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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blogger Got Pimped | New Add Gadget | Add a Gadget

Blogger has been static for the past few years no updates to the look nor any new added scripts . Well finally Blogger has made an update is on a series of pimping on its Gadget toolbar . Well at least it has made easy for us to add some neat widgets . Take a look . b/w I know most of you must have been scared to death WTF happened to blogger is all my content gone where did i find Jumbo I left him in the fridge.
Don't worry all your widgets are intact +plus to get loads more to add onto your website i will be reviewing a few of the improvements made . So lets start:

  1. Better more Organized Icons It contains the same links but with a totally new look.
  2. New features pictures added to preview before we add up.
  3. More user friendly . Well atleast you won't get bored each time you have to add a widget.
  4. Users can also add their own widgets.
I was going to write a blog post on widget websites bt now i think i can scratch that . I think blogger has lived up to everyone's Expectation and is doing a good job at it .

As You can see there are three new additions in the basic blogger list i.e.

  1. A blog list where you can display what you read on your blog rollers to the oncoming traffic.
  2. Slideshow well this is a really good option at least now you can save some time and enjoy the benifits that blogger has to offer . And display your friends and family in one list.
  3. A subscription link . Some blogger have no idea where they could get links such as this one from . But yes this has made their work much easier .
Now For the Featured List :
Its Contains some really nice widgets from youtube Video gadget to blogger play and if that's not enough guess what yo can get some nice articles to digg on your repective blogs. A count down timer is always a must hosting a competition as it show's when its going
to end you don't want your users to be left clue Less

Well apart from these great new widgets there are 3000+ User made widgets to choose from so take your time to browse them all and pick the best one for your site . If you like you could
send me personal reccomendation for a widget i will look into it . And if i like
it i will post it up on my site . I do hope blogger keeps
tweaking up its sites from time to time .

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LadyJava said...

Good job Roshill..

Definitely something to think about while title-ing your post :)

Roshill said...

Yea i know it is Make it a point to post up a topics in this format every time you blog .

It not only get's a good SEO but also makes the title more flexible .
b/w thanks for stopping by ...

I will be coming to your lounge to get a cappa... hehe ...

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