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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Abhinav Bindra | Beijing Olympics 2008 | Blogspot | India

28 Years of darkness is lighted with a shining star bring hope to many and inspiring many other and making us Live a moment of shear happiness . Abhinav Bindra is the first to get a Gold medal for india since india's hockey team won the 1980 Olympics in Moscow . He has not only brought glory to our nation but also some hope to others who may see him as his role model and follow his path to success . He opened the doors and lifted doubts from or hearts India had a proud moment at the Olympics when the National Anthem went on to play . Let all rejoice in his moment of happiness.

A little info on the star :
Abhinav Bindra was born on Septermber 28 1982 to a Punjabi family who had sikh religious beliefs . He comes from a family with a rich background and his family owns and runs really profitable business . He has done his BBA from St. Stephens College which a highly reputed college in Delhi and is very tough to get into .

About his Career :
Abhinav Started his shooting practise under Lt. Col. J.S. Dhillon . And he was the youngest competitor to enter into 2000 Olympics Games where he scored a score of 590 . He also got an eleventh position and so was not able to make into the finals . He has also won six medals in different competitions for 10 m Air rifle .

The 2008 Olympic Games :
2008 Beijing Olympics Is where Abhinav Bindra won the gold for the Men's 10m Air Rifle final after shooting a total of 700.5. He had scored 596 4th in the qualifying round and out-scored all other shooters in the finals with a round of 104.5. In the finals, he started with a shot of 10.7, and none of his shots were below 10.0. Bindra was tied with Henri Häkkinen . Watch this video to see who wins . Click here to see his official Olympics page Biography . Don't you feel proud when you hear that national anthem playing for our great champion.

When He Comes back :
A whole nation consisting of 30 billion people will be awaiting for our stars arrival . He has made this nation proud and now we can stand tall in glory . And we hope our star to come back home safely and spend a few moments with his loving fans . And i personally want to take this oppertunity to congratulate him on winning the shining Gold medal for our country . To all the fans don't forget to visit his blog and congratulate him on his victory . And yes we hope to see this medal shining for years to come . Eligtening the sports ethics in India . Click here to Visit his blog . Here's a fan made video of our victor .

His Fan Base includes:

Few of the most reputed Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan and Ajay Devgan are all praise for Indian shooter Abhinav Bindra, who bagged India's first individual gold medal at the Olympics.

While Big B thanked Bindra for "making every Indian walk a little taller", Ajay and Aamir have expressed their happiness on the ace shooter's win.

Amitabh, who is currently in the US as part of his world concert Unforgettable, heard of the news while he was in Chicago after his performance there.

"As I stepped out of the venue, media from India informed me about our gold at the Olympics. The rousing reception at the show was incredible, but nothing will be able to top the glory that Abhinav Bindra has brought to the heart of every Indian,"
Amitabh posted on his blog He added:
"We are so proud of you and so delighted to have made every Indian walk a little taller. Thank you Abhinav, and more glory and success to you."

Bindra won the 10-metre Air Rifle competition at the ongoing sports extravaganza in Beijing. Aamir said: "

I was absolutely thrilled to see Bindra receiving the gold".

The actor also expressed his appreciation through his blog. "I had goose bumps when India's National Anthem began playing. What a moment! My congratulations to Bindra for his achievement. He has done India proud and given us all a moment to celebrate," Aamir posted in his latest entry.

Ajay has kept his wishes short and sweet as he wrote: "I wish to congratulate Bindra for making Indians proud - Kudos Bindra - indeed you have hit a bull's eye!"

Amitabh has also quoted a dear friend of his from Mumbai and said: "After almost a century and two billion births, an Indian wins his first individual gold at the Olympics.”

Bindra is also the most edigble bachelor :
As hindstimes reported Bindra has made the first page on today's news paper . So people do grab a copy and read about it i am posting a small picture taken by me here . Girls beware this heart throb has stolen many hearts and i know would break many hearts once he finds his true companion .

I wish him all the best for his future hope you may prosper in the sporting and have a beautiful love life . With these words i conclude my blogpost on Abinav Bindra God Bless You,

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I used dNeero for the first time thanks to Aeirin . I asked this and she replied back in a positive way . And i happy to see there are blogger out there who are willing to help their fellow blogger . Here's what i asked

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SEO on | Beijing 2008 Olympics Games | 2008 Olympics | Winners | Feedijit | Games

Call it a leap of faith or just dumb luck . But yes i scored marjor on this one and yes i will try to maintain on this Stature until the Olympics end . It hasn't been even 24 hours when i posted my post on Olympics and i used an SEO methods taught in one of the books . Well actually i was slowly believing this style of writing looks cool and since it makes a big title i think it would also grab some attention to some of my posts. SEO on Beijing 2008 Olympics | 2008 Olympics | Winners | Feedijit | Games. This is the style i am talking about . What i learnt was when some one searches such keyword and google while sycronising many websites finds this in the higest level order means the more revelant keyword the better positioning on the search . So as google was using these default keyword which are .

I have copied the link what you see here is the google image search used on its home page on the link Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.
So i thought since these keywords were famous and no other blogger is using them properly . So i saught of resenting and using it as an experiment . I didn't expect the results to be soo imediate. I use feedijit to check the traffic flowing on to my blog . And guess what I WON A GOLD MEDAL IN BLOGGING OLYMPICS JACKPOT .Yes my topic was totally revelant to the subject of Olympic games held in Beijing . And yes it took me 4 hours to compile the topic . But yes i indeed learnt a valuable lesson from this . If you see this post and think of copying be my guest but please be genuine and revelant and you must post a link following to my site stating the topic idea was produced in my context. If you do so i will surely link you up in my blog posts too . So its like a do-follow track back links .

But since these people showed the generosity to come over to my site i will religiously follow the olympics bringing you all the lastest updates and youtube video's complied here starting from tommorow till 24th of August . So if you people are interested to get all you Olympic news and videos stay tuned to my blog i will carry each and every details of this event on my blog and i will make sure none of you miss out on anything . And keep you updated on the day-to-day NEWS OF BEIJING OLYMPICS 200 AND 8 .

Here is the proof . When i clicked on the image and added Gold this was the search result that came up . Guys i am As surprised as you are but yes this happened in less than 24 hours so get your a** back on your blog and start posting something something on Olympics and leave drop off your links in my shoe rack i will get them a good home .

b/w the Third Link on this search is to my post .
Upadate on the Medals On Each Country I will be starting a Detailled list from tomorrow Onwards . This is the Lastest Update .

Gold Silver Bronze Total
1. China
13 3 4 20
2. United States
7 7 8 22
3. South Korea
5 6 1 12

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Blogger has been static for the past few years no updates to the look nor any new added scripts . Well finally Blogger has made an update is on a series of pimping on its Gadget toolbar . Well at least it has made easy for us to add some neat widgets . Take a look . b/w I know most of you must have been scared to death WTF happened to blogger is all my content gone where did i find Jumbo I left him in the fridge.
Don't worry all your widgets are intact +plus to get loads more to add onto your website i will be reviewing a few of the improvements made . So lets start:

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  2. New features pictures added to preview before we add up.
  3. More user friendly . Well atleast you won't get bored each time you have to add a widget.
  4. Users can also add their own widgets.
I was going to write a blog post on widget websites bt now i think i can scratch that . I think blogger has lived up to everyone's Expectation and is doing a good job at it .

As You can see there are three new additions in the basic blogger list i.e.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games| Gold Medals | Winners | Olympic 2008


Gold Silver Bronze Total
1. China
46 15 22 83
2. United States
29 34 32 95
3. Great Britain
17 12 11 40

Beijing Olympics is on the run and the competition just gets exciting . Well a brief history on the Olympics and why and from where it originated. Olympics is a combination of many sporting events held during the summer It was first Inagurated at athens in 1896 Well after that the games officially took off and was hosted in numerous countries thereoff .

Its a tribute to all sporting folk and this is what they wait for every second year to win something at the Olympics and bring thier country some pride . As you may have gussed Olympics comes in between a period of 2 years and held in the summer only . Well i was a bit suprised when i saw all the games they host i will list them here but they don't include any sports played on ice such as ice hockey , Ice skating etc well mostly because these are not summer games and keeping tradition into mind they are followed in accordance . Here is the list of all of the games played in Olympics :
  1. Archery

  2. Athletics

  3. Badminton

  4. Baseball

  5. Basketball

  6. Beach Volleyball

  7. Boxing

  8. Canoe/Kayak Flatwater

  9. Canoe/Kayak Slalom

  10. Cycling BMX

  11. Cycling Mountain Bike

  12. Cycling Road

  13. Cycling Track

  14. Diving

  15. Equestrian

  16. Fencing

  17. Football

  18. Gymnastics Artistic

  19. Gymnastics Rhythmic

  20. Gymnastics Trampoline

  21. Handball

  22. Hockey

  23. Judo

  24. Modern Pentathlon

  25. Rowing

  26. Sailing

  27. Shooting

  28. Softball

  29. Swimming

  30. Synchronized Swimming

  31. Table Tennis

  32. Taekwondo

  33. Tennis

  34. Triathlon

  35. Volleyball

  36. Water Polo

  37. Weightlifting

  38. Wrestling

  39. Its Over People Finally
Can you get the picture the funding required to host each of these events is quite immense . And the host country has to route it to a sucessful season . Olyimpics have been taking place since the greeks . And the mordern stadiums are built in accordance to the ancient times. The same measurements are applied in a 400m race and a few other sports.

So This year Olympics where hosted by Beijing . It Started on the 9th Of August and ends On the 24th of August With a closing ceremony. I was really excited to see the pictures i wish i had seen it on T.V. I am handing down a really beautiful pics its just a site to behold. If you can't get enough of it i will link you and hook you up with more pics for the time being here they are:

These are some Depictions of the stadium in human art. Some cultural dances , Piano Payed by Zang , The Globe Representing the world.

Some Photos of winning chinese women in Weight lifting .

Above are the Mascots the Cartoons as you can see . Also includes some fans. Our Greatest Hope Sania looses :(.

Phelps wins gold in Men's 200m Freestyle with new world record time

The tourch which has to be driven all around the world its a custom and here are a few sightings in the UK

This is the Official Olympiccs training Center in the US.

Well i hope you enjoyed the opening ceremony images. Now lets see the standings ( I will keep Upadating this list until 24th Of August so expect to see the final list in this post it self

Gold Silver Bronze Total
1. China
10 3 3 16
2. United States
6 6 8 20
3. South Korea
5 5 0 10

The Chinese are doing considibaly well and as you can see the image their standings on the gold they won and in what feild or game the stood first. I think this year China will stand tall and proud on its olympics score and ratings . Don't judge by the Gold only United states is close behind in the competition . So buckle up people and keep yourself tuned to my blog .

You people wanna know why the Chinese are leading and rocking the charts well for a fact take a look at this picture i thing you will get an idea why they are winning soo much gold. The picture Shows the countries that took part in the Olympics and how many came from each country to represent themselves . So as we can see Chinese have around 600 competitor working for the Gold the odds are one of them is bound to win each competition . And Beijing being in china its like a walk in a park for them . Its like Chao " Oi Zing why don't you join the Olympics look there's the stadium all you have to do is jump around and you will get free publicity and if you win you get a Gold medal". ZinG " Oh sure i didn't have anything better to do so i think i can just hop in its only a few day period not even a month " .

Come On i mean like every host country tries their best to set a parimeter up and bombard them with every thing they got . I think this isn't fair Oh Well. If this countinues the host countries will just be counting Gold coins and Making a name for themselves . This year is going to be a sucess thanks to the Beijing host country every one is phyced out about the info and news . Although my blog isn't about any news related articles i maybe giving out official links here to the official website

  1. For Lastest Standings CLICK HERE
  2. Official Website Click Here

Thank You for reading Hope you enjoyed this as much as i enjoyed sharing it with you. Be back soon for more mind bogling post .
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