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Monday, July 21, 2008

Credit Card Reviews

Credit cards today are the most functional and liquid form of payment making utilities. But yeah when you go out to search for it to fulfill your needs you never do find one. But yeah probably at the end of the day you get hooked up with a lousy card with a high interest rate . Now that's something you should avoid or else you'll end up paying more . And yea that will surely make a big hole in your pocket .

Credit card is now used in every aspect of our day to day life so you wanna garb one that's best for your expenditure + it gives you some benifits well who's door you going to knock ?. Get the best and the only credit card solutions here at Credit card reviews .

Its your only stop to get yourself best deals on cards. They have link-ups with many multi-national banks working over 24 hours to provide you thier services . Most of us don't even know these opportunities exist until we get mugged that is ! Even for all you online tech blogging wizards who like to buy domains like buying a burger at Mc'D's the way you want it little sauce, tomato, mayo to get it right and know the ingredients of each one before you go shopping for it!.
This is what they do they provides you the MENU of your favourite bank's credit cards and lets you choose the best for you .

Here's the list of the banks they Cater:

I found a citibank student's credit card suiting my requirements and once i am in the US i will probably apply for one . I mean like the benifits are endless. Oh hey i took the liberty of showing you an example of one of thier review!

"Citi® mtvU™ Platinum Select® Visa® Card for College Students

The Citi® mtvU™ Platinum Select® Visa® Card for College Students, issued by Citibank, is a credit card designed specifically for students and offers a unique reward program that awards students for using credit wisely and for receiving good grades.

Features: Various Internet account related services. Identity theft solutions. Automatic bill payments. Lost and stolen card reporting. Emergency cash replacement. Emergency card replacement. No liability for unauthorized purchases. Fraud and security protection services. Year-end financial statement (upon request). Up to $1,000,000 in travel accident insurance. Auto rental insurance. Various travel and emergency assistance services. Medical referral services. Legal referral services. Lost luggage assistance. Discounts on auto rentals. 10% discount on purchases made at the MTV online store and the MTV New York City Store. Access to credit education tips and tools. See website for additional benefits.

[Click Here for a Full Review]"


I am really excited about this one it even offer prizes you can redeem with your credit card point. You can practically use a credit card any where! And what better way to get around it and get a few advantages more

What more they this really cheeky blog where they have some really eye catching offers up in there . I was a bit tempted by the offers up there. And i think they are really doing a good job at maintaing thier website . Its user friendly and is very functinal . Short and to the point . So guys what are you waiting for get you credit card + a BIT MORE...

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