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Monday, February 4, 2008

FeSt AtOm Euphoria Dubded ^%^% Originally!!!

Well Saturday night waS a roCkinG revival had a lot of fun takin down and getting my hands Dirty in killinG Innocent liVeS Only cuz i was a terrorist wid my Clan .
We did get 2 play as CT's 2 but by the time it was 2 late we had taken worng decisi's for our respective rounds but it was altogether fun and had a great time wif me mates.

In evening my friend got promoted 2 e finals of fifa 2007 and made his headline on his way 2 win it !!....

Although i missed my friends Dance show i got in time 2 get up in n watch the fashion show which was pretty ok.

Wine and Booze was not an issue most of the ppl dere were havin a lOtt of it well ewXcept for me i don drink .

Had the Jam, Session which at 1st lasted on 20 min's they called it off purposely so that bbl go watch the rock show, the roCk shOw didnt last long soon ppl were scurrying along to the jam session and manning thier grounds 2 dance had a lot of fun and even took the liberty of reaching me home late well if thats not an issue me mum and dad would av bin ....... ANGRY!!! lol

Didnt have 2 give Quite a lot of explanation got off on a lease and took the day off.......

I miSsed 2days main event for something more meaningful and made a really nice friends in the process ...... sad though our Di was leaving the 1st day i got there hope she will be comin back soon ......

She choose the 12 Disciples for the noble task of self employing the preachings to other never done that before but am sure it will be a Good eXposure of where ever 2 my path may lead me 2 ..........

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