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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Creating A New BloG ........ Can be Fun

SinCe the Day I started BloGGinG MoSt of the peOple arOund here Dont even knOw hOw to Get ArOund thier Own blogs ........,.,.,.,.,., Mainly My Referals ..... So the MoSt ImpOrtant Criteria Is HOW To CREATe a BloG? Before That I would like to Explain to You What a bloG Actually is.....

A blog is your easy-to-use web site, where you can quickly post thoughts, interact with people, and more. All for FREE.(Given By

Well There Are many Blogging SiteS on the Net But If yOu are a Beginner I wOuld Reccomend To You Its Simple easy-to-Understand And MoSt Of all prOvides You with Your own Page Address No Sub-Sub-Sub Directories for example on the left side Is My Own Blog Page The Site Address is Given Like The Is the Suffix to your Site And XXXXX Is where you Place Your Own Name Like Mine Roshill. A prominent LayOut Can Be Selected by the Given Delfault TemplateS . You Don't Need To Boggle Your Brain abOut How I made the Site? It is juSt a Selected Template. You Can Also Post Up Advertisments tO GenErate RevenUe thrOuGh Your BloG keep YouR BloG Updated at All times If YoU Are Keen To earn a LivinG ThrOuGh i miGht nOt be the eXperT But i did consult My ExperiencE (Google Adsense Bidvertiser etc. I will be ExplaininG About them Too Shortly ). So Now The Main Question PopS Up Where the heCk Do i Create It From?

1stly Goto If You Already Have a Gmail Account You can Use it to Sign In If nOt Sign Up itS free and would Take Only 5 minutes. Having that Done ... You Have to Click On Create A BloG . Fill In The ReQuired Information . Do Check If the Name Of the Site you are Opting for is Avalaible Or Not then Enter a Title to your Blog Which will Be Shown On the Top Of the PaGe . Alls Done Click Continue . Then Choose a Template After That Click On Continue . Then Click On Start Posting. Click on this link to see it done ThatS That Of How to Create Your Own Blog Please Do let me know if i am Missing Something Anyways Chow and Do check Out How to Post up Google Advertisments On Your Site .

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