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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Flight To Canada 1 day to Go

Had a rough day yesterday i had to take out most of my junk out of the house consisting of old broken Cds, Useless papers, Broken watches and you know all that crap. But yea everything has a silver lining mine was that i will be leaving for Canada tomorrow and i feel soo excited as well as nervous . I just hope everything goes well and have a lovely journey . My friend Adi has already left last night and i will be leaving tomorrow . I have to make it in time wish i don't mess up my classes and miss them .
The Ticket Consultant
I kind of booked my ticket yesterday over the phone and got away with a sweet deal the was like begging for it so like i got it for around 38000 INR/- which is supposed to be much but as compared to the prices that they were giving out at this point of time well it flat out cheap. M just lucky to get it at this point . Or i was getting a normal ticket to halifax for 60000 bucks . That money doesn't come easy . I needed to buy a laptop . So yesterday after search a lot on google i finally stumbled upon a site . Well i had a mano-e-mano converstation with the one of the staff . Damn it took them 2 hours to find me ticket and you won't believe i almost got angry at them for taking soo much time and i had to keep telling them please don't make me land in the US or i will be bummed with whole VISA questioner it was like reapeating the whole thing over & over . Every time this help line attendant gave me ticket she said " I have found you the best deal its for 43k " But when you go into the details yea its through America . This happened 3 times finally when she gives me the right ticket it costs 75000 i was like WTF . And then like her manager i think she was on round or something so i said to her i am sorry i am not satisfied with your results .

Manager - Complimentary tickets
Then the manager comes on and says we are very sorry for the inconvenience some of our staff is new here . Then she offers me a ticket to Toronto @ 38000 well i was more than Glad to take it and since it was a change flight from London i was like Thank you and she explained me that they keep 7% of their tickets in the VIP quota and like they are always reserved for them . And these seats aren't given until the last moment . So after getting this complimentary gift i am set to depart on the 3rd of Sept. And well it hasn't been a pretty site in my home everyone is like crying . Its like i am not going to have a net connection there . Seriously the net makes the world a much smaller place . I just hope this journey is awesome and my stay there a enriching experience .
The Baggage
Getting all my packing done . The per scribed weight that i can take on to the flight is as below:
2 Bags of 157 CM each holding 23 kgs
1 handbag 8kg holding .

Like i am trying to cover up the ground here and filling the bags to the foretold weight . And weighing them . I roped one of the bags the other on i will be doing tonight . Baggage is set now for those tickets .

Now Headed to...
I have to goto CP to Collect my tickets and well yea . Its pretty far from where i am staying . So sionara to all my readers and i will get back to you as soon as i buy a lappy in Canada . Don't worry i will fill in the blind spots and give you full info on my journey . Hopefully i may get on some neat pics . What do you expect i am going there so have to drop up in there and check out the new pirated arrivals . Am a gamer so gotta keep upadates . Haven't played i new game in 2weeks now feels like boredom . Well i finish a game well atleast i try to finish it with in 24hrs . But few games like GTA aren't built for that kind of treatment . You need a dedicated player to finish that one . Its like on the verge of impossible and seeing the new release making a hit on the market i want to get a Ps3 of my own . But the console costs a lotta dough anyways see you guys in Canada.


Sherry said...

nice contest going on consider join my referal to join the forum?


Sherry said...

hey congrats you have 2 prizes I think :)

Roshill said...

Hey thanks for letting me know sherry
Sorry i couldn't reply sooner i was busy unpacking and attending classes here ..!! I have a whole week end now !! And its going to pour down heavy in Canada this weekend!

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