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Monday, November 20, 2006


We fear death to the extent that we think it an abyssWhy would we run from a thing if it's bliss?Each life is nothing but a sacred temporal leaseIn the end we must vacate, to landlord release.

The Beggar & me

I saw an old man lying by the side of the street starring into oblivionWhat a simple existence, purposeless and futile my opinionHe saw a young man busily running around in futile pursuitOnly to fulfill what he was taught, someone's ideal to suiteI see the existence of a beggar, idle and senselessHe sees the life of a slave, brainwashed and defenseless.

Understood by my life by having to thrive......


Gazing into the waters, I saw myself at the edge of a pond I gazed at my reflection, it gazed at me, I felt an eternal bond; I saw my own image, was a mirage, a creature water bound It saw a mirage craning over it, a creature bound to the ground.


Though wakefulness my domainIn sleep I remain,For wakefulness is sleepOne shallow and one deep.
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