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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Call UpOn the Genie !!

As the magical Genie came by in my life and struck a tenth fold of luck on my pages bringing it its blessing and grace . I will now call upon thy genie to keep me protected from the wicked and bring me closer to the Angels in the blogging world !

Too muCh drama hehe... i will be going through all the sites on my genie list and grace them with my presence its up to you guys to decide if i am an Angel or daemon ...! so get ready to get infected with my comments and spreading the virus of love through out !. i will write in short about the blog i visited and what the contents beflod upon me ..! its a surprise for your and my eyes together ! . So lets get to it the blog i visited are:-

Oh before all this i would like to extent my hearty thank you to mariuca aka GP . The princess of princesses who blessed us all with this wonderful opportunity. Thank you ! So here we Goo...!

1st Blog Mariuca - Her blog is about the life's battles well the only battle here is the strive of enjoyment with the prospect of an healthy and prosperous blog! . She's really living it! awards are like marshmellows in a pawn farm ..! And the love she is extending towards the whole blogger community is really the agenda of her blog!Inclusive of 4th blog!

2nd Blog First Time Dad -
Its about how a dad who loves her daughter and family . Capturing precious moments and putting them into a lovely blog for everyone to watch and learn the ups & downs of a dad's life !. Go knock em out dad hehee...!!

4rd Blog Emily Illustrated Blog - From showcasing all her lovely hand made artwork to giving up many prizes for beautiful Quotes this blog has it all.! The award list is enormous and the artwork done is just eye striking and marvelous ! Get Illustrated ! Another blog of emily is
5th Blog - Emily Yousuf
It has the most amazing snaps of the world around us that we never notice in our day-today lives but they hold the beauty just waiting for us to look upon..! she has grabbed all of that and put it in one place with a lot of hard work and dedication. She has proven nature is the most beautiful part of our lives!

6th Blog My Sweet Escape Its Her blog as the title suggest 'escaping reality' and giving in a punch of the diverse topics in her blog. From a whole lot of peronal life to softwares and other sweet adverts to sharing a few posts of humor with the blogging community she has got it strapped under one hood! must visit!

7th Blog Bay Head Blog - The bay head blog is primarily a blog about a community Based in New Jersey . It has all of its local new forth coming events which really spices up their lifestyle . A few personal experiences included if you are going to visit this place or a neigbouring places its a must to check out!

8th Blog Roxiticus Desperate Housewifes- It a lifestyle blog .! just living it up to the mark and having to purchase those dandy thing you ever dreamt about . And the latest in gossip. Just loe those post . Many of them are quite informative in fact !

9th Blog Lady Java - This is Miss java's lounge ! it has a really big o'l banner you need glasses to read ...! It has some really interesting posts out of her personal experiences apart from being a great blogger she is also a lovely banner designer ! You can see all the vibes flowing through her page ! Her blog is complete just get a cup of coffee and enjoy the reads.

10th Blog


Shemah said...

Asim!! Thanks so much for summing up my blog! That's what I hope to lay on the table for all my readers and glad you enjoyed it! :)

You really are super! :) Cool blogs that you have here too!

Roshill said...

Hey no sweat ! anytime .. i still have a big list to complete ..! I just saw the update on Mariuca's Blog the list's growing huge ...! if it crosses 100 .. i would be writing like forever !! ...

Thanks for stopping by though ! .. do come back again!

Roxiticus Desperate Housewives said...

Thanks for the nice write-ups of my Bay Head Blog and Roxiticus Desperate Housewives...hope the Magic Lamp brings you lots of good fortune!


Roxiticus Desperate Housewives said...

I like the look of your blog and have signed up to "advertise" on your EntreCard widget...just a tip, you'll get lots more drops if you move the EC widget up higher in your sidebar so everyone can see it when they're reading your latest post.


Emila Yusof said...

Hello Roshill! Wow, am flattered! Thank you for reviewing both my blogs!

Roshill said...


roxiticus It was my pleasure. i see i have done a few grammatical errors sorry for that i will check each and everyone when i am done .

I was meaning to change my blog theme . Yea i will change my entre card's position! Thats the reason i am not getting much drops from this blog!

Hey Emily your welcome too hope you liked the reviews . If there's come thing wrong with them just lemme know o.^

LadyJava said...

Big ol banner is right.. so you DON'T need glasses to read..lolzz!! and glad you enjoyed your stay as well :)

Thanks for the summary and the linky love :)

Roshill said...

Hey glad you could make acquaintance. Hope you liked my blog !.. Just a freshie! lol loved your blog m calling the cute smiley Mr. Dinky hehe.

Mariuca said...

Roshill!! Thanks so much for showing some love for the genie bloggers he he! Great work and I hope u're having a great weekend! :)

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