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Friday, July 18, 2008

Changing My Blog Theme!

I have been meaning to change my blog theme for quite a while now to make it more functional and give it the edge . ! I think i got bored with it well since i am goin shopping you guys can maybe help me select a few themes ! Or if you have links to good theme sites your most welcome to post them here ! Any ways Here's to Day -1 b/w I wiil review all the blogger in the Magic genie lamp as soon as i am done changing my theme So guys! please be patient! ...

Themes themes And More themes which one should i look for! there are never ending pages ! . I know i don't have to be too picky but yes this theme will remain for quite some time ! .
And for all you who are planning to change thier own themes do comment i will get back to you on how to install and how to make the theme work ! .. Its parts and bit but you should know how it works!

Well i got this Great Magazine blog theme i think it looks great tell me how do you feel about it !! Oh hey b/w i got new pet fishies do feed them :D . Bono is my fav one .! And yes now i am open to advertisers ! 0.03$ to place ad any where on my site !. I hope it works for you . Have fun i got some really great posts coming up. Do come by later aligator !


Asuka said...

Hello it's me again...I just added your blog to my side bar.

I used Morphed as a name and Make money niche blog as description. If you want to change tell me what you want the text to be.

I'd love to trade links with you. Have a great day.

Roshill said...

Hey ,

Like i added you on my side bar your the first blog enrollment on my blog!. Its ok Morphed works for me. Let me know if the link is ok where it is or tell me if i need to change it!

Like same here!

Clinton said...

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