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Friday, March 28, 2008

Adding Cute Little RSS Feedz Button to Your Blog!!!!

Adding feeds to your site?

1) Firstly know what is are these buttons and what do they do?
RSS feeds are basically a frequently updating content i.e. done by bloggers, news, podcasts etc.
These feeds give an easier and prominent solution to the problem of frequently visiting sites of your interests and keeping up-to-date with them. Even though the newest feed isn't the topic really of your interest you still have to go visit these sites over and over again...... But these new automated scripts keeps you updated on your favorite servers or user friendly sites such as google, yahoo, technorati , AOL ,vibes etc . So by adding these buttons your doing your visitors a favor by sending them the latest updates to the site of their choice and plus a bonus these make adorable little buttons to add.

2)Secondly What does RSS Stand for And how do i get my feed URL?
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) for futher and detailed Explanation About RSS visit Well i really don't know for other blogging sites but for blogger your url is Where XXXXX stands for your blog's name . For eg:- My RSS Feed URL is

3)Thirdly Where can i find them and how can i add them?
Well if your thirsty to add them all well lets just say its really quite hard to get them individually although i have a site where all these buttons have been compiled its easy and user friendly frankly i got mine from there so visit to get your feed buttons NOW!!

4) Fourth Instruction on how to install them?
  • Firstly goto the link above.
  • Now just check the RSS button you wish to add to your site
  • Choose the format and the blog you want to post it up in.(Note:These feeds are basically for blogs only if you have a website these might be worthless why? plz refer above!)

  • Now choose the style you want to display them in two columns etc.
  • Press create buttun at the bottom.
  • Now copy the html code and paste it into the html/javascript of your layout page by pressing add elements button.
  • Any questions or queries just comment me i will get back to you soon.
  • Bonus Addition get a bookmark button now look at the picture below!!!!

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