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Saturday, July 7, 2007

How To Add Google Advertisments To Your Blog?

Well You Made a BloG Why Dont you Make Most Use Of it ? ... Advertising Google Ads On Your Site Is A Good thinG yOu Get Relevent Content Of ads On Your Site and your Site Gets A Standard Fit doesn't LoOk tOo Immature. Although MoSt Of us wOuld knOw that.

AddinG Google To Your Site is easy Just Follow the Steps in Order to Get Going with it.

There are two ways Of dOinG thiS 1st Is You can Opt For an Option Directly Provided by BloGGer WhiCh You can Find in Layout Aka Template Or 2nd Do it Manually By gOinG tO the AdsenSe Site And getting the Ad Code Pasted In an HTML Page Element.

1st Goto the Layout And click on add page element the Click On Adsense Setup As shown in the Picture.

Enter The Formalities And Its Important For You to Have a Adsense Acount Before You Can Attempt This.

2nd way is to Get the Code Directly from your account and Paste It in The HTML Code Section In PaGe ElementS. So where to Get the Codes Open Up Your Adsense Account And Do as It is Done in the Picture.

After Having Done that Goto ADSENSE FOR CONTENT
Then Choose What Type Of Ad You Would Like to Have on your Site Meaning Image Or TeXt Or Both. Having Selected that Click On >Continue

A New PaGe Comes Up where You Can ChoOSe The type Of You wOuld Like To Put Up On YouR Site .

  1. Leader Board:- It is main Advert On the Top Of the Page.

  2. Horizontal Banner, Rectangle (Large ,Medium, Small ) SQuare Etc Which Go either On the Top Or In between a Post Or Below Donot Put Up a Horizontal Banner In a Vertical Page element Side It Will Display Half Its Original Size.

  3. You Have a Vertical Banner Which Goes On the Top Of the Side Elements Of the Page. If you Put these Type of Ads on top the Content Of your Page May Slide down.


Then Comes the Palette Choose it according to the style of your site matching it with the colour schemes . You Can alSo Make Your Own Custom Palette By Trail And error Method . After this Click On >CONTINUE And Move on to the Next PaGe where it will ask You to Input A Channel It is Optional But its a Must For PeOple WhO really want to Promote the Site which Works Best For them . So addinG a ChanneL Is always a Good idea then after thats Done Click On >Continue To get the Code COPY THE CODE AND PASTE IT IN THE PAGE ELEMENT TAG HTML DISPLAYED ABOVE . And Besure To Save the Changes . Now You are Done neXt Step is to BrinG On the Traffic to Your Site that You Have to Wait Untill My NeXt PoSt.

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