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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Applying for VISA | Canada | VISA | PROCESS

WOOTT!! To all my readers had a really busy week . Was trying to get my visa application processed you think thats tough try sticking your head into a planes engine with only a helmet on . Dude it was like hectic . And when ever i came back from what was it i was doing i felt doozy . Thats why i wasn't able to post up much. Just a few 2 niners.

So to all the newbie's out there who have never flown out to any other country and are planning for a student visa well specifically to Canada cause thats where i am headed. Well its a 3 stage process . Which i will be explaining with my experience .


1stly to have to get up your gig and apply up to any Canadian university. Preferably you would wanna goto a counselors office. They seriously make your work easier well they don't even charge anything since they are already employed by the Canadian high commission to do your dirty work. They compile the stuff for you and make you metally prepared for the worst case senario and well there's always a silver lining . Well it was because of my recently aquanted friend named Aditya Bhadra ( Well now it has been around 4 months since i know him) . He told me where he was flying off to and yea i also had a notion about Canada I LOVE THAT PLACE . Well its far better than Texas that's where i was going before this anyways.... So he got me hooked up with this counselor Shradha she was a great help she actually got me out of my tight spot and made this possible.

So what you need is that you basically need to apply to the university you prefer with thier application form and the required document that maybe 10 & 12th class marksheets . If your a transfer student your transcript from the university you are transferring from refering to the grades you got while you were there Ansal Instute of Technology was my univ. And i had to pay a nominal fee of 75$ including hostel room allocation fee. In my case i was applying to Saint Mary's University In helifax Nova Scotia Canada. It Caters to many foreign student but yeah i really loved thier campus and facilities . I just hope my experience is a great one. So when your application is done you will recive you I-20 which is your acceptance letter if you are qualified for it .

And if you have applied for the on campus residency you will have to shell out $500 for conformation. In the month of march . If you don't do it by then your room will be given to some one else on the waiting list . So be sure to submit it up on time.Now comes the most difficult part filling a visa . And Acquiring a ticket .

Well As far as i go and what my experience has taught me that filing a VISA well before hand will get you really cheap and affordable tickets . The more you delay your chances of getting your VISA slims and so does your getting the hostel room you applied for. So don't take any chances if your leaving in Sept. Start applying in June itself . So you don't have to be last person on the plane going in a baggage compartment with some cows . Or worst you stay back an year if you don't reach on time.

2nd stage . Applying for your VISA. I know about Canadian visa but yeah most of the US VISA's application have almost the same process. Get your applications d-loaded from the website your consellor refers to . for me it was its an indian branch of Indian agents who process your application. Get the check list and start collecting up all your documents. Now this this here can be a real pain in the butt you have to get loads of stuff . And if your parents don't coperate well more hard work. Just like i had the same problem . I was applying before hand but due to many reasons from my father i wasn't able to do it on time. I am providing with my check list and form . So this applies only for Canada .

Checklist - CLICK HERE

Application From - CLICK HERE

Personal Information Form - CLICK HERE

Questioner - CLICK HERE
I had to rush to each and every bank to get thier statements find copies of my documents , Fill up the forms did it like 3 times to make it perfect , Get my 1st sem fees paid Oh yea that was a bugger i had to keep on repating to my dad to pay it before the 15 of july well yea it reached there on time but yea my visa was already late and yea it may seem i didn't have a lot to do but trust me its harder than it
looks. After all that i finally submitted my application on the 5 th of August . I have to fly on the 29 or the 30 .

So when the application is done you have to wait 10 days for thier response then they send you a courier and in it is a document with your passport to get your medical done. Yea you should be mentally prepared for it they actually take of all of your clothing well atleast my friend did . I was quite lucky i got a female doc and she was quite friendly . So you know she never did ask to get my pants down i was all good. When your medical is done for me it was on the 14th the same day i recieved the passport. It was raining heavily and the traffic just look at it yourself . We were moving like snails it took us 3 hours to reach the hospital and i might have been the last patient . But yeah they medical didn't even take 20 min's since it started . Now thats done PHEW!!! ... I have to wait another 10 working days before submitting my passport .

I submitted it a little earlier and guess what it came back with a letter saying i have to submit it after 14 days for my medical exam 14 because they need 10 working days to process the medical excluding the weekends . So 2 weeks makes it 14 days after . So i submitted my passport again with todays date on it . I hoping for the best . Just pray for me people that i get my VISA on time .

WITHOUT MY VISA I CANNOT APPLY FOR MY TICKET . And yes the rates are going through the roof . I am sure its going to burn a permenet hole in my pocket .

Oh and if you give back your passport on time you get your VISA in 2 to 3 days time.
Wishing you a happy Journey means if your planning to leave Bonboyage. And wish me luck too ... I am going to need it ..! Be sure to visit making wonders

VFS Global Services - Canada Visa - The Rules, The Procedures, The Documents

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