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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SEO on | Beijing 2008 Olympics Games | 2008 Olympics | Winners | Feedijit | Games

Call it a leap of faith or just dumb luck . But yes i scored marjor on this one and yes i will try to maintain on this Stature until the Olympics end . It hasn't been even 24 hours when i posted my post on Olympics and i used an SEO methods taught in one of the books . Well actually i was slowly believing this style of writing looks cool and since it makes a big title i think it would also grab some attention to some of my posts. SEO on Beijing 2008 Olympics | 2008 Olympics | Winners | Feedijit | Games. This is the style i am talking about . What i learnt was when some one searches such keyword and google while sycronising many websites finds this in the higest level order means the more revelant keyword the better positioning on the search . So as google was using these default keyword which are .

I have copied the link what you see here is the google image search used on its home page on the link Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.
So i thought since these keywords were famous and no other blogger is using them properly . So i saught of resenting and using it as an experiment . I didn't expect the results to be soo imediate. I use feedijit to check the traffic flowing on to my blog . And guess what I WON A GOLD MEDAL IN BLOGGING OLYMPICS JACKPOT .Yes my topic was totally revelant to the subject of Olympic games held in Beijing . And yes it took me 4 hours to compile the topic . But yes i indeed learnt a valuable lesson from this . If you see this post and think of copying be my guest but please be genuine and revelant and you must post a link following to my site stating the topic idea was produced in my context. If you do so i will surely link you up in my blog posts too . So its like a do-follow track back links .

But since these people showed the generosity to come over to my site i will religiously follow the olympics bringing you all the lastest updates and youtube video's complied here starting from tommorow till 24th of August . So if you people are interested to get all you Olympic news and videos stay tuned to my blog i will carry each and every details of this event on my blog and i will make sure none of you miss out on anything . And keep you updated on the day-to-day NEWS OF BEIJING OLYMPICS 200 AND 8 .

Here is the proof . When i clicked on the image and added Gold this was the search result that came up . Guys i am As surprised as you are but yes this happened in less than 24 hours so get your a** back on your blog and start posting something something on Olympics and leave drop off your links in my shoe rack i will get them a good home .

b/w the Third Link on this search is to my post .
Upadate on the Medals On Each Country I will be starting a Detailled list from tomorrow Onwards . This is the Lastest Update .

Gold Silver Bronze Total
1. China
13 3 4 20
2. United States
7 7 8 22
3. South Korea
5 6 1 12

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Germz said...

You've got to spam my blog in order to get views to your site, you're pathetic.

Jay said...

What's up with all the pop ups on your site?

Anyways, there are TONS of Olympic related search terms that will get you traffic... I guess it's pretty easy if you know SEO.


Roshill said...

@ Jay
Pop ups??... i never got any of them . i just keep adding the ads those i find up on other sites. Well i am trying to find the ones that are working for me . And yes this to prove to myself and to others that SEO really does work since it was my first time on it .

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