I -- and we couldn't pay any musicians."

Fallen was tracked in Los Angeles with producer Dave Fortman (BOYSETSFIRE, Superjoint Ritual). The album successfully finds that intangible balance between lush beauty and primal heaviness. Typical of the record is the first single, "Bring Me To Life," a piano ballad-turned-riff-driven barnburner. Highlighted by a guest vocal from Paul McCoy of 12 Stones, the song is featured prominently in the Daredevil film and soundtrack.

"'Bring Me To Life' is about discovering something or someone that awakens a feeling inside them that they've never had before," says Moody. He continued, "You discover there is a world that is bigger than just your safe bubble." Also significant is the vibrant anthem "Tourniquet" and the eerie "Haunted," with its pummeling beats and jarring melodies (augmented by chamber choir arrangements courtesy of Lee). Of the latter, Moody asserts, "It's the song that is the most 'us'. That best sums up what we strive to sound like."

Lyrically, Evanescence explores dark, introspective themes of love, desperation, and despair. But the group insists its fundamental message is a positive one. "The point of this whole record and band is to let people know that they're not alone in dealing with bad feelings or pain or anything that they go through," says Lee, who pens most of the words. "That's life and that's human. They're not alone, and we're going through it, too."

Live, Evanescence functions as a quartet with John LeCompt (guitar) and Rocky Gray (drums) rounding out the line-up. "As a four-piece, we are able to carry out the intricate harmonies and orchestrations of the memorable material on Fallen," Moody emphasizes. "We're very sincere about what we do. There's so much pre-packaged teen angst these days in music. That's not us. We're not trying to sell an angle, we're just here writing from our heart."

How To Add Google Advertisments To Your Blog?

Well You Made a BloG Why Dont you Make Most Use Of it ? ... Advertising Google Ads On Your Site Is A Good thinG yOu Get Relevent Content Of ads On Your Site and your Site Gets A Standard Fit doesn't LoOk tOo Immature. Although MoSt Of us wOuld knOw that.

AddinG Google To Your Site is easy Just Follow the Steps in Order to Get Going with it.

There are two ways Of dOinG thiS 1st Is You can Opt For an Option Directly Provided by BloGGer WhiCh You can Find in Layout Aka Template Or 2nd Do it Manually By gOinG tO the AdsenSe Site And getting the Ad Code Pasted In an HTML Page Element.

1st Goto the Layout And click on add page element the Click On Adsense Setup As shown in the Picture.

Enter The Formalities And Its Important For You to Have a Adsense Acount Before You Can Attempt This.

2nd way is to Get the Code Directly from your account and Paste It in The HTML Code Section In PaGe ElementS. So where to Get the Codes Open Up Your Adsense Account And Do as It is Done in the Picture.

After Having Done that Goto ADSENSE FOR CONTENT
Then Choose What Type Of Ad You Would Like to Have on your Site Meaning Image Or TeXt Or Both. Having Selected that Click On >Continue

A New PaGe Comes Up where You Can ChoOSe The type Of You wOuld Like To Put Up On YouR Site .

  1. Leader Board:- It is main Advert On the Top Of the Page.

  2. Horizontal Banner, Rectangle (Large ,Medium, Small ) SQuare Etc Which Go either On the Top Or In between a Post Or Below Donot Put Up a Horizontal Banner In a Vertical Page element Side It Will Display Half Its Original Size.

  3. You Have a Vertical Banner Which Goes On the Top Of the Side Elements Of the Page. If you Put these Type of Ads on top the Content Of your Page May Slide down.


Then Comes the Palette Choose it according to the style of your site matching it with the colour schemes . You Can alSo Make Your Own Custom Palette By Trail And error Method . After this Click On >CONTINUE And Move on to the Next PaGe where it will ask You to Input A Channel It is Optional But its a Must For PeOple WhO really want to Promote the Site which Works Best For them . So addinG a ChanneL Is always a Good idea then after thats Done Click On >Continue To get the Code COPY THE CODE AND PASTE IT IN THE PAGE ELEMENT TAG HTML DISPLAYED ABOVE . And Besure To Save the Changes . Now You are Done neXt Step is to BrinG On the Traffic to Your Site that You Have to Wait Untill My NeXt PoSt.


Wondering How i Changed My BaCk GrOunD Image ? Well I Got 2 words for you Too easy JuSt fOllow the Steps i Put dOwn Below .

Works Only With Blogger Template StyleName: Minima Black . dont know about other templates

1stly Open Your LayOut Page.

Click On>Template>Edit html>Then Do the Following

Goto to the Place Displayed in the Picture using the slide bar . Then change the Code with

body { background="Put Your Image Url Here" bgproperties="fixed";

When its done Save the Template You Now have A BackGraound Of your Choice ...... Do tell me if you have any problem

KnowinG AbOut YouR BlOG!!!!....

SinCe the Day I started BloGGinG MoSt of the peOple arOund here Dont even knOw hOw to Get ArOund thier Own blogs ........,.,.,.,.,., Mainly My Referals ..... So the MoSt ImpOrtant Criteria Is HOW To CREATe a BloG? Before That I would like to Explain to You What a bloG Actually is.....

A blog is your easy-to-use web site, where you can quickly post thoughts, interact with people, and more. All for FREE.(Given By

Well There Are many Blogging SiteS on the Net But If yOu are a Beginner I wOuld Reccomend To You Its Simple easy-to-Understand And MoSt Of all prOvides You with Your own Page Address No Sub-Sub-Sub Directories for example on the left side Is My Own Blog Page The Site Address is Given Like The Is the Suffix to your Site And XXXXX Is where you Place Your Own Name Like Mine Roshill. A prominent LayOut Can Be Selected by the Given Delfault TemplateS . You Don't Need To Boggle Your Brain abOut How I made the Site? It is juSt a Selected Template. You Can Also Post Up Advertisments tO GenErate RevenUe thrOuGh Your BloG keep YouR BloG Updated at All times If YoU Are Keen To earn a LivinG ThrOuGh i miGht nOt be the eXperT But i did consult My ExperiencE (Google Adsense Bidvertiser etc. I will be ExplaininG About them Too Shortly ). So Now The Main Question PopS Up Where the heCk Do i Create It From?

1stly Goto If You Already Have a Gmail Account You can Use it to Sign In If nOt Sign Up itS free and would Take Only 5 minutes. Having that Done ... You Have to Click On Create A BloG . Fill In The ReQuired Information . Do Check If the Name Of the Site you are Opting for is Avalaible Or Not then Enter a Title to your Blog Which will Be Shown On the Top Of the PaGe . Alls Done Click Continue . Then Choose a Template After That Click On Continue . Then Click On Start Posting. Click on this link to see it done ThatS That Of How to Create Your Own Blog Please Do let me know if i am Missing Something Anyways Chow and Do check Out How to Post up Google Advertisments On Your Site .

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


The iPhone is a multimedia and Internet-enabled mobile phone by Apple, announced by company CEO Steve Jobs during the keynote at the Macworld Conference & Expo on January 9, 2007, that was released on June 29, 2007 in the U.S. The iPhone's functions include those of a camera phone, a multimedia player, and mobile phone. It also offers Internet services including e-mail, text messaging, web browsing, Visual Voicemail, and local Wi-Fi connectivity. User input is accomplished via multi-touch screen with virtual keyboard and buttons. Apple has filed more than 200 patents related to the technology behind the iPhone. The iPhone is a 2.5G quad-band GSM phone, though Jobs mentioned in his keynote that Apple has a "plan to make 3G phones" in the future. According to Jobs, the current version was not designed for 3G due to greater battery consumption, size concerns and AT&T's still immature 3G network.The iPhone is available from the Apple Store and from AT&T Mobility, formerly Cingular Wireless, with a price of US$499 for the 4 GB model and US$599 for the 8 GB model. Apple intends to make the phone available in Europe in Q4 2007 and in Mexico, Australia and Asia in 2008.
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