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Saturday, August 9, 2008

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Oi bin busy for a week now wasn't able to post up in here . Wow i feel like i am foreign to my own blog . Ahh... crap. So like its been an exciting week for me had my ups and downs but yeah mostly ups .

So to start with. I was at my Di's house Sangeeta di aka Sister in Christ . Well i got baptized this weekend and yea it was a really nice subtle experience . Yea i took my Vows and now i am namingly a Christian but yeah we all are aren't we . Well atleast when we are born we are more alike all our thoughts match its when we grow up things start to change . We are all children of God . I know you have heard this a lot but have you ever thought about it ?.

Its not the old books that made me jump in and take a baptisim . No its not that its what i experienced and saw with my own eyes felt and belived . Some of you are athiest and don't believe in God . Do you really think this was just a coincidence ?. That earth came up in the right position distance from the sun . And land water was formed . Don't you think its quite impossible. You know actually you are made up of dirt and sand . And when we die we go back in and mix with it .

Life is just too perfect to be a coincidence . For Eg: Humans we have got a complex way of understanding free will and ability to learn . But yes its people's choices that lead them to believe in something . Just imagine your a bunch of particles clocked up together so that all parts function properly . So who do you think made us this way?. Don't say we adapted two eyes two ears we also could have had two noses and two mouth yet in a way we are just perfect .

Well i don't think this is a coincidence and i believe some one up there made us that way . Yet we ignore to find out who he is . We deny and just contiune to waste our lives of petty earnings in surival for a living . Every man woman is built free and she can do anything and everything he/she please . For instance take a good long look at your hands . They move at your command they do what you want them to do and yeah there's a lot of science involved to build such a mechanism . What if its proud owner is God its self . A higer power who built you into what you are . We don't know how but yes as i said before its just beliving in what we stand for.

(This is my testimony on why i changed my religion or beliefs )
I was a Muslim . I was born and bought up in KSA aka Saudi Arab Riyadh . I had an abusive father he was totally into chain smoking hitting and making us suffer in all different ways but yeah that's life . I used to pray to Allah a lot . I cried a lot but in those years i never used to wait for any reply i never expected one . Its how we were taught . Don't expect anything from the all knowing just keep worshiping as you will do this only for your own benifit of going to heaven . I never did see and point in my prayers i weeped at night and prayed to him but yeah nothing did ever happen. B/w i was a regular prayer 5 times a day fasting and all read the Quran also. He even used to kick me out of the house for a whole night . I used to sleep on my stair well with a cat i loved he even scatted her out when she got a little bigger .

The problem wasn't with me only when my father got kicked out of his office he didnt really tell the reason . But yeah we came to know that he was demoted cause he abused the staff a lot well he was a senior Executive manager . That position is quite hard to get in reputed companies . Took 20 years to get him there and guess what . And when ever we used to goto Mecca the holy place for all Muslims he used to shout at us there as well . The point is my religious experience wasn't so pleasent .

So like its been three years since we moved to India . We had the same problems here . I had a hard time with him . In school here . He never let me take up tutions for my studies and always had me feel down . I graduated high school and moved on to college . I did my first two years there i faced many problems with my father . I even flunked in some subjects but yeah i always did well in the computer ones . I was always dissatisfied with my marks. So the year passed and i can't even mention there were loads of ocassions when i just thought i should commit suiside just cause of my father . He's a stero type he never listens he like Asks a stupid question when i answer it he again asks the same FREAKING question that made me mad a lot .

He just likes to abuse an abusing machine . He has stopped hitting me recently when i started to defend myself . I just felt soo sad and lonely . He never even let me call my friends this is the reason i could never have some real good friends that i liked i was more of an exile . I had the potential to become one but when i was down i never talked to any one in my class . Even if i did i tried but always would end up losing another friend . Happened to me many times if my friend called up when my father was angry with me he would abuse them and then eventually my friends would get angry .

My father should be the one feeling ashamed but he's proud and happy at his shouting . Well i am not the one to judged but yeah i wish i was never born anywhere near him .

So it was my 2nd year at college i was in a gaming clan in it i found my best friend Aditya . Well we never really did talk before this. And it was the last day when our clan was about compete with a few rivals . We weren't any official clan our teams were decided on the last day . So like it was like fluke of luck like most people would say but i say other wise God has a plan for everyone. And yes he had a plan for me too . So like after the matches were over i was going back home walking on the mile road stretch , so i found Adi too walking i kind of started talking to him then he asked would you like to come to church with me i was like ... (well i didnt have anything better to do that day ) so i said yes.

So, as we headed from his home to the church we didn't have any transportation problem which is rare because he said he never could catch a cab towards Palm Mord . Even though to took off late we got there in time for the prayer. And i talked to di for a few moments i felt the loving atmosphere in the room which i hardly see anywhere every one was soo friendly . Well practically made 10 new friends the same day but yea later on acquainted with them properly. I had many testimonies in the past few months . Well i really didnt believe in God that much at that moment . I thought all Gods were like Allah . They never answer to your prayers . But i was wrong and Jesus helped me make this believe go away .


Well i had number of testimonies during the month meeting Aditya was one of them. I had neumerous transportation testimonies as well. Before i used to this its just an infactuation that i pray when some vehicle is coming near . But one day there were a LOT of people stand out there waiting for a cab well for about half an hour . So finally a Gurgaon bus comes in . Well i had many incidents with the bus namely accident so i wasn't keen enough i had prayed for a cab and i got a bus well i didn't understand then. So like i said to myself keep waiting he will send you what you need . So guess what after every one had climbed on the bus the stop had nearly emptied . At the moment a cab came up stopped near where i was standing and guess what i got in easily with out any problem. And i thought this was God's Plan he knew i was fat and lazy well its the truth don't laugh so he did this for me . My father who was abusive stopped abusing me now he's just normal but yeah sometimes if i let him get to me then only it happens if i resent and start praying he goes away . Non of my prayers came true while i was a Muslim . Even my brother and me shared a testimony . If you guys would like to know more just leave a comment i will get back to you ASAP .

I took my VOWS 3rd july and i believe in him more than ever although i still am not perfect but yes i am striving to follow in his path . And i really want to thank Sangeeta Di If it wasn't for her we would never have been together and i would never have know Jesus the way i do now.

Here's my friends blog i am really proud of what he writes and he really inspires Loving hearts. Love is not only to your Girl friend but to your parents friends And even JESUS CHRIST

Soul this thing called Love. By Your Loving Friend Asim


bm said...

I'm glad u found JESUS now. I'm not playing as a saint here. but I'm sure it's better with HIM.

Even I'm not doing what I promised to HIM in the past, HE still grant ALL my wishes. HE's giving me what I need, and what I like.

Reading your story 'bout your father, makes me feel a lil bit proud of my father. He don't scolded me since birth and yet we still have a petty quarrels every now & them.

Christians don't pray that much compared to other religion but I'm sure Christians are the most devoted & d religious one.

btw, if you want to win extra 1000 EC just comment on my latest post, no linking no subscribing just leave a comment :)

Roshill said...

Bm thank yo soo much for sharing.
Jesus is a loving God and even though you cannot compel yourself to be perfect Jesus knows your weaknesses and yeah they take a long long time to Patch up but if he wants miracles HAPPEN.

Like my friend Adi he left smoking and drinking in just one night after he prayed he was a chainer and guess what its bin a year he hasn't touched it.

And yea i wish i would love my father i don't know maybe its his way of showing love by fighting . Its barbaric but yeah you can't change people in a night.

And about prayers you might be wrong like my theory contradicts yours We pray for every one .

B/w i will surely Visit your site .


Piss Biscuit said...

Asim, I did read your post, just so that you DO know! LOL. And with three pictures of Christ, "Jesus Man" was fitting.

It's great to see people talking about more life relevant topics. Life blogging is the wave of the future. Thanks for sharing your conversion with the world!

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