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Monday, March 31, 2008

Tranform Your windows XP to a Cool New Look (Vista)


I’m pretty sure you must know and have seen Windows Vista before. It looks really nice for major GUI updates. Many people who have seen it wish to get Vista-style looks for their operating system. It might sounds stupid to say this since you all know what it is but just bear it :P


Setup’s user interface with saving setup information for later use feature

Vista Transformation Pack - Express Mode (Simplify the transformation in single page)

Boot Screen

Logon Screen

Screenshot of my Desktop (Yeah…not WindowBlinds)

Vista Transformation Pack - Welcome Center (Refined Maintenance Center)

Vista Transformation Pack - Configure User Account (Personalise Vista experiences’ per-user configuration)

3DFlip (Rendered by WinFlip)

Download The Transformation Pak Today and see how you XP Shines with Vista On it!!

Click here:

Download the User Guide for 8.0.1 Transformation Pack Here:

Sendspace Mirror
User Guide 8 - Setup Classic
User Guide 8 - Setup Express

Please Note: to get the best performance out of this pack please download Internet Explorer 7 and windows media player 10 from Microsofts official site!!.

If a pirated windows is detected then please read the previous post for the same ....Click here
And please let me know which windows you were urrently using any questions and queries just comment me i will get back to you Asap .

Here's the ViStart menu if your only interested in bits and parts of vista i hope this makes you happy!!

Install ViStart first.

ViStart Skin Manager 1.1 + 90 Skins ( 11.7MB),1

Get True Transparency Borders Download and install now to get the Transparent cool new look!!
here ya go!


lankapo said...

well if u have 2 -3 gig RAM and high speed cpu than it will be ok to use vista

But if u like to open many browser, while editing image using photoshop then u better use high end spec with me if not u will feel like using xp with 256 ram :)

Roshill said...

Dude i am using This mod on 256 mb ram!!>.. and its working smooth and i really recommend all of you xp users get this upgrade . Yes there is a registration glitch After this you won't be able to make your vista genuine. Wanna make your XP genuine check my previous posts!! Chao

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