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Friday, August 22, 2008

Laptop Safety Tips | Laptops | Notebooks | PC

You love your laptop, but do you tend to it well enough ? Here's how to keep it ship-shape and long lasting ;

· Place laptops way from liquids and moisture . for most laptops , a single spill can be disastrous . Don’t expose to direct sunlight .

· Use an external mouse whenever possible , so that the touchpd does not wear out fast.

· Often , when you close a laptop, the keys touch the screen lightly , leaving permanent marks on screen over time . Prevent that by placing a piece of soft cloth over the keyboard before closing.

· Use a laptop cooler if your room is not air-conditioned . The cooler is a stand , sometimes combined with fans to prevent laptop from overheating . But yes now-a-days laptops are built more safely and shutdown automatically when they tend to overheat.

· Use a good laptop bag a well-padded one protects the device from bad weather and any rough handling.

· Unlike desktops, which can run for weeks without being shut down, it’s best to switch off a laptop when not in use . Don’t place it in its bag while in “sleep” mode

· Wipe the screen periodically using soft cloth. Vacuum clean or use cotton bud to clean between the keys.

· Always try to get an extra usb keyboard since your friends may use it a little more harshly then you do.

· Reduce battery discharge by djusting settings for optional power and screen brightness . Also , it helps to use only one or two windows at a time, unplug USB devices that are not needed , Switch off Bluetooth and keep speaker volume down, Use headphones whenever possible.

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