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Friday, November 14, 2008

The hardest way to get back || bummed || In Canada

Well after a long leave from the blogging community i have decided to come back and take my place back into the big roam . I had loads of problems for months now coming back and start back blogging and well mainly the reason was my lazyness.. even though i got a really comfy keyboard, chair , and well no more addiction to games i had to face other well academic problems. I had my tests, assignments and mid-terms going on and well i had found interest in other things such as movies T.V. Serials and yeah ..!! they are quite addictive. I finished a all the seasons of That's 70's show , Friends , Supernatural, Heroes and well Prision break . These were my favourite upto now but i had missed my better part here. Its not only that i had a go on many movies and attended a few parties . Well after all the i had become a half hazzard to myself. Taking that out well i left gaming . To be true i finished my PSP GAmes over 3 nights contiousnly. Don't blame me it was thanks giving and i had nothing to do so you know i had to play some hard fetched games . Watched movies with friends. Man i could get used to this college life freaking free and fun...! Its like followup of norules and a mind game between what your parents wanted and what you want . Its mainly what i wanted for a long time now and i am glad thats over with now i am totally ready for that new step in life where i can be both free and relived from my duties toward you know my parents and well now i do understand my responsiblities much much better ... Awwww.... guys you wont belive how i feel right . Its like all these words are just blurting out of me and filling in the hole that i had for blogging for months now i see.---- That this has become a small yet important part of my life . I cant be life totally off while i try to figure out stuff for myself. Well All this didn't happen overnight i am talking four months . I hope you find meaning in my words when i tell you that its been a long chase away from this world and the realy one its like to different places i wanted to be when ever i am free . All that said i am happy to be back. And yea i hope i can catch up with you guys soon enough on the things i missed when i was gone.

Things that i discoverd while i was here and yeah this was over a few months and yeah take my word for it it pure entertainment.

T.V. Serials :
  • 1. Supernatural
  • 2. That's 70 Show.
  • 3. Heroes
  • 4. Friends
PSP Games :
  • GTA Vice city Stories.
  • Silent Hill Origins
  • WWE : Raw Vs Samack Down 2008
  • NBA 2008
Movies :
Well no comment if you guys want i can surely give you a review on anyone on my movies blog for the same It still needs updating which i am going to do soon .

Well i haven't had any time for some new creation. But yeah i am planning to make some new banners logos. If you would like one made just leave me a comment and i will see what i can do about it.

Canada :
Well that's one post that was holding me back for quite some time as it was long and lenghty and it got deleted once and yeah i have a notion that once i complete a blog entry i dont feel like writing it up again and well rest is history. Well i could describe it to you that this country is amazing and well you peeps have to wait for untill i finish my blog post since its going to totally describe my experience till now 4 months is a long time and yeah i won't hold back on any detail.

Lastly it feel good to be back and blogging . Bin soo long i hope i haven't lost my touch and yeah if i have i will try to do better on my next post as soon as i get info about my lovely blogging neighbourhood. And i will surely keep this updated and there are few new things i am going to start up soon i will introduce some cool tech stuff via entertaiment every week finding you good music thats are in the now thing and well i hope you keep checking the blog out from time to time. And chritmas is coming its getting colder cause my hands are freezing while i was typing this post trust me i am looking forward to this fall. Trees have shed thier leaves roses have dies and frozen in its eternal beauty preserving itsself for spring. And oh one more thing enjoy this small clip from supernatural Curtsey of Jensen Achles
Don't forget from now on i will try to get ya'll with some new music videos too... soo enjoy

Kevin Rudolf Ft. Lil Wayne - Let It Rock [[Official Video]]

Supernatural - Jensen Ackles in "Eye of the Tiger"


constantine said...

Gud to c u back after soo long...
That "Eye of the tiger" was awesum... I hope u also make a video like that lol.. Starring: ASiM...
Secondly got an awesum wallpaper (that big moon ,city and the wide sea).. Hmmmm I wonder does the moon really get that big ova dere?? Or is it they took a sniper & tried shooting the moon & it got bigger lol (GTA:Vice city)...
One more thing try to loosen up ur blog it's becoming tooo heaven...
My PC lagggssss...
Keep Up the GooD WOrK!!
Take Care...!!

Rayner said...

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