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Saturday, July 26, 2008

How To Get a better Technorati Rating!

I know i don't have much of a rating but yes but now i know the concept on how it works and yes you will see that my rating is currently 166 which means there are 166 sites linking to my blog . Actually this question was asked to me by Asuka i haven't been able to get time to actually post up here but yes now i am free and have time on my hands so let it rip.

Firstly, You should know what technorati is and how it functions.
Technorati acts like a back link detector and tells the authority on a blog and a posts appear to have on a website . So by saying back links i mean is that a link that links back to your website it can be from anywhere. For eG: You leave a comment on a site with your link that gains you one technorati back link. So the higher the better . Don't get confused with a rating. It acts totally opposite .

Secondly, Whats the fastest way to get a better rating ?

Well there are many ways but you have to choose which way your going to build it up. There a hard way which includes personally going to every site and post you link to your website which you might also refer to as spamming but sometimes its a good thing but you can't practically do it . Well another way is signing up on to many different blog communities . This not only helps spread awareness that your blog exists but also brings some easy traffic it becomes a backlink to your website. SIGN UP TO ALL THESE SITES
Blog Roll: Its a list of sites which the author of a blog likes to visit but now it has become a business . Blog rolling has mutated into link exchange . So try to get your peers to get your site on thier blog roll and exchange links.

And there's nothing in it for me so far as money is concerned . Community bloging has become a major source of creating a good authority on technorati here's an example. So try to take part in it as much as you can because its much easier to get alon with. What do they actually do is make a thread or a post and you can tell them to put up your link and forward it to other by posting on other website . So always refer your friends who would like to get thier links on such a page to ask the host website to link them up to thier website . It becomes easier to keep track of updates then. CLICK HERE .

Where does ranks help you ?
Well many afiliates get you a good rate per post or review for a high rating. So its mainly for all you money makers.

Hope that has helped you all happy back link making oh do feel free to leave links to your site here i won't mind it . B/w i have just updated my list and i must say around 200 websites are sucessfully linking to each other . WOW that's a really big number huh! . Best of luck for what you seek to accpomlish from this posts . Thanks.

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