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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


The Life Of Blogging is Not in just ..... Its Quite Complex as i have seen they try to thrive on crticism from other fellow bloggers which also are tied in a network of intervining pages and pages off written and graphic materialistic world ......... I think this is the real materialistic World for owing it and working for it isn't as hard as when you are juded upon the content you put in.... This is where the WORD "materialistic" Comes in we try our best to please other who knowingly or unknowingly try to judge us ..... They tend to give us a hard time here even when we really don't have a point over these MIND Games Made inthemselves
The worst are its side effects if people leap into such a place they miss the vital parts of the WORD life ...... ONLY if they are Addicted though . There's always a watching Eye upon us Although we have confined ourselves in this world we cannot be confined to Our own free will to be FREE to
eXpress wat ever Matters Most and be a Part of it all .

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