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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Counter Strike | CS | Clan | Maps | Matches

The counter strike legacy Continues . And its been here for many years now . Every new comer or player becomes addicted since its an multilayer online game . So basically Counter-Strike is one of the most unusual PC game releases in months. The hugely popular mod for Valve Software's Half-Life has been available for free download for quite some time now, and you can still download it for free off the Internet now that it's been through beta testing and has reached version 1.0. And if you don't have the exceptional Half-Life, the new retail edition of Counter-Strike is a chance to get a stand-alone version of this outstanding multiplayer mod. The retail package also includes stand-alone versions of other multiplayer mods and game modes that normally require Half-Life, the best of which are also available free off the Internet: Team Fortress Classic, Opposing Force Multiplayer, Firearms, Redemption, Ricochet, and Wanted. Counter-Strike itself is a superb game that fully deserves top billing in this release.

Counter-Strike divides players into teams of terrorists and counterterrorists in four game modes: rescue/hold hostages, bomb target/defuse bomb, escape from/guard an area, and assassinate/guard a VIP. None of these ideas are particularly original, but they're well implemented, and they strike an effective balance between realistic stealth and frenzied action. The thematically varied maps maximize tactical possibilities with alternate routes, multiple levels, and abundant cover. Games are played in short rounds, and when you're killed, you sit out the round as an invisible observer; there are no deathmatch-style respawns. This creates a strong social aspect, because with "dead" players chatting, there can be an enormous sense of tension for the remaining players stalking each other. Another big impetus to stay alive is that the more successful you and your team are each round, the more money you earn for buying bigger and better weapons. Unfortunately this can lead to a huge imbalance in firepower when one team wins a few consecutive rounds.

One of Counter-Strike's biggest appeals has always been the selection of weapons. In addition to a knife and assorted grenades, there's a wide variety of accurately modeled pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. Three new weapons have been added to version 1.0: the H&K UMP .45, FN Five-Seven, and the SIG SG-550, though the retail version of the game uses invented names for all weapons.

Each weapon has unique characteristics, so mastering them all and learning which is best for different situations is a lot of fun, and it adds replay value. For instance, high-caliber weapons can penetrate thin walls and doors, which makes lugging a heavy belt-fed machine gun worthwhile when the enemy has been doing more hiding than fighting. Guns also have varied kicks, which makes full automatic fire a "spray and pray" affair - as in real life, short, controlled bursts are best for accurate fire. Effective weapon ranges are well simulated, so shotguns are brutal in close quarters and useless in large open spaces. Location-specific damage modeling means that shots to the head are more likely to get an instant kill.

Another part of the weaponry's appeal is the superlative sound effects. The guns sound remarkably realistic and powerful, which makes them viscerally fun to shoot. Equal care is given to other game sounds, like explosions, injuries from weapons or falling, glass shattering, and so on. Another good feature is the various audio messages you can send to teammates. They cover a whole range of warnings, status reports, and requests for backup. The only problem is that they all use the same voice, regardless of your team.

The Half-Life graphics engine may be dated now, but Counter-Strike has always used it to its fullest potential. The maps are visually appealing, and they have imaginative texturing and dramatic (though sometimes too dark) lighting effects. The updated character models in version 1.0 now use Valve's model-blending technology, along with even better skins than in the past, which makes for great-looking player graphics. Best of all are the firearm models and skins, which are some of the best you'll find in any shooter.

Counter-Strike is an online-only game that has experienced the mixed blessing of its immense popularity. You're guaranteed to find plenty of available game sessions online at any hour. However, cheating and even verbal abuse have long marred the gameplay in Counter-Strike. The game is not in any way newbie-friendly, despite the inclusion of a simple offline tutorial. You'll have to leave your ego at the door when you encounter the countless veteran players you'll face online. Fortunately, the abundance of experienced players means you can quickly learn the tricks of the trade through observation. It should also be noted that while Counter-Strike does require tactical thinking and teamwork, it's still a fast-paced shooter at its core. So not only are lightning-fast reflexes necessary to excel, but so are a fast connection and a low ping.

Still, despite its weaknesses, Counter-Strike is undeniably influential, and has already helped inspire countless similar mods and games. It's easy to see why: Counter-Strike has a simple yet effective design that's brought to life with superior maps and vivid graphics and sound. The end result is utterly exciting and addictive. Counter-Strike is a model of its kind and a thrilling action game.

So even i have a clan and its name Rookies Rabbit Rage . And the clan members nicks can be seen from the stills . My nick is n3o which was formerly N e O || O n || p O d . I used to listen to music back then largely rock . Well i neglected the sounds which help you co-ordinate and locate your enemy by his footsteps . I do have some good skills but when a server has a slow upload speed i cannot show my performance .

Here are some pics of the mods used on the valve .

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Guest Blogging much more than it is!!

If I told you many of the big players in the blogosphere today started out doing one special thing like worship, wouldn’t you really want to know that thing?

It’s two words: guest blogging.

That’s right. They agreed to give up their BEST content to other blogs, instead of being selfish and keeping it all for themselves for their blogs. If they hadn’t done this in the beginning, they probably wouldn’t have become so popular and huge in the blogging world today. Don’t believe me? Ask any of the big players and they will confirm what I’m saying.

In fact, I will go as far as saying that the traffic received from guest posts on other blogs is FAR better than the traffic from social media. Talking in terms of quality, and target-’ness’, that is.

A Source of Sustainable Traffic

Guest blogging sets up sources of traffic to your blog which are sustainable, meaning to say that you’ll still get targeted traffic to your blog even weeks after you’ve posted your guest post at a particular blog. This is because even though your guest post is off the front page of that blog, it’s still alive in the archives, which are one of the most visited parts of a blog.

Guest Blogging Builds up Credibility

Which should be among the top items in your ‘blog todo’ list. Credibility is very important in the blogging world, since that establishes you as a true authority and not just another wannabe.

Remember that your guest post is good enough and of a standard high enough to have been published on a blog by the blog owner. There’s a great post set up for the readers to devour. When that blog’s readers read that post, they’re probably impressed and they come over to YOUR blog and subscribe to your RSS feed. That’s a bond of trust formed between you and a new reader.

Remember, readers are not foolish people. They will go to a blog or website ONLY if it offers something that fulfils a need . And your guest post set up the magnetic field which pulled them towards you. Obviously you’re offering them something they want, and that’s why they’re heading over to your blog!

Guest blogging brings in TARGETED traffic

Yep, it does. While being dug or stumbled or slashdotted does bring in traffic by the hordes, a very minute percentage of that traffic is related or trageted to your blog. 99.5% of that traffic is just for the sake of digging, or stumbling or slashdotting. Naturally, bounce rates for social media traffic are very high.

However, bounce rates for traffic from blogs where you’ve guest blogged are very low. Why? This is because that guest post brings in TARGETED traffic which knows it can get something useful where it is headed. I agree that number may not be as big as the social media one, but we’re talking about quality here, right?

Readers who come over to your blog have read your post and are impressed and are interested in what more you have to offer. What’s more targeted and bull’s eye than that!

Opportunities are Plenty

You probably won’t have to look far to find a blogger who would like guest bloggers to post on their blog. Every blogger could use a little break from their blogging schedules once a while.

And, if your post becomes a hit, that blogger might even consider making you a regular contributor and that’s a great accomplishment!
To learn how to find guest blogging opportunities, read on…

Guest Blogging Adds Diversity to a Blog

It prevents the blog from following a monotonous tune. It adds new and fresh, even controversial views to that blog, and invites reader participation. If you’ve not yet opened up your blog to guest postings, it might be worth to consider your decision again.

How to go About it

You want to guest blog on another blog but don’t know how to begin? No problem. Here’s what you could do:

Firstly, identify the blog you want to guest blog on. Preferably, it should be in the same niche as yours, so you can take full advantage of the traffic from that blog.

Next, explore that blog to see if the owner/blogger has explicitly invited bloggers to guest blog. If that is so, you’ll probably see a ‘Write for Us’ or somewhere.

If you DO find such a link, well and good. Follow the instructions and guidlines the blog owner has lay out and you’re right on track!

However, if unfortunately you DON’T find information on guest blogging, and nor has the blogger publicly invited guest bloggers, your best bet is to send them a polite email asking if you could guest blog. Here’s some tips on writing that email:

  • Make it personal. Address the email like ‘Dear Siyab,’ instead of ‘Dear Owner’.
  • Go straight to the point. If that person runs a busy and popular blog, they’ll not have much time, and so might not read your email if it is very long.
  • Don’t flatter. Flattering the blog owner might seem a good option, but believe me, don’t. It might backfire on you. The owner might think you’re just wanting to take a piece of the traffic pie, instead of adding something valuable to the blog.
  • Don’t forget to mention your own blog(s) and what it’s about. Also, give a brief description of your own blog(s). Again, make it short.

Another tip: Don’t approach just one blogger. Approach several in your niche. Say eight or ten. Why? Because some will definitely refuse your proposal, due to various reasons. Even then, one or two may accept. Even if ALL of them refuse, try again, and this time try blogs that are less popular.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Applying for VISA | Canada | VISA | PROCESS

WOOTT!! To all my readers had a really busy week . Was trying to get my visa application processed you think thats tough try sticking your head into a planes engine with only a helmet on . Dude it was like hectic . And when ever i came back from what was it i was doing i felt doozy . Thats why i wasn't able to post up much. Just a few 2 niners.

So to all the newbie's out there who have never flown out to any other country and are planning for a student visa well specifically to Canada cause thats where i am headed. Well its a 3 stage process . Which i will be explaining with my experience .


1stly to have to get up your gig and apply up to any Canadian university. Preferably you would wanna goto a counselors office. They seriously make your work easier well they don't even charge anything since they are already employed by the Canadian high commission to do your dirty work. They compile the stuff for you and make you metally prepared for the worst case senario and well there's always a silver lining . Well it was because of my recently aquanted friend named Aditya Bhadra ( Well now it has been around 4 months since i know him) . He told me where he was flying off to and yea i also had a notion about Canada I LOVE THAT PLACE . Well its far better than Texas that's where i was going before this anyways.... So he got me hooked up with this counselor Shradha she was a great help she actually got me out of my tight spot and made this possible.

So what you need is that you basically need to apply to the university you prefer with thier application form and the required document that maybe 10 & 12th class marksheets . If your a transfer student your transcript from the university you are transferring from refering to the grades you got while you were there Ansal Instute of Technology was my univ. And i had to pay a nominal fee of 75$ including hostel room allocation fee. In my case i was applying to Saint Mary's University In helifax Nova Scotia Canada. It Caters to many foreign student but yeah i really loved thier campus and facilities . I just hope my experience is a great one. So when your application is done you will recive you I-20 which is your acceptance letter if you are qualified for it .

And if you have applied for the on campus residency you will have to shell out $500 for conformation. In the month of march . If you don't do it by then your room will be given to some one else on the waiting list . So be sure to submit it up on time.Now comes the most difficult part filling a visa . And Acquiring a ticket .

Well As far as i go and what my experience has taught me that filing a VISA well before hand will get you really cheap and affordable tickets . The more you delay your chances of getting your VISA slims and so does your getting the hostel room you applied for. So don't take any chances if your leaving in Sept. Start applying in June itself . So you don't have to be last person on the plane going in a baggage compartment with some cows . Or worst you stay back an year if you don't reach on time.

2nd stage . Applying for your VISA. I know about Canadian visa but yeah most of the US VISA's application have almost the same process. Get your applications d-loaded from the website your consellor refers to . for me it was its an indian branch of Indian agents who process your application. Get the check list and start collecting up all your documents. Now this this here can be a real pain in the butt you have to get loads of stuff . And if your parents don't coperate well more hard work. Just like i had the same problem . I was applying before hand but due to many reasons from my father i wasn't able to do it on time. I am providing with my check list and form . So this applies only for Canada .

Checklist - CLICK HERE

Application From - CLICK HERE

Personal Information Form - CLICK HERE

Questioner - CLICK HERE
I had to rush to each and every bank to get thier statements find copies of my documents , Fill up the forms did it like 3 times to make it perfect , Get my 1st sem fees paid Oh yea that was a bugger i had to keep on repating to my dad to pay it before the 15 of july well yea it reached there on time but yea my visa was already late and yea it may seem i didn't have a lot to do but trust me its harder than it
looks. After all that i finally submitted my application on the 5 th of August . I have to fly on the 29 or the 30 .

So when the application is done you have to wait 10 days for thier response then they send you a courier and in it is a document with your passport to get your medical done. Yea you should be mentally prepared for it they actually take of all of your clothing well atleast my friend did . I was quite lucky i got a female doc and she was quite friendly . So you know she never did ask to get my pants down i was all good. When your medical is done for me it was on the 14th the same day i recieved the passport. It was raining heavily and the traffic just look at it yourself . We were moving like snails it took us 3 hours to reach the hospital and i might have been the last patient . But yeah they medical didn't even take 20 min's since it started . Now thats done PHEW!!! ... I have to wait another 10 working days before submitting my passport .

I submitted it a little earlier and guess what it came back with a letter saying i have to submit it after 14 days for my medical exam 14 because they need 10 working days to process the medical excluding the weekends . So 2 weeks makes it 14 days after . So i submitted my passport again with todays date on it . I hoping for the best . Just pray for me people that i get my VISA on time .

WITHOUT MY VISA I CANNOT APPLY FOR MY TICKET . And yes the rates are going through the roof . I am sure its going to burn a permenet hole in my pocket .

Oh and if you give back your passport on time you get your VISA in 2 to 3 days time.
Wishing you a happy Journey means if your planning to leave Bonboyage. And wish me luck too ... I am going to need it ..! Be sure to visit making wonders

VFS Global Services - Canada Visa - The Rules, The Procedures, The Documents
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