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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Barack Obama || 44th President || United States || Bringing Change

I am soo excited as well as happy too see the 44th American President of America Inaugurated last Tuesday on the 20th of January 2009. He is the first African-American President and i think he will be the most loved president of all time well atleast in my life-time. His name you ask Barack Obama. I think he'll be the one who will bring about the change America need and be the new face of America.

After the conduct of our last President in whose accordance many disastors took place like falling of twin towers , war on Afghanistan , war on Iraq and many other Arabian countries and delivering unsatisfying speeches i was begining to think that America had lost its integrty completely. But only a ray of light had stood between me that there is hope for the future after all this war & violence i hope Barack Obama is our silver lining to the whole world and influences everyone by his administration while his time in the white house.

I heard his speech the other day and boy did i love it. By the end of the speech i was satisfied America has finally found his Jewel and him being the 44th President will make America shine with this Jewel's work toward's the better ment of the country and the world. His words on how the American economy is in recession and how medical expenditure, schooling educational promotion , standard of living is going down due to many factor of misjudged and misleading officers of the nations. This does bring out hope that our new President knowes what he is up against and he is prepared to what is coming and i do see the future of America to be promising and once again to be a land of oppertunity.

Although his words are promising i do wish that he isn't bluffing and that he makes good use of his power and hands and play his cards towards the Royal Flush!! .... Do watch this Youtube video on his Inaugartion divided into two part. Thank you . Do check out this spoof too a little humor on our president's smoking habits.

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