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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

dNeero Start Convertsating Today | dNeero | Conversation | Earn

I used dNeero for the first time thanks to Aeirin . I asked this and she replied back in a positive way . And i happy to see there are blogger out there who are willing to help their fellow blogger . Here's what i asked

Hi Aeirin's ,

I needed some help with the Dneero widget can you tell me how to install this on my blog please . Means i am not able to understand where to begin my campaign from . All it say just goto your account click on resellers and then get your code .

Thank you,

She replied back :

Are you now a member of dneero? Once you are registered and log in, go to your account, click on SOCIAL PEOPLE, FIND CONVERSATION TO JOIN.. then if there is conversation available to you, join and then answer those questions, then click on JOIN THE CONVERSATION, it will give you some codes to install on your site.. Look for blogger code. Make sure to put that on your website at least 10 days. The best place to put that is on your main page.


aeirin said...

Hey. Thanks for linking my blog... and if you have other questions, you know where to find me....

Anyway, i Have a tag for you...

Techno Christmas 2008

Thanks and have great day

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aeirin said...

opps here's the tag Techno Christmas 2008

Roshill said...

@ Aeirin Yea i was guessing that link had an extra '/' lol . I will get it up on my blog soon . Thanks . Hey I wanted to talk to you can you change the title to Olympic touch . Actually i was going to start this up on my blog . As Olympic torch please can you like pospone it for sometime . I would be great full.

Sydney said...

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