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Sunday, July 15, 2007

blink-182 was a pop punk band originally formed in 1992 by Tom DeLonge (vocals and guitar) who quickly recruited Mark Hoppus (vocals and bass) and Scott Raynor (drums) in Poway, California, a northern suburb of San Diego. Originally, the band's official name was "Blink", however, the numerical three digit suffix was appended early in their career following an objection from an Irish band with the same name. Travis Barker replaced Raynor on drums in 1998, midway through a U.S. tour. The group effectively broke up in early 2005, portraying it as an "indefinite hiatus". DeLonge went on to form Angels and Airwaves while Hoppus and Barker spawned +44.

The band is known for its catchy, simple melodies and lyrical toilet humor. Songwriters Hoppus and DeLonge cite punk rock bands such as The Descendents and Screeching as their early influences, however, the band's songwriting and production was driven by a pop sensibility. Their last album featured more musical experimentation and lyrical sophistication than previous releases.

Left to right: Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker before a 2003 performance for troops.

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