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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Sad Side of blogging | Dark Side | The Voodoo Ritual | Curse | Spam | Another One of those days

Blogging can become a curse sometimes and i think about this but you know its better not talked upon when you are demotivated a stressed out . Offcorse blogging has loads of plus points but yes you should never undermine that it got negative effects as well. The criticism ,the pauperism , the spamming culture , the down time on my site , Keeping things in order , Lazy ness, add via widget placement , checking all your mails so you don't miss out on something and numerous things that afflict a blogs uncertain future . When you are blogging then its up to you to face all such problems and you should be prepared for this . Its a fact i will be proving some of them . Its essential that all newbie blogger learn something from this . I will be pointing out some tips and tricks . And yes i will also be asking for your help to understand a few things too .

I am like this baby . I can't seem to grab everything that i see at least for the prizes i.e. They look so pretty and yet i try but i never seem to win its like a curse all my fellow bloggers are winning a heap loads i am still stuck in a heap of junk thinking someone might come along and give me a light or a direction to follow .

Even if thats not enough i got ticketing troubles now that i have my VISA i can't go to Canada until the 6th having some real bad schedule i just wish this moment of depression passes by although i am a really happy go lucky kind of person but sometimes if you persuade something you get trapped in the middle and when the time comes your nowhere neither here nor there . Can't get enough of it . Then comes the newbie stunts i pull of . I forgot last time i spammed on PB i am really sorry for that . But thats life . You can't learn untill you make mistakes.


If you've been reading any tech news sites lately, you've probably noticed two distinct trends:

1) Lots of reporting of the storm worm, with sub-stories related to mass hijacks of publicly-owned websites for the purposes of infecting the public's PC's with the Storm worm. (With still further subsets focusing on the "Russian Business Network" (or "RBN") being behind the whole setup.)
2) Lots of arrests, convictions, and imprisonments of large-scale illegal spammers. (Including one murder-suicide of a previously incarcerated illegal spammer.)
3) More raids in Romania of online scammers, predominantly eBay scammers.
4) Lots of arrests and indictments related to the TJ Maxx identity theft incidents from last year.

As with last year, 2008 is proving to be an extremely bad year for illegal spammers.

I define an illegal spammer as the following, which is more specific than CAN-SPAM:

- They don't care who they send to, or whether they actually ever wanted to hear from them in the first place.
- Further to that point: they actively seek out email addresses of total strangers to start spamming them. They know that these email addresses are not actively seeking to be sent spam. They don't care.
- They try to get as much deliverability out of their messages whenever they know that their messages are being specifically filtered against (remember: they know these people don't want the messages in the first place.)
- They spam the same individual numerous times per day. (And in many cases: per hour.)
- They spam urls representing largely illegal or fraudulent websites, selling either fake or counterfeit products, in violation of international law.
- They never opt anyone out, ever, and never honor any inbound communication regarding spamming.
- In many cases, their sites actively filter for any words related to spamming in their email or contact forms. They are well aware that they operate in violation of the law, and the public's privacy.

Well if thats not enough there are major spam kings who are willing to spam during thier sleeps as well. Many spammer are locked up in high security prisons so if your up in here to spam think twice before you do it .


So as you can see i am not doing well with my subscribers too . If your new here and like what i write then please do subscribe to my blog . You might not know what you miss out . Its a vital part of blogging that you take this step inorder to ensure you keep yourself updated about your fellow blogger . And this not only brings quality comments but traffic too . So if not for commenting just for the sake of it do sign up .

Look Alikes- You might be thinking what are look alikes . Well they are bloggers who try to copy or make thier idols and start plagerism . Its a real good darn offence but it does take the time off your hands and saves you some hard work . But its illegal . Most of the look alikes out there don't even match up to thier conhersive . They are just these to indtimidate you with unfactual information and copied stuff from the NET . its not like you will face them everyday they are few who can achive thier own standard and look different so which clan you in .


Sherry said...

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Asuka said...

Hi, I just saw I had missed a comment from you. Thanks for the compliemet on my blog...I was going nuts trying to make it look clean...I subscribed to your feed and wish the best.

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